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Race highlights - Canada 2014 - Lap-by-lap live text coverage of an amazing race

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Force India make their pitstop strategy count
Credit: Sahara Force India F1 Team

The Canadian Grand Prix promised a lot, yet delivered even more. There was drama from the first corner of the first lap, until the first corner of the last lap.

Reliability was the watchword of the day as the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve proved ultimate test for teams who very recently believed they had conquered early season problems.

Mercedes were hit with a rare appearance of mechanical problems, while Red Bull were hit with a rare showing of pace. Further back drivers were falling off the track left and right and following their highs of two weeks ago Marussia came down to earth with crash. This race had it all.

As it happened: Canada 2014 - The race

Event Highlights

  • Max Chilton collects his team mate and brings out an early safety car
  • Mercedes run into power unit trouble, Hamilton retires while Rosberg struggles for pace
  • Pérez and Massa get tangled up in spectacular fashion on the final lap
  • Ricciardo wins his first ever F1 race and Red Bull's first of the season
  • 18:30

    Welcome one, welcome all. It is race day in Canada and thanks to a brilliant qualifying session yesterday this is surely one you won't want to miss.

  • 18:35

    The focus this afternoon is mainly on positions one and two as the Mercedes pair do battle for race victory. Rosberg scored a brilliant pole position yesterday which makes it his race to lose. Hamilton in second will be looking to make amends for a disappointing Monaco.

  • 18:36

    On the second row, Vettel must surely be targeting a podium position, but he has two very fast Williams cars behind him, both of whom should have outqualified the Red Bull yesterday.

  • 18:40

    The FIA are pre-empting problems with teams pushing fuel flow limits. Charlie Whiting released this timely reminder this morning.

    “The mass flow will be compared to the limit defined in Articles 5.1.4 and 5.1.5 using the logic described in Appendix 2 of this document. A maximum integral above this limit of 3g will be permitted with a down slope of 0.07g/s. This integral will be reset at the start of each lap.”

  • 18:42

    Gene Haas is in attendance this afternoon. He's still convinced he can run a successful F1 team from the US, I wonder if anything he learns here will change his mind?

  • 18:45

    Adrian Newey who earlier announced he's stepping back from the sport at some point in the future, talks to Martin Brundle on the grid. "I had a great time in Formula 1, it's time to try some different things"

    He'll be involved in developing next year's Red Bull car, but probably not much beyond that.

  • 18:50

    On the grid Kobayashi takes a five place (which in reality is one place given how far back he qualified) grid drop for a gearbox change, while Gutiérrez starts from the pitlane after trashing his motor yesterday. For reference, here's the grid in full.

  • 18:52

    Magnussen sounds upbeat, given that he is starting from 12th. "It's gonna be a race where many people are on different strategies."

  • 18:53

    Pat Fry says everyone will require some fuel saving today. How many, if any, safety cars appear will be the key to how much saving is ultimately required.

  • 18:54

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    Wind speed2.5mps
  • 19:00

    Seven drivers will start on the yellow soft tyre. Hülkenberg in 11th is the first to select them. Behind him Kvyat, Maldonado, Chilton, Bianchi, Ericsson and Gutiérrez all make the same choice.

  • 19:01

    Rosberg heads the pack once around the circuit for the formation lap.

  • 19:02

    TweetTweet from @OfficialSF1Team "Radio check, learn all gears"

  • 19:03

    Rosberg rounds the final corner and backs up the pack before finding his place on the grid.

  • 19:03

    It was a slow out lap as all drivers are concerned about saving fuel.

  • 19:04

    Green flagRace start. The Canadian GP is underway.

  • 19:04 Lap 1

    Hamilton has a brilliant start, but Rosberg squeezes him off the track.

  • 19:04 Lap 1

    AccidentBianchi is facing the wrong way. Looks like a big one.

  • 19:05 Lap 1

    Safety car is out. Chilton was the other car involved in that incident. Disaster for Marussia!

  • 19:06 Lap 2

    Replays show Chilton got out of shape into the first chicane and wiped out his team mate.

  • 19:08 Lap 3
    Damaged Marussia
  • 19:10 Lap 4

    Gutiérrez took the appearance of the safety car as a cue to make a pitstop. Swapping the yellow soft tyre for a set of red super softs.

  • 19:11 Lap 4

    This early safety car will help the borderline fuel saving.

