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Race highlights - Austria 2014 - A new face on the podium after a great race at Spielberg

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Rosberg makes up for Saturday's disappointment in the race
Credit: Daimler AG

The return of the Red Bull Ring to the F1 calendar was met with plenty of anticipation, and although it may not have been a total classic race, there was a lot to understand and evaluate following the action in Austria. The rain stayed away to allow strategy to be the key undertaking, and we saw overtaking both in and out of the pit lane to provide an entertaining afternoon.

If you missed any of the action from the race, or want a quick reminder of what happened at any particular moment, the Factbyte Factbox replay provides lap by lap coverage of the Austrian Grand Prix.

As it happened: Austria 2014 - The race

Event Highlights

  • Rosberg wins the race, with Hamilton second and Bottas picking up his first podium position.
  • Pérez and Massa end up on track together a lot but remain amicable.
  • Vettel loses power, gets going again, but ends up retiring the car.
  • Daniil Kvyat squanders best qualifying position with third retirement in a row. Vergne also retires.
  • 12:16

    Hello fact-finding friends, how are you? It's the Austrian Grand Prix today and we're gearing up for the return of racing at the 'ring. It's the Red Bull Ring rather than any other previous name, but it's still a good looking and much-loved track.

  • 12:17

    Many thanks go to Mr C for covering the Factbyte Factbox two weeks ago, a marvellous job for a rookie. I'm back in action this weekend and raring to go - what facts can we uncover before the action begins in just over 40 minutes?

  • 12:17

    Of course, the big news is Felipe Massa's pole position - the Brazilian securing Williams' first qualifying P1 since Maldonado in 2012, and Felipe's own first pole since Brazil 2008.

  • 12:18

    For Mercedes, things didn't go very well at all. Rosberg starts behind both the Williams drivers, whilst Hamilton failed to set a time in Q3 and starts "way down" in ninth.

  • 12:19
    Grid Position
    1F MassaWilliams
    2V BottasWilliams
    3N RosbergMercedes
    4F AlonsoFerrari
    5D RicciardoRed Bull
    6K MagnussenMcLaren
    7D KvyatToro Rosso
    8K RäikkönenFerrari
    9L HamiltonMercedes
    10N HülkenbergForce India
  • 12:21

    Daniil Kvyat put on a great display in qualifying, and even with a fantastic grid slot, the Russian still isn't satisfied: "This was my best qualifying result so far this season and I'm satisfied with the work the team has done all weekend. It was a shame that because of the yellow flags in Turn 2, we couldn't exploit the full potential of the car. But still, P7 is a good starting position."

  • 12:23

    In penalties news, there are two hanging over drivers from the last race in Canada. Sergio Pérez qualified 11th but takes a five place grid drop after the crash with Felipe Massa in Montreal. Thankfully, they'll be starting far apart from each other on the grid, as the pair aren't really getting on!

  • 12:23

    Max Chilton also faces a three place drop, putting him at the back of the grid, after the Brit was found in the wrong after the two Marussia cars collided in Canada.

  • 12:25

    Romain Grosjean will be at the rear of the field, though. The Lotus car should line up 15th on the grid but they've opted to bring it in for a gearbox change and other aero tweaks, meaning the Frenchman will be starting from the pit lane.

  • 12:28

    Race controlThe FIA are still digging their heels in regarding turn 8 incidents. So far this weekend, drivers have been warned not to go completely off track and gain time at that particular stretch of tarmac. Times have been deleted in qualifying for just such misadventures. Now, Charlie Whiting has added another warning for the race:

    "Any driver leaving the track on the exit of turn 8 who appears to have gained a clear and lasting advantage by doing so, will be reported to the stewards. We would not, for example, expect a driver who left the track on the exit of turn 8 to attempt to pass a driver in front of him into turn 1. Furthermore, any drivers who repeatedly leave the track on the exit of turn 8 will also be reported to the stewards."

