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Race highlights - Australia 2016 - A hard fought chaotic race proves exciting start to the season

Published by Christine

Packed race day in Melbourne
Credit: Sahara Force India

After struggling through qualifying yesterday, we were hoping the race itself could deliver some excitement to kick the 2016 season off properly. Boy, did it manage to do that! Changes of race leader, a huge accident, a red flag period, mixed up tyre strategies, inter-team rivalries and swearing over the radio - there really was a little bit of everything.

If you missed any of the action, the Factbyte Factbox has you covered. Lap by lap details, graphs and charts help follow the racing action, with the best of the post-race interviews transcribed for your viewing pleasure as well.

As it happened: Australia 2016 - The race

Event Highlights

  • Rosberg wins with Hamilton second, after Lewis dropped positions on the start line
  • Vettel on the podium after tyre strategy robbed him of a potential victory
  • Points for Haas on their debut as Grosjean finishes sixth
  • Huge crash between Gutiérrez and Alonso causes a red flag after 19 laps
  • Dany Kvyat stops on the formation lap and is unable to start the race
  • Kimi Räikkönen retires with flames escaping the Ferrari airbox
  • Max Verstappen gets vocal on the radio as the Toro Rosso teammates tangle
  • 04:30

    Hello all! It's race day - hoorah! This is your handy Factbyte Factbox for the Australian Grand Prix, here to guide you through all the madcap mayhem from the first race of the 2016 season.

  • 04:31

    The pit lane has just opened, so cars are heading out of the garage, doing an installation lap or two, and eventually forming up on the grid for last minute checks.

  • 04:33

    Tyres of choice this weekend:

    Medium tyreMedium
    Soft tyreSoft
    Supersoft tyreSupersoft

    All the drivers used up only supersofts during qualifying.

  • 04:33

    Qualifying wasn't a complete success, you might say, and it's anticipated that we'll revert to the 2015 format again from Bahrain onwards. So you can put yesterday out of your mind and we can all pretend it didn't happen. If you did want a refresher of what happened though, check out yesterday's FBFB or the F1Minute roundup.

  • 04:34

    TweetTweet from @HondaRacingF1: Not a cloud in the sky today, we’re set up and excited for the lights to go green. Bring on the #AusGP

  • 04:34
    Starting Grid
    1L HamiltonMercedes
    2N RosbergMercedes
    3S VettelFerrari
    4K RäikkönenFerrari
    5M VerstappenToro Rosso
    6F MassaWilliams
    7C SainzToro Rosso
    8D RicciardoRed Bull
    9S PérezForce India
    10N HülkenbergForce India
  • 04:34

    Unfortunately there are a couple of grid penalties already - Rio Haryanto has been given a 3 place drop for causing a collision with Romain Grosjean in the pit lane on Friday, although he qualified last anyway. Also Bottas had a gearbox change so loses five places.

  • 04:34

    TweetTweet from @ValtteriBottas: Team has found a problem with my gearbox so it will be changed. Unfortunately that is a 5 place grid penalty. Lets do some overtakes then!

  • 04:35

    Brand new rookie drivers setting up for their first race today, and battling the nerves no doubt: Jolyon Palmer in at Renault, starting 13th on the grid. Pascal Wehrlein and Rio Haryanto, both at Manor, and shoring up the last row on the grid.

  • 04:36

    It was slightly disappointing to see that Haas couldn't do a little better in qualifying, they finished just ahead of Manor. But it was their first attempt, so hopefully things can improve for the new outfit.

  • 04:36
    Albert Park
  • 04:37

    TweetTweet from @elephino_: Pit exit line extends almost to 1st turn. Much longer than previous. Tight line will need to be driven carefully on cooler tyres #F1 #AusGP

  • 04:38

    The FIA's radio clampdown is set to be in full effect this year, with drivers able to chatter away as much as they like but the pit wall only able to respond with a certain amount of information. Not a lot of guidance is allowed to be given regarding strategy, competitor information, or all those engine mixes or steering wheel setups.

  • 04:38

    TweetTweet from @pirellisport: Strategy wise, two stops is theoretically quickest for the 58-lap @ausgrandprix. Start on supersoft, soft on lap 16, soft again on lap 37.

