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Race highlights - Canada 2017 - Relive the mayhem from an afternoon's racing in Montreal

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There was talk of rain and safety cars, but in the end only one of those predictions came true. The gusty conditions didn't provide too much of a challenge to drivers, but they had plenty else to think about. Tyre strategy was paramount, as was dealing with safety car periods (both virtual and physical).

Inter-team rivalries also came to the fore, with yet another team orders row, and this time it wasn't Ferrari! There was plenty to entertain and surprise during the Canadian Grand Prix, so if you want to catch up with what happened, read on for lap by lap coverage of F1 in Montreal.

As it happened: Canada 2017 - The race

Event Highlights

  • Hamilton leads every lap and wins from pole with a comfortable afternoon's work.
  • Bottas takes second, and Ricciardo joins the two Mercedes drivers on the podium.
  • Vettel drops down early due to front wing damage but fights back to fourth.
  • Force India secure double points finish but upset Ocon by not using team orders.
  • Sainz and Massa crash on the first lap, both out of the race.
  • Verstappen and Kvyat also retire, with Alonso's engine giving up on the penultimate lap.
  • 18:30

    Hi F1 friends, how have you all been? We're back here today for the Canadian Grand Prix and very much looking forward to it!

  • 18:31
    Circuit Data
    Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
    Local timezone+04:00 GMT
    First race1978
    Number of laps70
    Circuit length4.361km
    Race distance305.270km
    Start offset0.000km
  • 18:32

    Ted News: There was a late panic on Nico Hülkenberg's car, as some pit stop practice by Renault went wrong and cross-threaded a wheel nut. That required a change of the entire quarter of the car, but looks like he's patched up and ready to go now.

  • 18:32

    The pit lane has opened at Montreal and cars are roaring away to the pit lane exit, waiting their turn to do a practice start, and then zooming off for an out lap.

  • 18:33

    There hasn't been a lot of concern about rain so far this weekend, despite forecasts. But it looks supremely windy out there at the moment.

  • 18:33

    Fuel will be a key issue today, as it's a thirsty race, and many teams may be expecting a safety car period.

  • 18:35

    Lewis Hamilton snatched pole position from Sebastian Vettel, so will line up at the head of the grid today.

  • 18:37
    Starting grid
    1L HamiltonMercedes
    2S VettelFerrari
    3V BottasMercedes
    4K RäikkönenFerrari
    5M VerstappenRed Bull
    6D RicciardoRed Bull
    7F MassaWilliams
    8S PérezForce India
    9E OconForce India
    10N HülkenbergRenault
  • 18:37

    Pascal Wehrlein crashed during qualifying and has a gearbox change penalty but won't have to take it as he is also required to start from the pit lane.

  • 18:39

    TweetTweet from @Max33Verstappen: "Race day! Keeping fifth place is my first goal, but let’s see what happens in front of us #unleashthelion #keeppushing #CanadianGP"

  • 18:40
  • 18:42

    Weather icon

    Wind speed3.2mps
  • 18:43

    Great visual explanation of the conditions by Sky's @RachelBrookesTV: "How windy is it here in Montreal? This windy!"

  • 18:45

    QuoteCarlos Sainz on the grid: "Between the walls, the wind changes and you have different behaviours... It's quite impressive, I must say."

  • 18:48

    Ferrari took over the lead of the championship standings from Mercedes after the Monaco race, and Sebastian Vettel extended his lead to a full race victory, over 25 points above Lewis Hamilton. They'll be feeling pretty comfortable about that, but it is, of course, still early days.

  • 18:50

    Drivers have lined up at the front of the grid for a minute of silence in honour of those affected by the London attack, and then the Canadian national anthem.

  • 18:50
  • 18:52

    TweetTweet from @pirellisport: #CanadianGP about to start shortly. Was clear earlier, but has clouded over pretty quickly.

  • 18:53

    Force India have done a great job to have two drivers starting within the top ten. They're looking to build on their strong start to the season so far. Meanwhile, Williams had mixed fortunes in qualifying and have Massa up in seventh, and Stroll down in 17th.

  • 18:54

    QuoteChristian Horner of Red Bull: "Starts have been okay, so hopefully we can get a decent start. In a perfect world we could get one of the reds or silvers ahead of us. I think, on a day like today, anything can happen. It's so windy, it's going to affect some more than others. It'd be very unusual not to have a safety car or at least a virtual safety car today."

  • 18:56
    2017 Race wins
    1S Vettel3
    2L Hamilton2
    3V Bottas1
  • 18:58

    In terms of tyres, almost all of the grid are on the ultrasoft tyres. The top ten on used purple stripes as well. Only Kevin Magnussen in 18th and Pascal Wehrlein from the pit lane are on the supersofts.

