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Race highlights - Bahrain 2016 - Overtaking galore under the floodlights of Sakhir

Published by Christine

Magnessun in action under floodlights
Credit: DPPI

The Bahrain Grand Prix was another great event, with plenty of action from start to finish, overtaking opportunities aplenty, plus a lot of tyre strategy to keep on top of.

A couple of drivers didn't even make it through the formation lap, whilst some first corner chaos added to the action. The sun gradually set to plunge the cars into a full on night race, and the sparks flew as all battled to finish in the points.

If you missed any of the action, or want a quick reminder of each overtaking move or strategy call, read on for the Factbyte Factbox coverage of the race.

As it happened: Bahrain 2016 - The race

Event Highlights

  • Nico Rosberg wins second race in a row, ahead of Kimi Räikkönen.
  • Lewis Hamilton drops back after collision with Bottas on lap 1, but recovers to third.
  • Romain Grosjean secures more points for Haas with fifth place.
  • Stoffel Vandoorne wins a single point in tenth after eventful first race.
  • Vettel retires after engine failure on the formation lap.
  • 15:30

    Hello fact fans, how's everyone doing on this fine race weekend Sunday?

  • 15:31

    Let's ignore all the rubbishy stuff that's been going on. Qualifying has been and gone so who cares what format it took? Instead, let's look ahead to the race today.

  • 15:31

    Mercedes quite easily locked out the front row, with Ferrari behind them - that will be the story of the season, I think! Daniel Ricciardo was the next in line, and did a good job considering all other Renault/TAG Heuer engines were 15th or below.

  • 15:31
    Grid positions
    1L HamiltonMercedes
    2N RosbergMercedes
    3S VettelFerrari
    4K RäikkönenFerrari
    5D RicciardoRed Bull
    6V BottasWilliams
    7F MassaWilliams
    8N HülkenbergForce India
    9R GrosjeanHaas
    10M VerstappenToro Rosso
  • 15:32

    Kevin Magnussen has had a pretty hefty sanction handed to him by the stewards. The Renault driver missed a weigh-in session during free practice on Friday, and so has been ordered to start from the pit lane.

  • 15:32

    The pit lane, by the way, has just opened, so cars are firing up and leaving the garages. Few practice starts along the way.

  • 15:33
    Circuit Data
    Bahrain International Circuit
    Local timezone+03:00 GMT
    First race2004
    Number of laps57
    Circuit length5.412km
    Race distance308.238km
    Start offset0.246km
  • 15:34

    Let's not forget that poor Fernando Alonso is sitting out this weekend whilst recovering from his injuries sustained during the crash in Australia. In his place, one Stoffel Vandoorne who has already done a great job by outqualifying teammate Jenson Button. He starts 12th on the grid to Button's 14th.

  • 15:34

    TweetTweet from @alo_oficial: "Good night! Strange race watching from the pits, but I will try to learn how the team works from this side and benefit next time in the car!"

  • 15:34
    Medium tyreMedium
    Soft tyreSoft
    Supersoft tyreSupersoft

    Same tyres this weekend as in last weekend in Australia. Although the driver selections were slightly different this time out, most were happy to take 1 or 2 sets of the white stripes and focus instead on the softer compound.

  • 15:37

    TweetTweet from @McLarenF1: Grid bound. @svandoorne makes his way to his first-ever #F1 grid. Go get 'em, Stoff.

  • 15:38

    Weather icon

    Wind speed3.0mps
  • 15:38

    The sun is slowly setting, of course, the sky turning a little pink. We'll be in moon territory later.

  • 15:39

    QuoteDaniel Ricciardo on the grid: "The start, anything is possible. Ferrari had a good one in Melbourne, Mercedes was a bit up and down. It could get bunched up in turn one. Otherwise, our raw pace is fit. If it all goes in order off the start, fifth is what we have to target, but obviously aiming for a bit more."