  • 04:40

    QuoteJolyon Palmer, surprisingly calm on the grid: "All pretty good. The sun’s come out, ready to have our first race. It’s a nice feeling, it’s going to be a long race, I don’t really know what to expect. We’re starting plum in the midfield, going to try and move forward. It’s going to be a long slog but hopefully be there at the end and try and get up into the top ten."

  • 04:43

    Lewis Hamilton set his 50th pole position yesterday, relatively comfortably. He starts right at the front to defend his world championship from the best possible position.

  • 04:43

    QuoteJenson Button: "The car felt good, a few areas we still need to improve quite a bit, but generally it’s got a nice feel. A lot better than winter testing. Today will be interesting because racing has been our weakness, last year. Hopefully we can put that right this year… We’ll see how it goes, I really don’t know who we’re racing, no one really knows. We’re slightly surprised to be up by the Force Indias and the Williams, but it’s a nice place to be."

  • 04:44

    TweetTweet from @pirellisport: A one-stopper is possible, but maybe not quickest. If so: start on supersoft, go to medium on lap 17. Then run to the finish

  • 04:45
    Circuit Data
    Albert Park
    Local timezone+11:00 GMT
    First race1996
    Number of laps58
    Circuit length5.303km
    Race distance307.574km
    Start offset0.000km
  • 04:47

    The drivers are making their way to the front of the grid for the now-traditional national anthem.

  • 04:55

    Weather icon

    Wind speed2.2mps
  • 04:56

    Just a few minutes away from the start of the race now, last minute preparations on the grid before it clears of mechanics. One formation lap later and we'll be racing!

  • 04:58

    The top eight are starting on the supersofts that they used in Q2, of course. But further back, we've got the two Force Indias on the soft compound. Also Button, Bottas, Kvyat and two Haas drivers have all opted to begin on the yellow stripes.

  • 05:00

    Tyre blankets cleared, mechanics off the grid, engines fired up. Formation lap is go!

  • 05:01

    TweetTweet from @ForceIndiaF1: That butterflies in the stomach feeling we last had in Abu Dhabi... is back!

  • 05:02

    Team radioTeam radio to Esteban Gutiérrez: "Wind is on the low side, across on the main straight, as has been most days but much lower in intensity, so everything looks right."

  • 05:03

    Race controlStart aborted - extra formation lap.

  • 05:04

    Daniil Kvyat stopped on track after rounding the final corner, unable to make it all the way up to his grid position.

  • 05:06

    Kvyat has climbed out of the car and the marshals are pushing it off track to the side opposite the pit lane. Looks like he's not going to start the race, he returns to the pit lane on foot.

  • 05:07

    The marshals now have pushed the car to the other side of the grid, but are still on track as Hamilton pulls around the final corner once again. Worrying moment, but all good.

  • 05:08

    Kvyat dashes back into the garage awaiting the return of his stricken car.

  • 05:08

    Green flagRace started!

  • 05:08 Lap 1

    Lewis Hamilton makes a terrible start, swamped by Vettel for the lead and then others as well. Squeezed at the first corner, he drops down to sixth place!

  • 05:09 Lap 1

    Two Ferraris up front followed by Rosberg, Vettel stretching out over a second's lead already.

  • 05:09 Lap 1

    Pretty clear start otherwise.

  • 05:09 Lap 1

    Team radioTeam radio from Magnussen: "Puncture, puncture."

  • 05:10 Lap 2

    Wehrlein made a sterling start from the rear of the field, he's soared up to 14th place and tucked up behind fellow newbie Jolyon Palmer.

  • 05:11 Lap 3

    Magnussen has dived back into the pit lane for a replacement tyre, that puts him last but he's put on the softs for now.

  • 05:12 Lap 3

    Esteban Gutiérrez reported a problem on the engine of that Haas, he was instructed to push on the straight and he replied "Not working!"

  • 05:13 Lap 4

    Hamilton has closed up to Massa, sweeps around the outside to move up to fifth place.

  • 05:15 Lap 4

    TweetTweet from @redbullracing: Another heartbreaking #AusGP for @Dany_Kvyat. An electrical issue sees him retire, before the start of the race. #F1

  • 05:16 Lap 6
    Gap Analysis
  • 05:16 Lap 6

    Rosberg is hunting down Kimi Räikkönen now, he has that Ferrari firmly in his sights but has a couple of car lengths to make up yet.

  • 05:17 Lap 6

    There are blue flag complaints already, what with Magnussen's pit stop pushing him down the field.

