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Räikkönen likes driving in his car - Battling wet conditions, Kimi finally gets a go in the Ferrari

Published by Christine

Räikkönen had his first test in the Ferrari this week, but I didn't mention it because it was a bit of a washout. Apparently, Räikkönen thought so too.

"My debut in the Ferrari went well, but honestly I had hoped for something more: I would have liked to drive it more in the dry instead of for just five laps."

Yes. Well, that's obvious isn't it.

"The seven tenths gap to Massa is surely down to that, because I didn't have time to change some things in the car."

Ah, that's what it is. Not the spin that happened, or the fact that you're just not in the zone yet.

"These things can happen when you're looking for the limit... I still don't know much about the car, and in any case I never lost control so in the end the spin turned out to be quite enjoyable."

Well, there you go. Silly us for thinking all that testing was actually hard work!