  • 15:42

    One of the talking points from Australia was the team radio from Max Verstappen, as he was getting feisty about being stuck behind Carlos Sainz. This inter-team battling could happen again, as the pair start 10th and 11th respectively.

  • 15:42

    QuoteValtteri Bottas: "Should be an interesting race, I think it’s going to be very close, so I’m looking forward to it. I feel like having a Red Bull today, so let’s see."

  • 15:45

    QuoteNico Hülkenberg: "Strategy is a bit of a question mark for everyone at the moment. It’s between two strategies so will be interesting to find out which one works best. I think we’re going to have an exciting race, degradation is quite high, so lots of good battles."

  • 15:45

    Drivers have made their way to the front of the grid now, lining up on the red carpet to pay homage to the national anthem.

  • 15:51

    Lewis Hamilton's pole position time was the fastest ever lap around Bahrain, showing the Mercedes has exceptional pace. However, neither Merc driver got a good start off the line in Australia, so they'll need to improve to get into the first corner ahead here. It's a long run down to turn one, anything could happen!

  • 15:56

    Just a few minutes to go now, drivers have tucked themselves into the cars, helmets and gloves on, focus on the job ahead.

  • 15:59

    The top ten cars are all starting on the red supersoft compounds, with Carlos Sainz the first to start on the yellow softs.

  • 15:59

    Other drivers on softs are Kvyat, Wehrlein and Ericsson, plus Haryanto, Nasr and Magnussen in the pit lane.

  • 16:00

    The formation lap gets underway with a rather slow start from Rosberg, he has to pass two Ferraris around the first corner to get back into position.

  • 16:02

    Replays show Rosberg's car jumped into second gear which slowed him off the line.

  • 16:02

    Meanwhile, Vettel's car has started billowing smoke, an engine failure for the German before the race has even begun.

  • 16:02

    Vettel pulls his Ferrari off track and out of the way, as Hamilton backs up the rest of the pack round the final corner and onto the grid.

  • 16:03
    Vettel's engine goes boom
  • 16:03

    Green flagRace started.

  • 16:04 Lap 1

    Jolyon Palmer went into the pit lane at the end of that formation lap.

  • 16:04 Lap 1

    Rosberg got into the lead off the line, with Hamilton slotting into second.

  • 16:04 Lap 1

    AccidentHamilton got squeezed by Bottas and there's contact and debris scattered but both continue.

  • 16:05 Lap 1

    Team radioTeam radio from Hamilton: "Something feels wrong with the rear."

  • 16:05 Lap 1

    The chaos at the front leaves Rosberg in the lead ahead of two Williams drivers, Massa and then Bottas.

  • 16:05 Lap 1

    Team radioTeam radio from Bottas: "Everything feels okay on my side."

  • 16:05 Lap 2

    Hamilton dropped down to ninth, but is up to seventh now.

  • 16:06 Lap 2

    Hülkenberg has come into the pit lane.

  • 16:06 Lap 2

    There's a puncture on the Toro Rosso of Sainz.

  • 16:06 Lap 2

    And the two Sauber drivers are dipping this way and that, side by side through corner after corner. They're only battling for 15th but it's epic!

  • 16:06 Lap 2

    The tyre of Sainz's car pops off and rolls harmlessly across the run off and into the barriers.

  • 16:07 Lap 3

    Sergio Pérez has front left wing damage and is running slowly. He dives into the pit lane for a new front wing.

  • 16:08 Lap 3

    Sainz has made it back to the pit lane and swapped three soft tyres for four medium ones.

  • 16:09 Lap 4

    Replays show that both Williams drivers got a great start, but Hamilton closed the gap on Bottas which put them onto a collision course.

  • 16:10 Lap 4

    More replays, Ricciardo's front wing endplate on the right side got caught up on Bottas when the Williams was tussling with Hamilton.

  • 16:10 Lap 5

    And Pérez made contact with Sainz, which explains the Force India's front wing issue, and the Toro Rosso's troublesome tyre.