  • 05:17 Lap 7

    The other Mercedes is also on a charge now, easing up to the rear of Max Verstappen's Toro Rosso. Hamilton is looking for fourth place here.

  • 05:18 Lap 7

    We know Verstappen can be a feisty overtaker, but how are his defending skills?

  • 05:20 Lap 8

    Carlos Sainz comes into the pit lane for his first stop of the day.

  • 05:22 Lap 10
    Driver Positions
    12S Vettel
    22K Räikkönen
    3-1N Rosberg
    41M Verstappen
    5-4L Hamilton
    62D Ricciardo
    7-1F Massa
    82N Hülkenberg
    92F Alonso
    10-1S Pérez
  • 05:23 Lap 10

    Ricciardo made a super move on Felipe Massa to push forward into seventh place, that's better news for Red Bull.

  • 05:23 Lap 10

    Team radioTeam radio from Lewis Hamilton: "I can't get past this guy."

    That answers the Verstappen defending skills question!

  • 05:25 Lap 11

    Felipe Nasr comes into the pit lane, as the window is now officially open.

  • 05:26 Lap 12

    Massa, Ericsson and Wehrlein all dive into the pit lane. Some super pit stop work going on, considering it's been a while for these guys!

  • 05:27 Lap 12

    Bottas hangs his Williams all the way round the outside of Jolyon Palmer, but when they take the next corner side by side the advantage goes back towards the Renault. This is for 11th place and Bottas waits for the next corner to muscle his way through.

  • 05:27 Lap 13

    Pit stops ahoy, Alonso, Palmer, Haryanto. More importantly Nico Rosberg comes in from third place and he makes a very swift exit that almost takes out his front jackman.

  • 05:29 Lap 14

    Vettel pits from the lead of the race, putting teammate Kimi Räikkönen out in front. Supersofts go on Vettel's car and he rejoins in third place.

  • 05:29 Lap 14

    Vettel rejoins directly in front of Rosberg, who pulls alongside but doesn't quite have the momentum to make a move. The undercut efforts by Mercedes almost worked but not quite... yet.

  • 05:29 Lap 14

    After more complaints from Hamilton on the radio, he'll be pleased to see Verstappen diving into the pit lane.

  • 05:30 Lap 14

    Kimi requests a stop as his front tyres are feeling worn, that would put Hamilton back in the lead as neither have stopped yet.

  • 05:30 Lap 15

    Bottas is really struggling on his tyres and is passed by two cars in one corner. He's down in 11th now.

  • 05:31 Lap 15

    StopwatchFastest lap so far for Sebastian Vettel - 1:30.757.

  • 05:32 Lap 16

    Vettel's lap time is four seconds faster than Hamilton, so it's no surprise to see the Ferrari pass the Mercedes as though Lewis is standing still. Hamilton hasn't stopped yet though, of course.

  • 05:33 Lap 16

    Now Rosberg is the driver in Hamilton's mirror, and to be passed by his teammate would not put Lewis in the best mood. At all.

  • 05:34 Lap 17

    Hamilton was having none of letting his teammate past, and he finally pits to leave that battle. Mediums go on that car so he could one stop if he wanted to.

  • 05:35 Lap 17

    AccidentAccident between Fernando Alonso and Esteban Gutiérrez.

  • 05:35 Lap 17

    That's a huge crash, there's nothing left of that McLaren.

  • 05:35 Lap 18

    Race controlSafety car deployed.

  • 05:35 Lap 18

    Alonso had to extract himself from a totally mangled chassis, and Esteban was quick to dash over and check he was okay. The Spaniard looked winded but healthy.

  • 05:36 Lap 18

    There's debris all over the track, but we still haven't seen what happened yet.

  • 05:37 Lap 18

    Replays show Alonso was coming up on the back of Gutiérrez, arrived quicker than expected and the car leapt over the rear of the Haas. Barrel rolled through the gravel and dumped into the barrier. The Haas spun round and round and off, but it's the McLaren that is the scary sight.

  • 05:37 Lap 19

    Red flagSession stopped.

  • 05:38

    Cars all head back to the pit lane now, strategy is going to be all out the window.

  • 05:38

    Marshals doing their best to clear the track of the debris, brooms out, sweeping away. Huge mess to clear up there.

  • 05:40

    Cars are lined up in the pit lane now, Hamilton has climbed out an wanders off to the garage presumably for a comfort break.