  • 12:31
    Circuit Data
    Red Bull Ring
    Local timezone+02:00 GMT
    First race1963
    Number of laps71
    Circuit length4.326km
    Race distance307.020km
    Start offset0.126km

    This track is one of the shorter ones on the calendar, with a huge number of laps. Monaco (because it's special and different) and Russia (because it's unconfirmed) aside, Austria has the joint most number of laps with Brazil.

  • 12:33

    QuoteDuring the driver's parade, Nico Rosberg didn't sound particularly confident about his chances of getting ahead of the two cars in front: "It’s not going to be easy, two Williams ahead of me, same engine - they’re very fast on the straights. It’s a great track, really good fun, one of the best in the year. It’s so fast… and the last corner is really cool, it dips away in the middle. The crowd makes it all the more exciting, to have this atmosphere, so many people here, it’s sold out."

  • 12:35

    Felipe Massa on celebrating the unexpected P1 on Saturday: "It was a surprise, definitely, I didn't expect to be on pole position. I did expect to be fighting for the top three... it was a great lap and the car showed good performance as well, so it was fantastic. Across the line, my engineer started screaming 'great lap, great lap', and I was asking 'where is Mercedes' and they said 'no, no Mercedes.'"

  • 12:37
    Factbyte Factbox image

    Soft and supersoft tyres are available for the drivers today, yellow and red sidewalls respectively. Motorsport boss Paul Hembery: "We are set for a very interesting battle tomorrow with eight different teams in the top 10. Two stops is expected to be the most likely strategy but just as was the case in Canada some teams might try a one-stopper, depending on factors such as safety cars."

  • 12:46

    QuoteToto Wolff has sold most of his shares in Williams and you can tell he's not hanging on to the rest for long: "Unfortunately, it's just the start of the race, we haven't finished it yet. If we can turn the three around, finish first with that one [Nico] and then these two [the Williams], it's okay.

    "We couldn't really find something on Lewis' car so maybe it was a combination of braking very hard and late, and hitting a bump... you need to extract everything from the car and this can happen."

  • 12:47

    Kevin Magnussen on the grid: "I'm feeling okay, it's not a bad position to start the race. With the temperatures being high, hopefully a lot of people will start on the option. The car feels better, basically everything we've put on the car has been faster, it's just everyone is improving at a high rate. We're doing a good job, I think, we've just got to keep it up."

  • 12:48

    Claire Williams: "The nerves are not great, I'm trying to keep them under control. There's so much more pressure for everyone else in the team, track ops and the guys doing the pitstops today. I just hope we can capitalise on what we did yesterday... to get some points here, and a podium would be wonderful."

  • 12:57

    Weather icon

    Wind speed0.6mps
  • 12:59

    Last minute preparations being made on the grid, drivers making use of some of the cooling devices as things hot up down there.

  • 13:00

    TweetTweet from @StevenEnglish: Last time F1 returned to this track after a few years away, it was a @WilliamsRacing pole, win and fastest lap... #justsaying ;)

  • 13:01

    The cars pull away for the formation lap, Massa disappearing off into the distance for the short dash around the track.

  • 13:02

    The slow(er) formation lap gives us a good chance to view the beautiful surroundings. Such lush greenery, and those blue skies - no rain expected today.

  • 13:03

    The top ten are all starting on the supersoft tyres, with a real mixture of selections in the second half of the grid.

  • 13:03

    Green flagRace started!

  • 13:03 Lap 1

    Rosberg gets an incredible start, passing Bottas immediately. Massa retains his lead into the first corner.

  • 13:04 Lap 1

    Alonso also had a good start, and behind them it's clean through the first couple of corners.

  • 13:04 Lap 1

    Bottas has muscled back past the Mercedes to regain his second place.

  • 13:04 Lap 1

    Kimi Räikkönen locks up a little, whilst Daniil Kvyat has dropped a couple of places and now sits tenth.