  • 19:12 Lap 4

    Vettel is on the radio to inform his team and the FIA that the marshals doing clean up have missed a bit. This could be a long safety car period.

  • 19:14 Lap 6

    Fastest lap so far was set by... Kamui Kobayashi on lap five. You don't see that every day.

  • 19:16 Lap 7

    At the front of the field, the first corner shuffling between Rosberg and Hamilton has let Vettel sneak into second position, with Lewis managing to prevent Bottas from stealing another spot from him.

  • 19:16 Lap 7

    The track is now clear in sector three but the safety car remains leading the field.

  • 19:17 Lap 7

    Safety car is coming in at the end of this lap.

  • 19:18 Lap 8

    Green flagRacing resumes.

  • 19:18 Lap 8

    Everyone makes it through the chicane unscathed this time.

  • 19:19 Lap 8

    Caterham have asked Marcus Ericsson to retire his car.

  • 19:20 Lap 10

    Race controlDRS enabled.

  • 19:22 Lap 10

    Kvyat spins at turn one all on his own.

  • 19:22 Lap 11

    Hamilton makes a move on Vettel with the aid of a little DRS on the back straight. He sets off down the road in pursuit of his teammate.

  • 19:23 Lap 11

    Race controlTurn 4 incident involving Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi will be investigated after the race - causing a collision.

  • 19:24 Lap 13

    Unsighted by the TV cameras, Grosjean makes a stop and heads out on the yellow soft tyres.

  • 19:25 Lap 13

    Ericsson's problem that caused his retirement was apparently related to his Renault power unit.

  • 19:26 Lap 13

    Ricciardo pits as both he and Bottas complain of rear graining.

  • 19:28 Lap 15

    Bottas and Button pit. Both favouring the yellow soft tyres.

  • 19:29 Lap 15

    Clean stop for Bottas.

    Bottas stops
    Credit: WilliamsRacing/Twitter
  • 19:30 Lap 16
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverS Vettel
    TeamRed Bull
    Pit lane23.904s
  • 19:30 Lap 17

    Button is harassing Gutiérrez, finally gets the job done on the back straight.

  • 19:31 Lap 18

    Fernando makes his stop and just manages to exit ahead of Vergne in the Toro Rosso. Alonso needs to get his tyres up to temperature as JEV breathes down his neck.

  • 19:32 Lap 18

    Massa passes Kvyat and moves into 12th after he lost out badly in the pitstops.

  • 19:33 Lap 19

    Rosberg pits from the lead.

  • 19:34 Lap 19

    Nico had enough of a gap to ensure he keeps the lead but almost loses it at the chicane on his out lap! Will he lose too much time?

  • 19:35 Lap 20

    Rosberg has enough in hand as Hamilton had a slower than expected stop.

  • 19:36 Lap 21

    A chance to catch your breath then as most of the stops have been completed. Both Force India's are currently running in third and fourth as they've yet to make a stop. Familiar territory for the Silverstone outfit.

  • 19:38 Lap 22

    Kvyat's really struggling on his tyres, he is yet to make a stop and having trouble keeping the car on track.

  • 19:39 Lap 23

    Fastest lap for Hamilton, he puts in an impressive 1:19.561.

  • 19:39 Lap 23

    Maldonado's Lotus sounds unwell, he enters the pitlane at reduced pace.

  • 19:40 Lap 23
    One to Watch
    N Hülkenbergvs.S Vettel
  • 19:41 Lap 24

    The Force India's are wrecking Vettel's strategy this afternoon. He needs them to pit soon.

  • 19:41 Lap 25

    Up front the gap between the Mercedes' is reduced to a car's length and Hamilton cranks up the pressure.

  • 19:42 Lap 25

    Yellow flagYellow flag. Kobayashi's day is over. He pulls to the side of the track with what looks like a broken rear left suspension.

  • 19:43 Lap 26

    Hamilton pressures Rosberg off the track at the final chicane, will the German need to surrender that place?

  • 19:43 Lap 27

    Rosberg managed to set the fastest lap with that off track excursion.

  • 19:44 Lap 27

    Felipe Massa passes Fernando Alonso as the pair cross the start/finish line.

  • 19:45 Lap 28

    Race controlIncident involving Nico Rosberg under investigation - track limits.