  • 18:59

    TweetTweet from @F1PaddockPass: "It's looking pretty blustery in Canada - which could make that last chicane pretty interesting. A new name on the 'Wall of Champions'?"

  • 19:01

    The formation lap gets underway, but Daniil Kvyat hasn't moved away from his grid spot yet.

  • 19:02

    The mechanics have crowded around him and got the Toro Rosso moving, but he won't be able to retake his position, he'll have to start from the back.

  • 19:02

    Team radioTeam radio from Daniil Kvyat: "Clutch failure, clutch failure guys."

  • 19:03

    Hamilton pulls to a stop at the front and the rest of the field pile in behind him.

  • 19:04

    Green flagRace started.

  • 19:04 Lap 1

    Good clean start at the front, Verstappen shot up the order into the first corner. Second place for the Red Bull.

  • 19:04 Lap 1

    Two cars are out, Massa and Sainz are off with huge damage.

  • 19:05 Lap 1

    Yellow flagSafety car!

  • 19:05 Lap 1

    Both drivers are out of their respective cars, so that's a relief.

  • 19:05 Lap 1

    Grosjean and Wehrlein have pitted under the safety car.

  • 19:06 Lap 2

    Massa was going through the corner as normal, Sainz came out of nowhere backwards on the grass and swiped into him. Replays show he lost control and someone must have tapped him.

  • 19:06 Lap 2

    It was probably Grosjean who was involved in that incident as he has taken on a new front wing.

  • 19:07 Lap 2

    Wehrlein has taken on the ultrasofts, so he's already got rid of the red stripes - another solid strategy call from Sauber.

  • 19:07 Lap 3

    Race controlTurn 3 incident involving Felipe Massa and Carlos Sainz under investigation.

  • 19:08 Lap 3

    The safety car will come in this lap.

  • 19:08 Lap 3

    Team radioTeam radio from Felipe Massa: "Unbelievable, I have no idea what's happened. Somebody just pushed me completely."

  • 19:08 Lap 3

    So, we have Hamilton leading still with Max Verstappen running in second place. Bottas is third, with Vettel losing out on the start and dropping to fourth.

  • 19:09 Lap 3

    Alonso is calling for people to use their heads. "What are they doing? They need to calm down," he says.

  • 19:10 Lap 3

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 19:10 Lap 4

    Some carbon fibre went flying there, but Verstappen is ploughing ahead and putting the pressure on Hamilton.

  • 19:11 Lap 4

    Räikkönen had a huge wobble there, kicked up some dust and grass, but saved it from the wall with mad skillz.

  • 19:12 Lap 5

    There's an endplate missing on the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel, that must have been the carbon fibre that went flying on the restart. The Ferrari crew are getting ready in the pit lane.

  • 19:13 Lap 6

    Vettel does come into the pit lane with a very one sided front wing. Slow stop, obviously, but a fresh front wing and ultrasoft tyres go on the Ferrari.

  • 19:14 Lap 7

    Race controlIncident involving Daniil Kvyat under investigation - failing to regain position before safety car line 1 on formation lap.

  • 19:14 Lap 7

    Race controlDRS enabled.

  • 19:15 Lap 8

    Vettel has rejoined last with one stop under his belt. He's even behind Wehrlein and Grosjean, who benefitted from pitting under the safety car.

  • 19:16 Lap 9

    More replays of the start look like Sainz cut into the path of Grosjean, which caused the first collision and sent Sainz spinning into Massa. Also, Alonso had to cut across the grass to avoid them, hence his complaints about the crazy antics going on around him.

  • 19:17 Lap 9

    Race controlTurn 3 incident involving Felipe Massa and Carlos Sainz to be investigated after the race.

  • 19:17 Lap 9

    Team radioTeam radio from Sebastian Vettel: "I think I lost some piece of the front wing again. Check the numbers. Something came off on braking for three."

  • 19:19 Lap 11

    Verstappen slows to a halt and pulls off track, dropping down the order rapidly. After such a great start!

  • 19:19 Lap 11

    Yellow flagVirtual safety car deployed.

  • 19:20 Lap 11

    Verstappen is climbing out the car, he looks really annoyed, understandably.

  • 19:21 Lap 12

    Hülkenberg takes the opportunity to pit.

  • 19:21 Lap 12

    Pérez reports he's fighting with the wind and traction is quite poor. He's currently running fourth, so doing a great job for Force India.