  • 13:05 Lap 2

    Lewis Hamilton is on a charge, desperately trying to make up for a poor qualifying. He jumps ahead of Alonso to move into fourth place, now tucked up behind his teammate.

  • 13:05 Lap 2

    Sebastian Vettel has slowed. "I've lost drive, tell me what to do please," he asks the pit wall.

  • 13:06 Lap 3

    The defending champion is desperately trying to get back to the pit lane, the car crawling around slowly as Vettel waves his hands in helpless frustration.

  • 13:07 Lap 4

    Oddly, Vettel has picked up some pace now and has rejoined the action right at the back. "For some reason I got drive again," he reports.

  • 13:08 Lap 4

    TweetTweet from @clubforce: "Have you tried turning it off and then on again?" must have been the advice to VET from the RBR pitwall. #TechnicalSupport"

  • 13:09 Lap 5

    Race controlDRS enabled.

  • 13:10 Lap 6

    Daniel Ricciardo is instructed not to press their overtake button for the rest of the race. That could be a huge hindrance for the Australian.

  • 13:11 Lap 7

    Grosjean started on the supersoft tyres and has taken an early stop to switch to the softs. He's currently running 21st, with only Vettel behind him - the Red Bull being one lap down.

  • 13:12 Lap 8
    Driver Positions
    10F Massa
    20V Bottas
    30N Rosberg
    45L Hamilton
    5-1F Alonso
    60K Magnussen
    71K Räikkönen
    82N Hülkenberg
    9-2D Kvyat
    10-5D Ricciardo
  • 13:13 Lap 9

    Vettel has also been told not to use the overtake button, which would suggest that was the cause of the issue. Ted News suggests Sebastian had been told to switch the engine off, which he didn't get round to doing - luckily so, as he's now continuing happily. Or as happily as you can be in that situation.

  • 13:14 Lap 9

    Jean-Éric Vergne comes into the pit lane for his first stop of the day, dropping down the order to rejoin in front of Grosjean.

  • 13:15 Lap 10

    Nico Hülkenberg comes in for a change of tyre as well, as Adrian Sutil reports some really bad graining on the supersofts.

  • 13:16 Lap 11

    TweetTweet from @McLarenF1: Jenson has started on the Prime, Kevin on the Option. Will be interesting to see how the two strategies play out.

  • 13:18 Lap 11

    Rosberg pits, a 2.6 second stop that feeds him back out in eighth place. Hamilton now up to third with a second between him and Bottas.

  • 13:19 Lap 13

    TweetTweet from @pirellisport: First pit stops: GRO, VER, HUL, KVY, RIC and ROS changed from the supersoft to the Yellow softs.

  • 13:19 Lap 13

    Esteban Gutiérrez is stopped in the pit lane, the mechanics rushing out to grab the car and push it back in.

  • 13:19 Lap 14
    Kevin pits for his first stop
    Credit: McLarenF1/Twitter

    @McLarenF1: First stop for Magnussen - he switches to the Prime

  • 13:20 Lap 14

    The right rear tyre on the Sauber wasn't on correctly, it's been bolted back on and Gutiérrez is on his way once more.

  • 13:20 Lap 14

    Lewis Hamilton has taken his first pit stop, the mechanics were fractionally slower in their stop and Rosberg was super fast out on track, meaning Nico remained ahead when Lewis rejoined the action. The pair are 6th and 7th now.

  • 13:21 Lap 15
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverF Massa
    Pit lane21.896s
  • 13:22 Lap 15

    Felipe Massa pits from the lead of the race, handing P1 to his teammate. It's a good clean stop for the Williams, but the Brazilian filters back out behind Rosberg. At the very next corner, Hamilton brakes late and sweeps past. Effective third for Massa now.

  • 13:23 Lap 16

    Bottas also comes in for a pit stop, almost a whole second faster than his teammate. Bottas rejoins in effective second, splitting the Mercedes... for as long as that lasts.