  • 19:46 Lap 28

    TweetTweet from @ClubForce: Tyre management masterclass - both Nico and Checo are setting their fastest laps of the day on 26-lap-old tyres!

  • 19:46 Lap 29

    Sutil is on the radio asking if he can pass Gutiérrez, he is given permission to make the pass.

  • 19:48 Lap 30

    Sutil and Gutiérrez make the swap.

  • 19:49 Lap 30

    Hamilton again has reduced the gap after Nico gained an advantage by cutting the chicane. Game on at the front.

  • 19:50 Lap 31

    Sebastian Vettel is having to play defensive as Valtteri Bottas ducks left and right behind him, looking for an opportunity.

  • 19:51 Lap 32

    If Force India keep going like this, they could do the whole race on one set of rubber. Amazingly Pérez has got this far on a set of super soft tyres.

  • 19:51 Lap 33

    Rosberg is told over the radio to save fuel. He says he has a front vibration too.

  • 19:52 Lap 33

    Nico Rosberg has been given a final warning for cutting the chicane, but no penalty.

  • 19:53 Lap 34

    The raging fight at the front is unmissable stuff. Which is a shame because I could do with a pitstop of my own. Eek.

  • 19:55 Lap 35

    Oddly Hamilton has dropped back slightly on that lap. Given Rosberg's troubles that is surprising.

  • 19:55 Lap 35

    Sergio Pérez makes his first, and presumably only, stop of the day. He comes back out in 11th.

  • 19:57 Lap 37

    Here's a view of the epic Mercedes battle as seen by Pamela at the track.

    Mercedes fight up front
    Credit: PTalevska /Twitter
  • 19:59 Lap 38

    The two men at the front both complain of no power!

  • 20:00 Lap 39

    You couldn't make this up, the frontrunners both look visibly slower on track.

  • 20:02 Lap 40

    Of the pair, Rosberg is losing more time than Hamilton. The second Mercedes is bearing down on the first, despite struggling for pace.

  • 20:03 Lap 41

    Yellow flagYellow flags for Räikkönen who spins it at turn 10.

  • 20:03 Lap 42

    Track is clear after Kimi gets it together again.

  • 20:05 Lap 43

    Hülkenberg makes his stop and returns to the track on red super softs. The Force India driver is now in 8th.

    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverN Hülkenberg
    TeamForce India
    Pit lane23.902s
  • 20:06 Lap 44

    The earlier safety car clearly helped the fuel situation. Ricciardo is told not to save fuel at this point.

  • 20:07 Lap 44

    Team radio"Both cars have the same problem. We don't think we can solve it. You need to pick the pace up."

  • 20:08 Lap 45

    Rosberg makes his second stop of the day, Hamilton takes the lead and has a clear track in front of him. It is a slow stop from Mercedes as the front left tyre didn't play ball.

  • 20:09 Lap 45

    Felipe Massa leads the Grand Prix.

  • 20:09 Lap 46

    Crucially Hamilton jumped Rosberg in those stops.

  • 20:10 Lap 46

    Lewis makes a mistake at the hairpin on cold tyres and Rosberg sneaks through.

  • 20:11 Lap 47

    Disaster! Lewis Hamilton is returning to the pits slowly. Unclear exactly what the problem is.

  • 20:13 Lap 48

    It is game over for Hamilton, he makes it to the pits but the team push him into the garage.

  • 20:13 Lap 49

    Massa now pits from the lead. He returns to the track in 6th place, sadly unable to make it to the end on that set of tyres.

  • 20:14 Lap 50

    Kvyat's car pulls to a halt at the hairpin.

  • 20:16 Lap 51

    Sergio Pérez in second is hunting down the remaining Mercedes, closely followed by Ricciardo and Vettel.

  • 20:17 Lap 51

    TweetTweet from @PTalevska: Grandstand is erupting. So much going on. Electric!

  • 20:21 Lap 55

    It now comes down to who has the tyres to fight at the end. Four drivers in with a shot at the win, with 15 laps remaining.

  • 20:23 Lap 56

    Somehow Rosberg puts in his fastest first sector of the race, trying his best to pull a gap over the threatening Pérez.

  • 20:25 Lap 56

    Felipe is on the radio asking for team orders to get him in front of Bottas.

    He doesn't want team orders, he does want team orders. Make up your mind chap.