  • 19:22 Lap 13
    Driver Positions
    10L Hamilton0
    21V Bottas0
    33D Ricciardo0
    44S Pérez0
    5-1K Räikkönen0
    63E Ocon0
    74D Kvyat0
    84F Alonso0
    97S Vandoorne0
    108K Magnussen0
  • 19:23 Lap 13

    Magnussen reports there's a Ferrari fan cap in the shadows under the bridge on track. "Can they remove that?" he asks.

  • 19:23 Lap 13

    The marshals are push, push, pushing that car. There's no easy place to get rid of that Red Bull so it's taking a while.

  • 19:24 Lap 14

    Race controlDrive through penalty for Daniil Kvyat - Failing to regain position before safety car line 1 on the formation lap.

  • 19:25 Lap 14

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 19:25 Lap 14

    Kevin Magnussen passes Stoffel Vandoorne to move into ninth place, he's sitting in a McLaren sandwich now.

  • 19:25 Lap 15

    No, wait, Lance Stroll makes his way past Vandoorne as well to move into tenth place.

  • 19:26 Lap 15

    Nico Hülkenberg also easily dispatches Vandoorne. That's three places gone for McLaren in the blink of an eye.

  • 19:27 Lap 16

    Daniil Kvyat heads into the pit lane to serve his drive through penalty. Bit sweary about it as well.

  • 19:29 Lap 17

    Kevin Magnussen, Lance Stroll and Nico Hülkenberg are all jostling for the same piece of tarmac. Magnussen stays ahead for now, in 8th.

  • 19:30 Lap 18

    Kimi Räikkönen comes into the pit lane, 2.6 second stop for the Ferrari crew.

  • 19:30 Lap 18

    Race controlIncident involving Kevin Magnussen under investigation - overtaking under the virtual safety car.

  • 19:31 Lap 19

    TweetTweet from @ToroRossoSpy: "Okay, drive through done. @kvyatofficial is now back to P11, position in which he started the race in... So let's start all over again!"

  • 19:31 Lap 19

    Ricciardo pits as well, reacting to the early Ferrari stop.

  • 19:32 Lap 20
    One to Watch
    L Strollvs.S Vettel
  • 19:32 Lap 20

    Sergio Pérez comes in for a stop as well, everyone's reacting to the early Kimi stop to try and avoid the undercut.

  • 19:33 Lap 21

    Ricciardo put on the soft tyres, with the yellow stripes. That's the hardest of the three compounds and a different strategy to everyone else.

  • 19:34 Lap 21

    Vettel squeezed past Stroll in an incredibly late move, moving into ninth place.

  • 19:34 Lap 22

    Kimi Räikkönen is hunting down Fernando Alonso, who is sitting in sixth but has a pit stop still to take.

  • 19:35 Lap 22

    Räikkönen easily sweeps past Alonso for the position and starts to pull the gap to the McLaren.

  • 19:36 Lap 23

    Team radioTeam radio to Fernando Alonso: "Please avoid short shift third to fourth."

  • 19:36 Lap 23

    Lance Stroll, in front of the home crowds, thought about a move on Kevin Magnussen but backed out of it. He's sitting in tenth at the moment.

  • 19:37 Lap 24

    Hamilton has pulled out enough of a gap out front to take a pit stop and emerge unhindered. However, it's Valtteri Bottas that comes in first.

  • 19:37 Lap 24

    TweetTweet from @lukehmuse: Just to keep everyone updated - Jolyon Palmer, who started in 15th, is currently in 15th. Thanks.

  • 19:38 Lap 25

    Hamilton is advised they're thinking of the soft tyre for the next stint. Bottas also took on the yellows.

  • 19:39 Lap 25
    Gap Analysis
  • 19:40 Lap 26

    Race control5 second time penalty for Kevin Magnussen - overtaking under virtual safety car.

  • 19:40 Lap 26

    Hülkenberg is piling on the pressure to the Williams ahead, and he passes just in time for Stroll to come into the pit lane. Hülkenberg up to 10th.

  • 19:41 Lap 27

    Team radioTeam radio from Fernando Alonso: "You are not giving me useful information. I need the pace of Magnussen. I need other things."

  • 19:43 Lap 29

    Hamilton and Ocon out front have yet to pit. Also Alonso in 8th, Magnussen in 10th and Vandoorne in 12th.

  • 19:44 Lap 29

    Hülkenberg continues to storm passed anything and everything, moving past Magnussen into ninth.

  • 19:45 Lap 30

    Bottas has closed the gap to Ocon, and is within half a second of the Force India.

  • 19:46 Lap 31

    Daniil Kvyat puts in an impressive overtaking move to pass Kevin Magnussen and move back into a points position.