  • 16:11 Lap 5
    Driver Positions
    11N Rosberg0
    25F Massa0
    33V Bottas0
    41D Ricciardo0
    5-1K Räikkönen0
    6-5L Hamilton0
  • 16:12 Lap 6

    Hamilton's sixth place comes after he dispatched Romain Grosjean, who in turn is up a couple of places and running in seventh place. Haas teammate Esteban Gutiérrez is just behind him.

  • 16:12 Lap 6

    Räikkönen passes Ricciardo as the Red Bull driver makes a mistake into the first corner. Up to fourth for the Ferrari driver, back to where he started on the grid.

  • 16:13 Lap 6

    Ricciardo is really struggling with that Red Bull, he's got Hamilton breathing down his neck.

  • 16:13 Lap 6

    However, close ups show the right side of Hamilton's barge board is dragging, creating even more sparks than normal.

  • 16:14 Lap 7

    Ricciardo has pitted.

  • 16:14 Lap 7

    TweetTweet from @pirellisport: Currently Perez fastest on the supersoft. Expect the first pit stops in a few laps time. @nico_rosberg looking very comfortable in front.

  • 16:15 Lap 8

    Jenson Button is cruising now, he pulls off track and parks the McLaren. Alonso in the garage lets out a big sigh.

  • 16:16 Lap 8

    Hamilton passes Bottas on track, it's a cleaner turn one for the two this time, and Lewis takes third place.

  • 16:16 Lap 8

    Massa makes his first pit stop for the day, and that drops him down to 14th position.

  • 16:16 Lap 8

    Race controlTurn one incident involving Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas under investigation - causing a collision.

  • 16:17 Lap 9

    Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Gutiérrez both come into the pit lane - Esteban had a brief excursion off track so will be looking for fresh tyres.

  • 16:18 Lap 9

    A piece of the dangling bargeboard from Hamilton's car detached and bounced off on track. Bottas avoided it but Gutiérrez ran over it.

  • 16:19 Lap 10

    Race controlDrive through penalty for Valtteri Bottas - causing a collision.

  • 16:19 Lap 10

    Bottas immediately takes his drive through penalty, rolling through under the watchful gaze of the Williams pit wall.

  • 16:20 Lap 11

    The Haas of Esteban Gutiérrez has come into the pit lane, and the mechanics are pushing it into the garage. Another retirement for Guti.

  • 16:21 Lap 11

    TweetTweet from @HaasF1Team: .@EstebanGtz retiring from #BahrainGP - team to investigate the issue. Car parked in the garage.

  • 16:21 Lap 12

    Stoffel pulls up alongside Nico Hülkenberg, they run side by side but the rookie is giving nothing away and takes the position - up to 14th for the McLaren.

  • 16:22 Lap 12

    Romain Grosjean is up to fourth now, with Daniil Kvyat up to fifth.

  • 16:23 Lap 13

    Jenson Button is out of the car and in the garage, eyeing some of the screens. That's both of McLaren's top drivers sitting around in the garage.

  • 16:24 Lap 13

    Vandoorne is on the move again, he takes on another Force India to muscle his way past Pérez into 12th place.

  • 16:25 Lap 14

    Räikkönen pits and rejoins directly between a battle. Ricciardo was overtaking Massa, and then Kimi had the momentum to sweep past the Williams as well.

  • 16:25 Lap 14

    Race leader Nico Rosberg comes into the pits, and Lewis Hamilton is in just one lap later.

  • 16:26 Lap 14

    Daniil Kvyat hasn't stopped yet, he was up in seventh. Rosberg exited his pit stop and retained the lead, with the Red Bull behind him.

  • 16:26 Lap 14

    Then Kimi Räikkönen sweeps into second place, whilst Hamilton drops back to sixth.

  • 16:26 Lap 14

    StopwatchFastest lap of the race so far, Romain Grosjean - 1:37.285.