  • 05:41

    The full speed replay is a hundred per cent terrifying. Blink, and the McLaren basically doesn't exist anymore.

  • 05:41

    TweetTweet from @f1elvis: These are often chaotic times for teams, not everyone will be entirely confident of procedures for restart. Team managers need to be on it.

  • 05:43

    Lots of replays of the incident show the Haas did move over slightly, which surprised Alonso, but it was not in any way malicious - no doubt the stewards are having a good look.

  • 05:43

    Max Verstappen is having a jolly old time, laughing and recapping events with his engineers.

  • 05:44

    Hamilton's front wing got clipped by Rosberg at turn one, and he's been able to have that changed during this period. Free wing change!

  • 05:45

    Race controlSession will resume at 16:55.

  • 05:49

    Looks like this stoppage time will not help anyone that was trying to one stop. Hamilton looks like that might have been his plan, so the strategy guys will be scratching their heads.

  • 05:49

    Gene Haas: "We stopped the race, I guess, which is another first for us!"

  • 05:50

    Hamilton returns to the pit lane, and has a good look at the car in front - Ricciardo's Red Bull - before climbing back into his own vehicle.

  • 05:51

    TweetTweet from @pirellisport: This was shaping to be a big strategic battle, but chances are that most people will now put on mediums and go to the finish

  • 05:52

    Race controlIncident involving Fernando Alonso and Esteban Gutiérrez will be investigated after the race - causing a collision.

  • 05:54

    Magnussen has been pushed forward to the front of the pit lane pack, as cars that have been lapped can go out first to unlap themselves, just like safety car restarts of old.

  • 05:55

    Rio Haryanto has exited his car, the Manor is back in the garage up on jacks - it doesn't look like he's going to rejoin.

  • 05:56 Lap 19

    Yellow flagYellow flags as the safety car leads the field back out again.

  • 05:58 Lap 19

    It's not all medium compounds up and down the field, Ferrari are on the supersofts up front.

  • 05:58 Lap 19

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 05:59 Lap 20

    Team radioTeam radio from Hamilton: "How do I turn the alarm off?"

    "I'm afraid I can't say Lewis."

    Oof, a bad day gets worse.

  • 06:01 Lap 21
    Driver Positions
    12S Vetttel2
    20N Rosberg2
    31K Räikkönen2
    44D Ricciardo2
    50M Verstappen2
    61C Sainz2
    7-6L Hamilton2
    8-2F Massa2
    910R Grosjean1
    100N Hülkenberg2
  • 06:01 Lap 21

    TweetTweet from @McLarenF1: Fernando has visited the medical centre and has been formally okayed by the doctors. #AusGP

  • 06:02 Lap 21

    TweetTweet from @ManorRacing: Sad to say we've had to retire @RHaryantoracing as his car has a driveline problem. He won't be restarting.

  • 06:02 Lap 22

    Race controlDRS enabled.

  • 06:02 Lap 22

    Vettel is back on it immediately, setting fastest laps again.

  • 06:02 Lap 22

    Further back, we've got two Brits doing battle with Jenson Button closing to within half a second of Jolyon Palmer.

  • 06:03 Lap 23

    Kimi Räikkönen has come into the pit lane. "Something happened, I broke something."

  • 06:04 Lap 23

    That car is smoking, there's a huge fire in the airbox as the car comes to a halt. Thankfully a man is ready and waiting with an extinguisher.

  • 06:06 Lap 25
    One to Watch
    N Hülkenbergvs.V Bottas
  • 06:06 Lap 25

    Vettel is wary of being on the wrong tyre now, he's trying to stretch out a lead before having to come back into the pits again.

  • 06:07 Lap 25

    Race controlIncident involving Marcus Ericsson under investigation - working on the car at the 15 second signal. Drive through penalty for the Sauber driver.

  • 06:09 Lap 27

    The Hülkenberg/Bottas battle have closed up to the Haas of Romain Grosjean, to make it a three-way fight.

  • 06:10 Lap 27

    Lewis Hamilton is tucked up behind another Toro Rosso, but this time it's Carlos Sainz who is facing the defending champion's wrath. Half a second between the pair at the moment.

  • 06:12 Lap 28

    Ericsson crawls through the pit lane to take his drive through penalty, that drops him down to last place.