  • 13:23 Lap 16

    Sergio Pérez is now leading, although still has yet to stop.

  • 13:23 Lap 16

    All drivers at the moment are on soft tyres, barring Vettel on the supersofts.

  • 13:24 Lap 17

    Race controlIncident involving Esteban Gutiérrez under investigation - unsafe release.

  • 13:25 Lap 18

    Team radioTeam radio to Sergio Pérez: "Whilst we're not losing time to Rosberg, I'm happy to keep him behind. But do not compromise your race to keep him behind."

  • 13:27 Lap 19

    Replays show Fernando Alonso taking the inside line against Pastor Maldonado and making his way up to seventh place. Pastor has yet to stop this race.

  • 13:27 Lap 20

    Pérez is doing everyone a favour here, he's something of a safety car to the ones behind, keeping them within a couple of seconds of each other, and not allowing anyone to overdo it.

  • 13:28 Lap 20

    Race control10 second stop/go penalty for Esteban Gutiérrez - unsafe release.

  • 13:29 Lap 21

    Hamilton is hunting down Valtteri Bottas for effective second place. The Williams has plenty of speed down the straights, but Hamilton has DRS and a great line through the corners. Lewis is warned, though, not to go crazy trying to overtake - they're "not safe" on fuel.

  • 13:31 Lap 22

    Sebastian Vettel comes in for a quick pit stop and rejoins at the rear of the field. All 22 drivers now on the soft tyres.

  • 13:31 Lap 23

    Team radioTeam radio to Lewis Hamilton: "Okay, Lewis, let's lay off the overtake for a bit."

  • 13:32 Lap 23
    Gap Analysis
  • 13:33 Lap 24

    TweetTweet from @CoddersF1: Mercedes PUs bossing this race - 8 cars out of the top 10... #WorldDomination

  • 13:35 Lap 26

    Yellow flagYellow flags as Daniil Kvyat runs off into the gravel, the right rear tyres is wrecked, and he's out of the race. Third retirement in a row for the Russian.

  • 13:37 Lap 27

    Pérez's tyres must finally have gone, as the Force India loses two places in one corner - Rosberg and Bottas sweeping past to move ahead.

  • 13:37 Lap 27

    Hamilton now tucks up to the rear wing of Pérez, looking for the best place to pass the Force India.

  • 13:37 Lap 28

    If Hamilton does get past, that's going to put Pérez and Massa on track together again. Eek.

  • 13:39 Lap 28

    Massa has said, in the intervening two weeks, that he'd be wary of overtaking Pérez again, but he needs to get past the car in front to stay in contention with the other three.

  • 13:39 Lap 28

    StopwatchLewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race so far, a 1:13.558.

  • 13:40 Lap 29

    Pérez neutralises the threat of Massa, diving into the pit lane for his first stop of the day. They put on a second set of soft tyres, meaning he will have to stop again.

  • 13:41 Lap 30

    Bottas is closing the gap to Rosberg, but is in a Mercedes sandwich with a feisty Hamilton behind.

  • 13:42 Lap 32

    In the first sector of the lap, Rosberg is coming under huge pressure from the Williams, but manages to pull away in the second half of the lap. What's up with S1, Nico?

  • 13:43 Lap 32

    Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel has come in for a second pit stop after picking up damage to the front wing. A nose change at Red Bull, and he's back out on track, currently last.

  • 13:44 Lap 33

    Vettel was hunting Esteban Gutiérrez, and the Sauber was much slower out of the corner than the Red Bull driver expected - resulting in contact between Vettel's front wing and the rear tyre on the Sauber.

  • 13:45 Lap 34
    Stop 1 for Ericsson
    Credit: CaterhamF1/Twitter

    @CaterhamF1 Stop 1 for Marcus Ericsson.