  • 16:27 Lap 14
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverL Hamilton
    Pit lane24.512s
  • 16:28 Lap 15

    Ricciardo easily passes Kvyat as well, it's probably about time the Russian pitted. Hamilton moves up to fourth soon after as well. Kvyat down to fifth.

  • 16:29 Lap 15

    The two Mercedes drivers are on different tyres, the team splitting their strategy for the evening. Rosberg currently on softs, Hamilton on mediums.

  • 16:29 Lap 16

    Massa is the next one to pass Kvyat, up to fifth for the Williams.

  • 16:29 Lap 16
    One to Watch
    D Ricciardovs.L Hamilton
  • 16:30 Lap 17

    Kvyat's descent continues, Grosjean up to sixth.

  • 16:31 Lap 17

    Hamilton breezes past Ricciardo into turn one, and just behind them Grosjean is closing up to Massa.

  • 16:32 Lap 18

    The Haas pulls alongside but doesn't quite have enough pace to make it stick. He waits for the next corner, Massa locks up into ten and gets the slipstream into the long back straight. He moves ahead to fifth place.

  • 16:32 Lap 18

    TweetTweet from @ManorRacing: Lap 16/57 | Encouraging words for both drivers from their engineers. They really are racing their hearts out today.

  • 16:33 Lap 18

    The Manor pair are doing well - Wehrlein in 12th, keeping tabs on the two Sauber drivers ahead. Haryanto is down in 15th.

  • 16:35 Lap 19
    Driver Positions
    11N Rosberg1
    22K Räikkönen1
    3-2L Hamilton1
    41D Ricciardo1
    54R Grosjean1
    61F Massa1
    73M Verstappen1
    84S Vandoorne1
    9-3V Bottas2
    107M Ericsson1
  • 16:35 Lap 20

    All three compounds are currently in use out on track. Grosjean and Magnussen are on the supersofts. Hamilton and two Williams on the mediums. All else on softs.

  • 16:36 Lap 20

    With a DRS boost but some incredible control, Verstappen clings on around the corner to make a move on Felipe Massa in the battle for sixth.

  • 16:37 Lap 21

    TweetTweet from @F1PaddockPass: It's a shame we don't get decent team radio anymore. Some of these exchanges during this race would be priceless.

  • 16:39 Lap 22
    Gap Analysis
  • 16:39 Lap 22

    Carlos Sainz made another pit stop, his second of the evening, but he was at the rear of the field anyway, so lost nothing.

  • 16:40 Lap 22

    Weather icon

    Wind speed2.1mps
  • 16:41 Lap 23

    Replays of Sainz's pit stop show when lifted up, the car slipped off the rear jacks as they were trying to change the rear tyres. A second attempt was more successful, but a slow and bumpy stop for the Spaniard.

  • 16:42 Lap 24

    TweetTweet from @pirellisport: Great job from @LewisHamilton on medium tyre; matching those in front of him on softs (which are around one second quicker).

  • 16:43 Lap 25

    Romain Grosjean sweeps past the Red Bull of Ricciardo to push his way into fourth place. Daniel looked like he might be able to get back past but Grosjean kept his foot stuck in and stayed ahead.

  • 16:44 Lap 25

    Team radioTeam radio from Kevin Magnussen: "There's no way I'm going to get past the Manor, it's like a rocket on the straight."

  • 16:44 Lap 25

    Daniel Ricciardo pits for what turned out to be a slightly slow stop with no real issues though. He's out in 11th place.

  • 16:45 Lap 26

    Kevin Magnussen comes in for a stop too, rejoining in 17th place with no Manor cars in sight.

  • 16:46 Lap 26

    Team radioTeam radio to Stoffel Vandoorne: "Stoffel, we want to keep this pace going as long as we can."

    "Can I box?"

    "Box now."