  • 06:13 Lap 29
    Gap Analysis
  • 06:15 Lap 30

    We're keeping a beady eye on Grosjean, who is running strongly in eighth place for Haas - could the new team get points on their debut?

  • 06:15 Lap 31
    Recent Lap Times
    S Vettel
    Lap 231:30.207
    Lap 241:29.951
    Lap 251:30.185
    Lap 261:30.719
    Lap 271:31.764
    Lap 281:31.454
    Lap 291:31.507
    Lap 301:31.809
    Lap 311:32.003
  • 06:15 Lap 31

    Hamilton is still struggling to get past the Toro Rosso of Carlos Sainz, but it can only be a matter of moments.

  • 06:16 Lap 31

    Button comes into the pit lane to change to the medium compounds.

  • 06:16 Lap 32

    Carlos Sainz also pits which gives Hamilton the position without a fight. Verstappen is next on Lewis' agenda.

  • 06:18 Lap 32

    Verstappen follows his teammate into the pit lane. It's like the parting of the seas here.

  • 06:18 Lap 33

    Despite Vettel's best efforts, he's not able to pull out a gap on those behind him. Rosberg is just about 1.5 seconds behind, so when Ferrari call their driver in for a change of tyre, it could hand the victory back to Mercedes.

  • 06:19 Lap 33

    No one was ready for Verstappen's pit stop meaning it was crazy slow and puts him back down in 12th place, behind his teammate. Terrible delay!

  • 06:20 Lap 34

    Sainz makes a dive to the inside of Sergio Pérez, they are inches away from contact but the Toro Rosso makes it stick.

  • 06:21 Lap 34

    Team radioTeam radio from Max Verstappen: "How many times have I said I have problems with the tyres? I wanted to pit first!"

    Proper little sulk from Maxy.

  • 06:23 Lap 36

    Vettel pits from the lead, which puts Nico Rosberg in P1. It's the softs that go onto the Ferrari, which is running the risk they'll go off the cliff before the end of the race, but will be faster than the mediums. It was a five second stop, so not the fastest, but he's out in fourth place.

  • 06:25 Lap 37

    The top three as it stands is Rosberg, Ricciardo and Hamilton. Vettel is in fourth, but he's got nine seconds to make up before facing the task of overtaking a Mercedes.

  • 06:25 Lap 37

    After such a great start, Wehrlein is now at the rear of the field, Ericsson just ahead. Jenson Button also struggling down in 15th.

  • 06:26 Lap 38

    Jolyon Palmer currently sitting in ninth place, another that could potentially pick up some points on his debut.

  • 06:27 Lap 38
    Biggest Movers
    613R Grosjean
    88V Bottas
    26D Ricciardo
    11-6M Verstappen
  • 06:28 Lap 39

    Verstappen asks if he's allowed to make a move past his teammate and is given the go ahead. It sounds as though Max wants team orders but the pit wall sound more as though they want it done organically.

  • 06:28 Lap 39

    It's four tenths between the two Toro Rossos here, and they are squabbling for the right to make a move on Palmer in the Renault.

  • 06:30 Lap 40

    Sainz is told he has to push or they're going to swap the cars next lap.

  • 06:31 Lap 40

    Meanwhile there's a sick sounding Sauber heading to the pit lane. Marcus Ericsson looks about to retire.

  • 06:31 Lap 41

    Verstappen has a go on his teammate as Sainz locks up, tyre smoke pouring from those mediums. No change of position yet though.

  • 06:32 Lap 42

    Hamilton closes to within DRS range of Lewis Hamilton, and it's the work of but a moment for the Mercedes to sweep past the Australian. Second place for Lewis.

  • 06:33 Lap 42

    Ericsson's Sauber is up on jacks in the garage, but he's still in the car - could he be coming back out?

  • 06:33 Lap 42

    Sainz finally makes a dive past Palmer and easily dispatches the Renault. Verstappen has to muscle round the outside of the yellow car, but he also makes it past.

  • 06:34 Lap 43

    Palmer's dropped down to 11th, so no points at this stage. And the Toro Rosso team battle is still on.

  • 06:34 Lap 43

    Ricciardo pits for a set of super soft tyres.

  • 06:34 Lap 43

    Ericsson has not returned to the field, a retirement for Sauber in Australia.