  • 19:47 Lap 32

    Bottas is maintaining the gap to Ocon, but can't seem to find a way past the Force India.

  • 19:48 Lap 32

    Bottas takes a look into turn one, but doesn't have the momentum. Ocon wobbles a little out of turn one, but remains ahead for now.

  • 19:48 Lap 32

    Team radioTeam radio from Esteban Ocon: "I start to lose grip now."

  • 19:49 Lap 33

    Hamilton was also complaining of a lack of grip, and in he dives into the pit lane. Superb stop from Mercedes for the super soft tyre.

  • 19:49 Lap 33

    Now Ocon takes his turn into the pit lane as well. Also red stripes going on the Force India.

  • 19:49 Lap 33

    Ocon rejoins in sixth place.

  • 19:50 Lap 34
    Gap Analysis
  • 19:50 Lap 34

    Kvyat has been swearing on the radio again. "Watch your words, please," he's told.

  • 19:51 Lap 35

    TweetTweet from @F1_Central: Lots of different strategies being played right now, just a question of which is faster in the long run and if there's any more SC's or VSC

  • 19:53 Lap 36
    One to Watch
    K Räikkönenvs.E Ocon
  • 19:57 Lap 39

    Race controlAdditional 10 second time penalty for Daniil Kvyat as original penalty was incorrect - failing to regain position before safety car line 1 on formation lap.

  • 19:58 Lap 40

    That's not going to help the Toro Rosso driver's rage right now.

  • 19:59 Lap 41

    Red Bull have said that Verstappen's retirement was down to a battery failure. Very disappointing.

  • 20:00 Lap 42

    Lance Stroll is now looking firmly at the rear wing of Grosjean's Haas, hoping for a way past for 13th place.

  • 20:01 Lap 42

    Grosjean's got older tyres so is looking pretty squirrelly.

  • 20:01 Lap 42

    Kimi Räikkönen pits again. Ultrasofts on the Ferrari this time out.

  • 20:02 Lap 43

    Stroll finds his way past Grosjean and moves into that 13th place.

  • 20:02 Lap 43

    Fernando Alonso pits.

  • 20:02 Lap 43

    Super softs go on the McLaren, he'll be going to the end.

  • 20:03 Lap 44

    Team radioTeam radio from Sebastian Vettel: "Do we believe the other cars have to stop?"

    "No they don't."

  • 20:04 Lap 45

    Stroll and Vandoorne are now engaged in battle, dipping this way and that for 12th position.

  • 20:05 Lap 45

    The safety cars have helped limit the field spread here, but both Sauber drivers have dropped one lap down now.

  • 20:05 Lap 46

    Team radioTeam radio to Kimi Räikkönen: "Seb is staying out, he's going to try and overtake those Force Indias. We just keep going as we are, keep pushing, good pace."

  • 20:06 Lap 46

    Vettel is hustling both the Force Indias, with Räikkönen now 13 seconds behind him, on much fresher tyres.

  • 20:08 Lap 48

    Team radioTeam radio from Lewis Hamilton: "Is Vettel going to the end on these tyres?"

    "We're not sure how he's going to manage his tyres, but your level of management is excellent."

  • 20:09 Lap 49

    Lots of great radio messages for Daniel Ricciardo, who is trying to hold the Force Indias behind him, and Sergio Pérez: "What else can I use to attack?" He's told they're already using everything.

  • 20:11 Lap 50

    Sebastian Vettel has come into the pit lane for a fresh set of rubber, he's taken on the ultrasofts.

  • 20:12 Lap 51

    Vettel is told he'll be back in the battle with about eight laps to go.

  • 20:14 Lap 52

    Pérez gets the call that Ocon can pass Ricciardo if he "does what he can" or in other words, moves out the way.

  • 20:15 Lap 53

    Ocon doesn't look close enough to pass yet, unless Pérez has to slow down considerably.

  • 20:17 Lap 55

    Kvyat reports some strange vibrations, and wonders if there's something wrong with the engine. He's given the call to box, box, box and has to take his ten second penalty. So it's a slow, slow stop.

  • 20:17 Lap 55

    There's a problem on the right rear tyre, and it's all halted. A mechanic dashes out with a yellow striped tyre, then three other matching tyres arrive. "Stop the engine," Dany is instructed.

  • 20:18 Lap 56

    Team radioTeam radio from Sergio Pérez: "I want the chance to overtake him. Let us race, man. Please?"

  • 20:18 Lap 56

    Kvyat does get going again, so he's back out on track but two laps down now.

  • 20:19 Lap 56

    TweetTweet from @Mattg81: Shortest ever stint on UltraSofts there for Kvyat. Didn't even hit the tarmac

  • 20:20 Lap 58

    Team radioTeam radio from Jolyon Palmer: "Very weird feeling from the rear."