  • 13:45 Lap 34

    Race controlIncident involving Sebastian Vettel and Esteban Gutiérrez under investigation - causing a collision.

    No further action.

  • 13:46 Lap 35
    Driver Positions
    12N Rosberg
    20V Bottas
    36L Hamilton
    4-3F Massa
    5-1F Alonso
    60K Magnussen
    73N Hülkenberg
    87S Pérez
    9-4D Ricciardo
    10-2K Räikkönen
  • 13:47 Lap 36

    Pérez has been on the radio complaining that Hülkenberg is holding him up, and, in the nicest possible way, could he please get past?

  • 13:48 Lap 37

    Team radioTeam radio to Sebastian Vettel: "Sebastian, box this lap, we're going to retire the car."

  • 13:50 Lap 38

    Replays show Sergio Pérez sweeping round the outside of Nico Hülkenberg. Radio messages show a reluctant engineer passing the instructions to Nico.

  • 13:51 Lap 39

    Towards the back, Max Chilton has just come in for his first pit stop of the afternoon. Marussia teammate Max Chilton is the only driver yet to have stopped.

  • 13:52 Lap 40

    Lewis Hamilton pits from third place, a relatively slow stop by the Mercedes team.

  • 13:52 Lap 40
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverL Hamilton
    Pit lane22.555s
  • 13:53 Lap 41

    Rosberg is in this time round, busy times for those Mercedes mechanics. Tyres squealing on the way out, and it's a faster stop for the race leader.

  • 13:53 Lap 41
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverN Rosberg
    Pit lane21.664s
  • 13:54 Lap 42

    TweetTweet from @Marussia_F1Team: Our pit crew aren't getting much of a workout today. All part of the plan. Poised like a tightly coiled spring.

  • 13:55 Lap 42

    Valtteri Bottas has come in for his second stop, which puts Massa in the lead of the race with Alonso behind. They both have to stop again.

  • 13:55 Lap 42

    Bottas rejoins behind Hamilton, which means Lewis has gained in the pit stops despite that slow stop.

  • 13:57 Lap 43

    Team radioTeam radio from Nico Rosberg: "So who am I racing? What do I have to do?"

  • 13:58 Lap 44

    Felipe Massa pits from the lead, putting Fernando Alonso into a temporary P1 position.

  • 13:59 Lap 46

    We saw a super-slo-smo replay of Hamilton's pit stop showing his brakes erupting in brief flames. The Brit checked with his engineer that the brakes are now okay and was informed they are okay on brakes. Just fuel to worry about then.

  • 14:00 Lap 46

    Both Grosjean and Maldonado have run wide off track, the Lotus duo struggling to keep control in the tricky conditions.

  • 14:01 Lap 47

    Bottas informed that he's racing for a podium position this afternoon. Williams are desperate to maximise their points haul this weekend.

  • 14:04 Lap 49

    The race leaders are busy navigating their way through traffic - blue flags waving every which way for the cars in front.

  • 14:05 Lap 50

    Team radioTeam radio from Lewis Hamilton: "Does he have a brake issue like me, or not?"

    "You are both in the same position, it will need management."

  • 14:07 Lap 51

    It's quiet in the midfield. Button leads teammate Magnussen, having made up ground from his starting position. Ricciardo is frustrated down in 10th, with an almost invisible Kimi Räikkönen behind him.

  • 14:07 Lap 52

    Caterham and Marussia both claim to be having a great fight towards the back. All four cars have taken all the tyres they need, so it could be a drag to the finish. Kobayashi leads the two Marussia cars, Bianchi ahead of Chilton. Ericsson brings up the rear.

  • 14:09 Lap 53

    TweetTweet from @MercedesAMGF1: Both drivers checking on the radio what the situation with the other car is! 20 laps to go, don't even look away!!

  • 14:10 Lap 54

    Team radioTeam radio to Kimi Räikkönen: "We are racing Button, we need two tenths per lap."