  • 16:46 Lap 27

    And there he goes, into the pit lane for a quick hustle by the mechanics - old rubber off, new tyres on, and he's off again.

  • 16:47 Lap 27

    With the fresh tyres on the Red Bull, Ricciardo easily gets past Bottas for ninth place.

  • 16:47 Lap 27
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverS Vandoorne
    Pit lane24.682s
  • 16:48 Lap 27

    Max Verstappen comes into the pit lane for a nice, clean stop. He rejoins in tenth place.

  • 16:49 Lap 28

    The Manor of Pascal Wehrlein is hassling Sergio Pérez for 12th place, but he can't quite close the gap just yet.

  • 16:49 Lap 28

    Romain Grosjean dives into the pit lane, rejoining in eighth place with another set of supersofts on.

  • 16:50 Lap 28

    Daniel Ricciardo passes teammate Kvyat for fifth place, both cars have front wing damage as we reach the halfway point of the race.

  • 16:51 Lap 29

    Lewis Hamilton pits from third place, supersofts go on the Mercedes, and he retains third place.

  • 16:52 Lap 30

    Ricciardo posts the fastest lap, as he gets past Massa to move into fourth place. Kimi Räikkönen pits from second place.

  • 16:52 Lap 30

    Massa pits for his second stop of the afternoon/evening.

  • 16:53 Lap 30

    TweetTweet from @SauberF1Team: More than halfway through the #BahrainGP. It is still looking good for us with #ME9 P10 and #FN12 P11 #F1

  • 16:54 Lap 31

    Slow stop from the Mercedes team as they call in race leader Nico Rosberg. He still easily retains his lead, but there have been a lot of dodgy pit stops so far this race!

  • 16:54 Lap 31

    StopwatchLewis Hamilton posts the fastest lap to date: 1:34.721.

  • 16:55 Lap 31

    Sainz looks set to retire, the Toro Rosso car has been pushed back into the garage and Carlos is about to climb out.

  • 16:56 Lap 32

    Nasr complains that his Sauber is very difficult to drive, he's down in 17th place, last of the remaining runners.

  • 16:58 Lap 33
    Gap Analysis
  • 16:59 Lap 34
    Driver Analysis
    DriverR Grosjean
    Last lap1:38.025
    Best lap1:37.285
  • 16:59 Lap 34

    Stoffel Vandoorne is currently the meat in a Williams sandwich, he's not making much headway on Bottas ahead but is facing pressure from Massa behind.

  • 17:01 Lap 35

    Vandoorne and Massa have closed the gap to Bottas, and the three are running next to each other now. Who will be first to blink?

  • 17:02 Lap 36

    Bottas is slow out of the last corner as he dives into the pit lane. That slowed up Stoffel which allowed Massa to pass down the home straight. Bit of Williams gamesmanship there?

  • 17:02 Lap 36

    Force India teammates do battle with Hülkenberg passing Sergio Pérez. Marcus Ericsson follows to get past the Mexican as well. Two places lost in two corners for Pérez.

  • 17:03 Lap 37

    Hulk Hulkenberg is in the pits for his third stop of the day. Supersofts on the Force India.

  • 17:05 Lap 38
    Biggest Movers
    96D Kvyat
    1012K Magnussen
    147F Nasr
  • 17:07 Lap 39

    Kimi Räikkönen takes on a fresh set of soft tyres which promotes Hamilton up to second. It's taken almost 40 laps, but Mercedes are back in their 1-2 position.

  • 17:08 Lap 39

    TweetTweet from @Jamesallenonf1: It's clear that none of frontrunners fancy the Medium tyres . Williams got it v wrong. Window open now to take softs and make finish

  • 17:08 Lap 40

    Hamilton sweeps into the lead of the race as Rosberg comes in for another pit stop. Nico joins in second place.

  • 17:09 Lap 40

    Kvyat easily passes Vandoorne, moving ahead of the McLaren as though it was standing still - Stoffel on older and harder tyres, though.