  • 06:35 Lap 44
    Gap Analysis
  • 06:36 Lap 44

    TweetTweet from @SauberF1Team: Unfortunately, the race is over for Marcus. We need to analyze what the issue was

  • 06:37 Lap 45

    Almost everyone still running is on the medium tyre now. Only Sebastian Vettel (softs) in third and Daniel Ricciardo (supersofts) in fifth have opted for a different set.

  • 06:37 Lap 45
    Driver Analysis
    DriverN Rosberg
    Last lap1:30.854
    Best lap1:30.557
  • 06:38 Lap 46

    Romain Grosjean still running in sixth place, but Hülkenberg is gradually closing the gap to within DRS range.

  • 06:39 Lap 46

    Ricciardo's fresh set of supersoft tyres make easy work of Felipe Massa, the crowds cheer as sparks fly from the Red Bull. Fourth place for the Australian.

  • 06:41 Lap 47

    Team radioTeam radio from Max Verstappen: "All these other cars are pulling away, and now you don't let me past, it's a ******* joke, really."

    I'm really enjoying the boooops here.

  • 06:41 Lap 48

    StopwatchFastest lap for Daniel Ricciardo - 1:29.466.

  • 06:43 Lap 49

    Angry little Verstappen has a big wobble after running wide, but he's soon back on the tail of his teammate again.

  • 06:44 Lap 50

    StopwatchRicciardo is improving on his own fastest lap, he's down to 1:28.997. That supersoft tyre is super-quick!

  • 06:46 Lap 51

    Team radioTeam radio to Sergio Pérez: "Your front brake wear is critical. We will not make it to the end like this."

  • 06:47 Lap 52

    Hamilton locks up, his tyres look like they're getting old now. Vettel has closed up to within six tenths of the Mercedes.

  • 06:48 Lap 52

    Hamilton is about ten seconds away from race leader Nico Rosberg, but he's having to turn his mind to defence now.

  • 06:50 Lap 53

    Yellow flagBrief yellow flags as Max Verstappen spins on track.

  • 06:50 Lap 54

    Replays show Sainz locking up and Verstappen going into the back of him. Front wing damage and a spin for Verstappen.

  • 06:52 Lap 55

    Vettel's within half a second of Hamilton, but does he have the pace with just three laps to go?

  • 06:53 Lap 55

    It doesn't look like the Ferrari is going to be able to take the place, unless Hamilton makes an unusual mistake. Meanwhile, Rosberg has got a comfortable lead and is heading for the first win of the season.

  • 06:53 Lap 56

    That's not going to help - Vettel spins and runs wide on the grass. Two laps to go.

  • 06:55 Lap 57

    Verstappen is fighting every inch of that Toro Rosso to try and hassle his teammate right to the chequered flag. You can see the rage radiating through the helmet.

  • 06:56

    Chequered flagNico Rosberg wins the Australian Grand Prix!

  • 06:56

    Hamilton and Vettel will join Rosberg on the podium, finishing in that order.

  • 06:57

    Grosjean does manage to finish in sixth place to pick up a fantastic points haul for Haas.

  • 07:00
    Race Winner
    DriverNico Rosberg
    Race time1:48:15.565
    Race distance302.271km
    Average speed167.525km/h
  • 07:01
    Driver Positions
    11N Rosberg2
    2-1L Hamilton2
    30S Vettel3
    44D Ricciardo3
    51F Massa2
    613R Grosjean1
    73N Hülkenberg2
    88V Bottas2
    9-2C Sainz3
    10-5M Verstappen3
  • 07:02

    TweetTweet from @SauberF1Team: Congrats @MercedesAMGF1 for the win and @HaasF1Team for points in your first ever #F1 race!

  • 07:03
    Gap Analysis
  • 07:04

    Eight brilliant points for Haas. Meanwhile, McLaren sadly have another pointless start to the season.

  • 07:06

    Team radioHaas team radio:

    "Chequered flag, Romain, chequered flag. Absolutely amazing, dude."

    "Guys, listen to me. This is a win for us, this is a win. Unbelievable from everyone. I don't even know where we finished. Unbelievable."

    "Amazing dude, you finished P6. Thanks for an amazing debut for Haas F1 team."

    "Oh my goodness, welcome to Formula One, Gene. This is the day, this is history, guys."

  • 07:06

    TweetTweet from @F1Racing_mag: Tyre strategies will start to converge, of course, but the pace of @ScuderiaFerrari promises some interesting battles as the year goes on.