  • 20:26 Lap 57

    It all goes wrong for Williams as Bottas gets the hurry up message and attempts a pass on Hülkenberg at the hairpin. Massa takes the opportunity and sneaks past the pair.

  • 20:27 Lap 58

    Massa with reasonably new tyres sets about chasing down the four guys up front.

  • 20:28 Lap 60

    Alonso passes Bottas at turn 1 for 7th. Does the Finn have a problem in that Williams?

  • 20:30 Lap 60

    Team radioTeam radio to Räikkönen: "Be careful of the tyres we still have 10 laps to go."

  • 20:31 Lap 61

    Grosjean's day is done (news to me that he was even in this race) as he pulls into the pitlane and retires. That's the eighth of the day.

  • 20:34 Lap 64

    Massa is getting racey in 5th, can he make a move on Vettel down the long straight? Not this time.

    Amazingly the Williams driver can see 1st place ahead, from where he sits in 5th. Drama!

  • 20:35 Lap 65

    TweetTweet from @Lotus_F1Team: Romain retires. Damage to rear wing. To be investigated.

  • 20:36 Lap 66

    Pérez is struggling for brakes and Ricciardo seizes the opportunity passing the Force India into turn one.

  • 20:37 Lap 66

    The second Red Bull has designs on that third place occupied by Sergio.

  • 20:38 Lap 67

    Gutiérrez says enough is enough and retires to the pitlane.

  • 20:38 Lap 68

    Three laps to go for Ricciardo to challenge for his first ever F1 race win.

  • 20:40 Lap 69

    Ricciardo takes the lead of the Canadian Grand Prix! He passes Nico in the DRS zone.

  • 20:41 Lap 70

    AccidentMassive smash for Massa and Pérez over the start/finish line.

  • 20:41 Lap 70

    Yellow flagSafety car called.

  • 20:42 Lap 70

    Looks like Sergio and Massa are both okay.

  • 20:42 Lap 70

    Chequered flagDaniel Ricciardo wins the Canadian Grand Prix!

  • 20:43

    Oh my goodness that was exhausting.

  • 20:45

    Replays show that Vettel passed Pérez before the final chicane. Pérez then braked earlier than Massa into the first corner and the Williams driver had nowhere to go, smashing into the Force India's left rear.

    The two cars spun each side of Vettel, somehow missing him before hitting the wall.

  • 20:46

    Vettel comes over to hug Ricciardo as they exit their cars.

  • 20:48
    Massa across the grass
    Not the way Massa wanted to end his race
  • 20:51

    The Australian anthem rings out to chants of Ric-ciar-do from the crowd.

  • 20:54
    Race Winner
    DriverD Ricciardo
    TeamRed Bull
    Race time1:39:12.830
    Race distance305.270km
    Average speed184.613km/h
  • 21:01
    Driver Positions
    15D Ricciardo2
    2-1N Rosberg2
    30S Vettel2
    45J Button2
    56N Hülkenberg1
  • 21:06

    There were a total of eleven retirements today (including Massa and Pérez who were technically still classified) in Montreal, a proper car breaker this one.

  • 21:21

    QuoteRicciardo on the podium: "The race really came to life the last 15 to 20 laps, we saw Rosberg was slow on the straights. I was really struggling to get past Pérez, they had a pretty good car down the straight. We finally made a nice move into turn 1.

    "A couple of laps to go I just found myself in the right spot to get DRS. It's an amazing feeling right now."

  • 21:23

    QuoteRosberg on the podium: "It was a big battle all the way. I didn't have the best get away, I managed to stay ahead until I had a problem at the second pitstop. I dropped behind as a result.

    "I didn't really know what was going on, because I lost a lot of power, I was just trying to hang on. It didn't really work out against Daniel."

  • 21:27

    QuoteVettel on the podium: "Congratulations to [Daniel], it is his day. the race came to us, a big help from Mercedes unlike other weekends. We were there to capitalise.

    "It was difficult for us being stuck behind the Force India's. We lacked power so it didn't help our strategy. It is a very positive day, Daniel's first win here and a first win for Renault in this new era of engines. They had a very good comeback."

  • 21:31

    That concludes Sidepodcast's live text coverage of the Canadian GP. It was a brilliant afternoon of action that absolutely delivered on the expectations set in qualifying. Thank you for reading and see you in two weeks time.

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