  • 17:10 Lap 41

    Slo-mo replays show both Ricciardo and Kvyat have identical damage to their Red Bull front wings. Missing right hand endplates are costing them each lap.

  • 17:11 Lap 41

    Romain Grosjean pits, taking on the yellow sidewalls of the soft compound. It's a slow stop for the team as the rear tyres took a while. Romain rejoins side by side with Stoffel Vandoorne but just about gets ahead.

  • 17:12 Lap 42

    Providing an example of how pit stops should be done, Lewis Hamilton comes in and the Mercedes team turn him around in super quick style. At the same time, Nico Rosberg sets the fastest lap of the race so far.

  • 17:13 Lap 42

    To be fair to Haas, it's their first race with pit stops. Australia saw one car retire early and the other change tyres during a red flag. They're making up for it with three stops for Grosjean so far.

  • 17:15 Lap 44
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverD Ricciardo
    TeamRed Bull
    Pit lane24.879s
  • 17:16 Lap 44

    Team radioTeam radio to Nico Rosberg: "15 laps to go, you're going to the end on this set. Gap to Räikkönen is..."

    "Don't tell me every lap. Tell me every four laps or something."

  • 17:17 Lap 44

    Coming into turn one, Magnussen gets a good run on Nasr, both have DRS as they're following a Ferrari. Kevin goes to the inside and easily gets the position as Nasr slows right down - either distracted or losing drive for a moment.

  • 17:19 Lap 46

    Vandoorne overtakes Ericsson for tenth place, moving into the points at a crucial part of this race. Ericsson radio sounds slightly hysterical as he's asking for information about potential car problems - the clampdown on radio traffic not helping him. The pit wall inform him there's nothing wrong with the car, though.

  • 17:19 Lap 47

    Romain Grosjean heads up the outside of Felipe Massa, the Williams gives him plenty of room and the Haas jumps up to sixth place.

  • 17:21 Lap 47

    Ricciardo closed up to three tenths of a second of Max Verstappen, but the Toro Rosso dives into the pit lane and avoids the challenge.

  • 17:24 Lap 49

    Despite the variety of strategies, three stopping seems to be the way to go. Only Felipe Massa in sixth and Marcus Ericsson in 11th have stopped twice at the moment.

  • 17:24 Lap 49

    Ericsson is under pressure from Kevin Magnussen in the Renault, the yellow car pulls alongside the Sauber but has nothing coming out of the corner and drops back again.

  • 17:25 Lap 50

    Another move by Magnussen sees him alongside the Sauber, but this time he's on the outside and the momentum favours the Sauber.

  • 17:25 Lap 50

    The pair are lapped by Lewis Hamilton which gives Magnussen yet another chance to try and pass the distracted Sauber. Still nothing!

  • 17:26 Lap 51

    Kvyat runs a little wide and puffs up some dust off the track, but he recovers quickly to zoom up alongside and past Bottas.

  • 17:27 Lap 51

    Bottas won't give up and pulls back alongside Kvyat, there's brief contact as they touch wheels, and then Kvyat appeared to push the Williams off track to retain the position.

  • 17:28 Lap 52

    Pascal Wehrlein closes up behind the Force India of Nico Hülkenberg and moves past for 13th place. Good driving by Manor, but what is up with the Force Indias today?

  • 17:31 Lap 54

    Magnussen finally got past Ericsson and has swept into the distance, he's got over three seconds ahead already.

  • 17:33 Lap 55

    Only the top seven cars are still on the lead lap at the moment.

  • 17:33 Lap 55

    It looks like there's a bit of debris on the home straight, a wing mirror or somesuch. It's not on the racing line so hopefully no one will run over it.

  • 17:34 Lap 56

    Two laps to go, Rosberg has a comfortable lead over Räikkönen.

  • 17:35 Lap 56

    Pascal Wehrlein is the next car to try and make a move on Ericsson, the Sauber providing quite the roadblock today.