    "Then give me more power!"

  • 14:12 Lap 56

    Sergio Pérez is briefly back in a battle with Felipe Massa, the Williams looking to get past the Force India. However, Pérez pits to get out of that battle.

  • 14:12 Lap 56

    It's eighth place for Sergio Pérez, who remains ahead of teammate Nico Hülkenberg.

  • 14:13 Lap 57

    Eight drivers have been lapped, the four back markers, as well as Gutiérrez behind them. Ahead there is Vergne, Sutil and Grosjean - all three are having very quiet and disappointing afternoons.

  • 14:14 Lap 57

    Replays of Vergne show heaps of brake dust being kicked up off the Toro Rosso as he heads into a corner. It'll be impressive if that car makes it to the end of a race.

  • 14:15 Lap 58

    Maldonado comes into the pit lane for his second and presumably last stop of the afternoon. He takes on the supersoft tyre.

  • 14:15 Lap 59
    Gap Analysis
  • 14:16 Lap 59

    Jules Bianchi has moved up to 16th place, getting ahead of Kamui Kobayashi and leading the back marker battle.

  • 14:17 Lap 60

    Jenson Button's second stop drops him back out of the points, slotting into 11th place behind Kimi Räikkönen. Kevin Magnussen doing slightly better up in 6th.

  • 14:18 Lap 61
    One to Watch
    F Massavs.F Alonso
  • 14:18 Lap 61

    Vergne comes into the pit lane, "the brakes are gone" he reports. Both Toro Rosso cars out of the race.

  • 14:19 Lap 62

    Team radioTeam radio to Massa: "Alonso's in DRS range, just keep looking after the tyres on the exit."

  • 14:20 Lap 63

    Verge is out of the car and glaring at the tyre and brakes, but that's not going to fix it. Another retirement for the Frenchman.

  • 14:21 Lap 63

    QuoteComment from JaniceMarie: "3/4 redbull cars out? someone is not going to be happy."

  • 14:23 Lap 65

    Pérez is told he has two overtaking laps, but has to make the decision himself when to use it.

  • 14:24 Lap 66

    Ricciardo is chasing down Hülkenberg, hoping for eighth place before the end of the race. We know Hulk is good at those defensive moves, though.

  • 14:25 Lap 67

    Magnussen makes a mistake at the exit of the corner and Pérez sweeps past him down the straight with far more power. He's leaving the McLaren for dust, too. Sixth place for Sergio.

  • 14:25 Lap 67

    Five laps to go.

  • 14:27 Lap 68

    The gap between the two Mercedes out front is about 1.3 seconds, and there are just a couple of laps left for Hamilton to make his move.

  • 14:27 Lap 68

    Nervous faces watching on in the garage, with Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda staring down the screens.

  • 14:28 Lap 69

    Down the straights, Nico has a healthy gap, but at the corners, the two Mercedes concertina up and it's getting closer.

  • 14:30 Lap 71

    Final lap, and the gap dips below 1 second for the first time.

  • 14:31 Lap 71

    Massive lock up from Rosberg in front but Hamilton doesn't make a clean corner to make the difference in that corner. So close now.

  • 14:31

    Chequered flagNico Rosberg wins the Austrian Grand Prix!

  • 14:32

    Ricciardo passes Hülkenberg on the final lap to move up to eighth, scant consolation for the Red Bull teams.

  • 14:33
    Race Winner
    DriverN Rosberg
    Race time1:27:54.976
    Race distance307.020km
    Average speed209.531km/h
  • 14:33

    Mercedes domination, but a brilliant first podium for Valtteri Bottas.

  • 14:35

    Hamilton and Rosberg, on better terms this time round, congratulate each other with hugs and punches. Happy Hamilton, after clawing back almost as much as possible from that disappointing qualifying.