  • 20:21 Lap 58

    Kvyat is back in the pit lane, and it's a retirement for the Russian driver. Double DNF for Toro Rosso this afternoon.

  • 20:23 Lap 60

    Ten laps to go.

  • 20:24 Lap 60

    Hamilton comfortably leading, Bottas a comfortable second. Ricciardo is the one under pressure... but that's depending on how the Force India scrap behind him plays out.

  • 20:24 Lap 60

    Whisper it, but Fernando Alonso is currently sitting in tenth place.

  • 20:24 Lap 61

    Räikkönen's told that "you know the score", and that within moments there might be a Vettel squeezing past him.

  • 20:25 Lap 61

    TweetTweet from @LastLapPodcast: "You know the score" is the new "Fernando is faster than you"

  • 20:25 Lap 61

    In fact, Räikkönen runs wide and Sebastian Vettel sweeps through to move into sixth place. He's got a couple of seconds to run before seeing the rear wing of Esteban Ocon.

  • 20:26 Lap 62

    The Ferrari pit wall told Vettel he'd be ready to fight the pack with eight laps to go, and lo and behold, he's free to race with eight laps to go.

  • 20:27 Lap 63

    TweetTweet from @RenaultSportF1: Kimi lapping in 1:21secs!!! He's losing time and we've got Nico in P8 behind him!

  • 20:28 Lap 64

    Problems for Räikkönen, his engineers are working through the diagnosis with him on the radio.

  • 20:29 Lap 64

    Vettel is right up behind Ocon now. His tyres are 17 laps old, Ocon's 31 and Pérez's 44.

  • 20:30 Lap 65

    Pérez has fallen more than a second behind Ocon, so has no DRS. Ocon pulls to the side of his teammate but can't do anything yet. Vettel close behind too. It's all SO CLOSE.

  • 20:31 Lap 66

    Ocon pulls alongside his teammate again, still can't get the edge.

  • 20:32 Lap 67

    Pérez was aggressively defending, gave Vettel a chance on Ocon. Ocon missed his braking point and ran wide off track, rejoined ahead but had to yield so Vettel has passed him.

  • 20:32 Lap 67

    Vettel next runs wide off track, but he sticks to the right side of the bollard and stays in that Force India sandwich.

  • 20:34 Lap 68

    Yellow flagYellow flags.

  • 20:34 Lap 69

    Shock and surprise. Fernando Alonso is off track, climbing out of the car. UGH. I whispered it and everything.

  • 20:35 Lap 69

    Vettel takes the inside line against Pérez and makes it stick! He's up and through and into fourth place.

  • 20:36 Lap 69

    Fernando Alonso has actually climbed into the crowd and everyone is squishing up to get pictures and to grab a piece of the Spaniard.

  • 20:37

    Chequered flagLewis Hamilton wins the Canadian Grand Prix!

  • 20:37

    Bottas crosses the line a distant second, and Ricciardo holds on to fourth place.

  • 20:38

    Ocon doesn't want to give up until he truly has to, pulls alongside Pérez and crosses the line just inches behind his teammate.

  • 20:39

    Stroll picks up his first points in front of his home crowd, with a ninth place finish.

  • 20:40

    Ocon doesn't sound too happy on the radio. "Not fair racing at all," he says. Good points for Force India but at what cost?

  • 20:42
    Gap Analysis

    This isn't the full story though. Vettel was 0.7 behind in fourth, with Pérez fifth, and Ocon just 0.3 seconds behind his teammate.

  • 20:43
    Championship Standings
    1S Vettel141
    2L Hamilton129
    3V Bottas93
    4K Räikkönen73
    5D Ricciardo67
  • 20:43
    Championship Standings
    3Red Bull112
    4Force India71
    5Toro Rosso29
  • 20:47

    Very intriguing race from start to finish, really. Disappointing for Max Verstappen and frustrating for Daniil Kvyat. Let's not even talk about Alonso.

  • 20:47

    Out front, Hamilton has closed the gap a little but Vettel did some great damage control. Mercedes have wrestled back the number one spot in the standings.

  • 20:47

    This Force India situation will no doubt create some conversation both in and outside of the paddock for the next few days, curious to see how long the ramifications will linger.

  • 20:48

    Points for Stroll, something he desperately needed to give himself some confidence and perhaps get some of us, who have been harsh, to ease off a little.

  • 20:48

    The next race is in two weeks, with a return to the Azerbaijan circuit, another slow and twisty street circuit with similar characteristics to the last two. What delights does it hold in store?

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