  • 17:36 Lap 57

    Rosberg laps Massa and Kvyat, but both have the DRS to close back up to the Mercedes. Rosberg escapes unscathed but the tussle allows Kvyat to get past the Williams and move into 7th place.

  • 17:37

    Chequered flagNico Rosberg wins the Bahrain Grand Prix!

  • 17:38

    Räikkönen takes second, and Lewis Hamilton rounds the final corner to secure third place and a podium finish.

  • 17:38

    Romain Grosjean secures fifth place, one position better than the solid result in Australia last time!

  • 17:39

    Stoffel Vandoorne finishes tenth place to pick up a point for McLaren, and his first ever F1 point!

  • 17:40
    Race Winner
    DriverN Rosberg
    Race time1:33:34.696
    Race distance308.238km
    Average speed197.634km/h
  • 17:41

    Rosberg climbs out of the car and he looks properly happy, fist pumps, clasping hands with the waiting crew.

  • 17:41
    Driver Positions
    11N Rosberg3
    22K Räikkönen3
    3-2L Hamilton3
    41D Ricciardo3
    54R Grosjean3
    64M Verstappen3
    78D Kvyat3
    8-1F Massa2
    9-3V Bottas3
    102S Vandoorne3
  • 17:42

    Five race wins in a row for Rosberg, and a healthy lead in the 2016 championship at this early stage. Plenty to be happy about for the German.

  • 17:42
    Gap Analysis
  • 17:45

    The drivers take to the podium, smiles and clapping, before the national anthems ring out.

  • 17:47

    The trophies are handed out, Kimi Räikkönen looks like he's barely there as he accepts the second place cup.

  • 17:51

    QuotePodium interviews - Nico Rosberg: "It’s been an awesome weekend. The key was really the start, I got a great getaway. From then on, I was trying to control the pace. Very happy with today, awesome to get another win."

  • 17:52

    QuotePodium interviews - Kimi Räikkönen: "Obviously not too bad, but I made a bad start, and after a few laps we were one straight behind Nico. Pretty difficult to recover from there, but we did what we could. We had good speed, not enough to win, but we took second today and try to improve from there.

    "I don’t think there’s any special things we do, it just seems to happen here. There are some circuits we have all the time bad luck. I take it, still we know it’s unfortunate for the team the other car having issues, we have some work to be done."

  • 17:52

    QuotePodium interviews - Lewis Hamilton: "Both equally as painful I’d say, perhaps today more painful today. We still managed to get back up there and get some points. Again damage limitation, congratulations to Nico. Kind of an easy race for him, I’d assume. I’m glad it wasn’t more point, and I could have not finished the race so..."

  • 17:58
    S VettelEngine0
    J PalmerHydraulics1
    J ButtonERS failure8
    E GutiérrezBrake failure11
    C SainzUnknown31
  • 17:58

    QuoteJenson Button: "It just cut out. I don’t know what the problem was. I felt it out of turn two and eventually stopped at turn ten. It’s touch. I was running in ninth when it stopped, and we were just cruising. It was one of those days where a lot of people make mistakes and we should have capitalised and we couldn’t. I think we take away positives from the weekend about our outright pace… the pace is there, it’s good progress but at some point we need to show it."

  • 18:03

    Another fantastic race for F1, 2016 has been two for two so far. Great job by Haas to finish in the points in both races but Esteban Gutiérrez will be hoping to see a chequered flag at some point soon.

  • 18:04

    Mercedes have their domination as expected but it's not really unfolding as we might have imagined. Plenty to come in that fight, I think.

  • 18:04

    Fabulous debut for Stoffel Vandoorne - whilst I want Fernando Alonso to heal up as soon as possible, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to see what the Belgian can do in China.

  • 18:05

    Two weeks to go until the Chinese Grand Prix, plenty to discuss between now and then so let's get to it. I'll be back in a fortnight, join me then!

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