  • 14:36
    Driver Positions
    12N Rosberg2
    27L Hamilton2
    3-1V Bottas2
    4-3F Massa2
    5-1F Alonso2
    69S Pérez2
    7-1K Magnussen2
    8-3D Ricciardo2
    91N Hülkenberg2
    10-2K Räikkönen2
  • 14:37

    The top three make their way to the driver green room, Hamilton the last to arrive. Rosberg and Bottas having a good chat and some big slugs of water.

  • 14:38

    Track invasion as the crowd dash towards the podium to await the celebrations.

  • 14:39

    The national anthems play out, with all three drivers looking happy and relaxed, if a bit on the tired side. Long race!

  • 14:40

    TweetTweet from @clubforce: Battling performance by Nico who had almost managed to hold back the charging Ricciardo. He finishes 9th and continues his run of points!

    Nine points finishes in a row for Nico. Bit of a way to go to beat the record, but a good performance.

  • 14:41

    Bottas accepts his trophy and raises it above his head with a big grin. And then it's time for the champagne. Bottas drinks some before diving into the melee of spray.

  • 14:45

    QuotePodium interviews - Nico Rosberg: "It wasn’t the easiest of races, trying to manage certain things which were a bit on the limit. I had a very fast car again, so it was fantastic to win today. Great to get a 1-2 here in Austria. It’s been great to come back here to Austria. The fans have been amazing, the atmosphere spectacular this weekend. Thanks very much for that, it’s been awesome."

  • 14:46

    QuotePodium interviews - Lewis Hamilton: "I have to have a look at the feedback and see what the team say about the stops, maybe my position is not right. The guys have done a fantastic job as Nico said. To get another 1-2 here is incredible. This track is fantastic and the crowd is incredible."

  • 14:46

    QuoteValtteri Bottas: "Really, really happy. Difficult to put into words. Just really thankful for the team for giving me this car. It’s been a long way for us since last year, and many years at Williams. Now it’s so much better. The race was what we needed at this point, everything was clean and went as planned. I’m just so happy."

  • 14:47
    Championship Standings
    1N Rosberg165
    2L Hamilton136
    3D Ricciardo83
    4F Alonso79
    5S Vettel60
  • 14:47
    Championship Standings
    2Red Bull143
    4Force India87
  • 14:49

    TweetTweet from @WilliamsRacing: Yes!!!!! P3 & P4!!! Valtteri's first ever F1 podium!! So proud of everyone!! Great job team!!!

  • 14:49
    Gap Analysis
  • 14:52

    No safety car in that race, despite plenty of predictions and a high chance of it happening. Very clean racing, with only one real collision between Vettel and Gutiérrez.

  • 14:54
    JE VergneBrakes61
    S VettelBad day37
    D KvyatBrakes26
  • 14:57

    The pit lane was the story of the race, really, with Hamilton and Massa both missing out on better results due to just slightly slower than normal stops. When things are so close, the narrowest of split-second problems can make all the difference.

  • 14:57

    Esteban Gutiérrez also found himself at the back of the field due to a pit stop failure - the rear wheel hanging off handed him a penalty in this race, and could lead to a grid drop in the next.

  • 14:58

    The race got off to a great start, although the action tailed off in the middle and towards the end. The battle between the Mercedes pair continues to provide brilliant entertainment as they seek to be the best in 2014.

  • 14:59

    Red Bull didn't have a good day, with Vettel's retirement, and of course the two Toro Rossos dropping out of the race as well. Daniel Ricciardo brought home just a couple of points but won't be happy having won the previous event.

  • 14:59

    In two weeks, F1 moves to Silverstone - the scene of so many tyre failures last year. It doesn't look likely we'll see a repeat of that this season, but the track may still provide some cracking racing.

  • 15:00

    Thanks for joining me in the Factbyte Factbox today, it's been a blast to be back, and I hope it's been useful. I'll be back here in two weeks to cover all the action from the British Grand Prix weekend. See you then!

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