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Race thoughts - Celebrating Webber's podium, and Winkelhock's surprising performance

Published by Mr. C

Alonso, Massa and Webber on the podium
Credit: GEPA pictures/ Agentur

Phew, well I think we've just about recovered from that one. What a race and what a season. For the second time this year confusion reigned throughout the race and at times we struggled to keep up.

After recording the show yesterday, a couple of other bits of information filtered through that I figure should at least get a mention.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the first time we've seen Webber up on a podium? The only other time he scored a 3rd place in a Grand Prix was back in Monaco '05, and there he had to be content with spraying champagne from the ground.

According to Ron Dennis, during Alonso's middle stint, the team messed up his front wing settings when a wing adjustment tool failed to do it's job properly. Following the wheel-gun incident during qualifying, that was the second major tool failure from the McLaren team during the weekend. At this rate they may well end up losing one or both championships due to a tardy toolbox.

One of the unknowns this season was how would Hamilton fare in a wet session. We saw him drive in the rain at Goodwood, but it wasn't particularly high speed stuff. I guess the conclusion after yesterday's race was 'not very well'. He made an error heading into the first corner, but so did many others, where Lewis lost out was his tyre experience and pit calls. It's something he can learn, but this weekend showed us that he's not going to have it all his own way this season. In fact he may well find himself playing catch up in the championship after the Hungarian race. A race notable as the home of Fernando's first win, at the time driving a pretty average Renault.

Talking of the weather, how come no team decided to stick their driver straight onto Monsoon rubber? Several drivers came in on lap 2 to do just that, but had someone made the call the first time round they could have been sitting very pretty. So much money is spent on weather predicting systems you think they'd be able to tell how much rain was coming as opposed to just what time it would arrive?

Winkelhock leads the field
Credit: Spyker F1/Egmond

Winkelhock and Gascoyne probably deserve just one more mention, if only because their customer team overtook a works Ferrari on track, for what must be the only time in their history. We also got three on-track overtaking manoeuvres for the lead during this race - Markus on Kimi, Felipe on Markus and finally Fernando on Felipe. That alone is something worth cheering for.