  • 07:07

    Trophies and champagne on the podium. It's fair to say that Hamilton is relatively happy with that one, he even sprays champagne directly at his teammate (in a nice way).

  • 07:12

    QuotePodium interviews - Nico Rosberg: "It’s been a great weekend, thank you to the team, they’ve done an unbelievable job giving us a great car. Beating the Ferraris was great. We loved it and I’m super excited… Early days but of course a perfect start. We’ve got to keep an eye on the red guys. We need to give it everything to stay ahead for sure."

  • 07:12

    QuotePodium interviews - Lewis Hamilton: "Honestly it was a great race. I loved the fact we had to come from far behind. It was very tricky out there, glad that no one was injured in the shunt. Afterwards it was just trying to get through the traffic, it’s impossible to follow round here. I’m really happy to get the result, it’s a great result for the team. I’ve had much worse in a first race, I take this as a real bonus. Long, long way to go, bag the points today."

  • 07:12

    QuotePodium interviews - Sebastian Vettel: "I went for it, obviously the start was mega, I was very happy. It reminded me of Hungary last year. Then I think we settled into a rhythm, it’s much better when you’re in the front. The red flag you can argue didn’t help us… we didn’t expect what both of them did, going on the hardest compound until the end. We tried to go more aggressive, maybe it didn’t work, but ultimately very happy with third. Hopefully it will work next time I’m here."

  • 07:13

    Mark Webber was up on the podium asking the questions there, and whilst Hamilton was keen on dousing Rosberg in more champagne during the interview, Vettel focused his bottle on his old teammate. Poor Webbo!

  • 07:19
    Championship Standings
    1N Rosberg25
    2L Hamilton18
    3S Vettel15
    4D Ricciardo12
    5F Massa10
  • 07:19
    Championship Standings
    4Red Bull12
  • 07:23

    Great job by Felipe Masa to finish fifth in what appeared to be a relatively quiet race for the Williams driver. Teammate Bottas finished eighth for a nice double points finish.

  • 07:25
    D KvyatElectrical issue0
    E GutiérrezCollision16
    F AlonsoCollision16
    R HaryantoDrive train19
    K RäikkönenFire!!23
    M EricssonUnknown38
  • 07:30

    QuoteDaniel Ricciardo: "I’m really happy. Towards the end we were sitting in the top three, I had the fairy tale in my mind of being on the podium here. Fourth is great, but I’m more happy with the pace we had. Not that far off Mercedes and Ferrari’s pace. To come out here in the first race, I think we’ve exceeded expectations and I’m happy with that.

    "I think tyre management was good, we seem to be pretty kind on tyres, that’s the first box you want to tick. We passed cars today, so we’ve definitely found a bit from the power unit. I think there’s more to come in the next few races. I think we can definitely aim for more top fives once we get this update. From that point, I want to spray some more champagne."

  • 07:33

    QuoteJolyon Palmer: "Bit frustrating to be 11th, but I’m happy with the race. A good start, for me no major incident. But yea, a bit frustrating. One more place would have been great. We didn’t have any more pace in the car, the Toro Rossos were trying to pass me at every corner, I couldn’t have held them off any longer. We need to have this as a building block and move forward."

  • 07:34

    A brilliant race after a disappointing qualifying. So many unanswered questions going into the season have already answered, but we've got a whole host of new ones!

  • 07:34

    Haas didn't do so well in qualifying but they more than made up for it in the race. It would have been interesting to see what Gutiérrez could have achieved but for the crash with Alonso, although it was that very same crash that allowed Grosjean to one stop his way to success.

  • 07:35

    Red Bull had more pace than we might have expected and Ricciardo seems confident there's more to come. Again, it's disappointing that they only had one car get to the finish, Kvyat must be quietly fuming somewhere.

  • 07:35

    Talking of fuming, who wants to be a fly on the wall at the Toro Rosso debrief today? Verstappen appeared very riled and expecting team orders where they weren't really necessary. We didn't hear much from Sainz but the two colliding together will not go down well with the team bosses.

  • 07:37

    Fantastic demonstration of how safe the cars are these days with Alonso's lucky escape from the car. The Spaniard says he doesn't place any blame for the crash and is just grateful it's all worked out okay.

  • 07:38

    We've got two weeks now until Bahrain, so plenty of time to analyse, question and comment on what happened, and of course predict what's going to happen next. We know that qualifying will be back to normal in the desert, but what happens after that, who knows?

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