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Race highlights - Australia 2014 - Follow the action from a chaotic season opener in Melbourne

Published by Christine

Williams pit crew cheer another Bottas pass for position
Credit: Glenn Dunbar/Williams F1

The threat of rain disappeared on Saturday, with only half an eye on the official radar. Instead, the concentration was on who would be able to start the race, and who would get to the finish. Concerns about getting the cars running off the grid and keeping them going through the formation lap and pause before the lights was high.

Inevitably, there were some problems, and the attrition rate was reasonably high, but it was fascinating to watch these brand new machines take to the track for the first race of the new season. Relive all the action from before and after the race, as well as lap by lap updates of what went down during the Australian Grand Prix.

As it happened: Australia 2014 - The race

Event Highlights

  • Rosberg wins, with Ricciardo and Magnussen making their debut podium appearances
  • Hamilton and Vettel retire in the first five laps due to power issues
  • Both Lotus drivers and Ericsson in the Caterham also retire
  • Massa calls for Kobayashi race ban after first corner collision
  • 05:29

    Hello friends, welcome to the Factbyte Factbox for the first race of 2014. I'm excited, are you?

  • 05:30

    Credit: @OfficialSF1Team

    The boys are ready to go!

  • 05:31

    In case you missed it yesterday, Lewis Hamilton scooped pole position from Daniel Ricciardo, the pair lining up on the front row together.

  • 05:31

    Sebastian Vettel starts out of the top ten, having failed to reach Q3 for the first time since midway through 2012. For ever, essentially.

  • 05:32

    And the Lotus pair were struggling enormously, Pastor Maldonado didn't set a lap but has been given FIA permission to race. Rumour has it Romain Grosjean is starting from the pit lane, too, having qualified 21st.

  • 05:33

    The pitlane just opened at the Albert Park circuit, drivers are pulling up at the pit exit to do practice starts - there's quite the queue.

  • 05:36
    Circuit Data
    Albert Park
    Local timezone+11:00 GMT
    First race1996
    Number of laps58
    Circuit length5.303km
    Race distance307.574km
    Start offset0.000km
  • 05:36

    TweetTweet from @pirellisport: Theoretically the quickest strategy is: start on soft, change to soft again on lap 23, then to the medium on lap 51. 58 laps in total #F1

  • 05:37

    View of an overcast turn 9.

    Credit @naget34

    Chilly day again at the track. We saw rain yesterday in qualifying, will there be more during the action today?

  • 05:39

    Two drivers took gearbox penalties after qualifying yesterday, with both Esteban Gutiérrez and Valtteri Bottas dropping down the order. Guti was near the back anyway, but Bottas lost out to 15th place.

  • 05:40

    Meanwhile, there was an impressive drive from Kevin Magnussen who qualified fourth in his first F1 weekend. Jenson Button was a little further back, missing out on the third session, but he's promoted into the top ten thanks to Bottas' penalty.

  • 05:42
    Grid Position
    1L HamiltonMercedes
    2D RicciardoRed Bull
    3N RosbergMercedes
    4K MagnussenMcLaren
    5F AlonsoFerrari
    6JE VergneToro Rosso
    7N HülkenbergForce India
    8D KvyatToro Rosso
    9F MassaWilliams
    10J ButtonMcLaren
  • 05:44

    QuoteDaniel Ricciardo on the grid: "We got off the line, I think everyone’s a bit up and down with starts. I don’t think there’s a lot of consistency with many of us. When the lights go out, I’ll drop the clutch and hopefully the traction I’ll get is good. Managing [the more power than grip] is the challenge we’ve got."

  • 05:46

    TweetTweet from @Jamesallenonf1: V high chance of safety car today, 60% is Melbourne average, but with new tech it must be higher this year. That'll help fuel consumption

  • 05:48

    QuoteNico Hülkenberg on the grid: "I am pretty confident, but how confident can you be? I think we’re well prepared, the car behaved well in all conditions. Fuel management, reliability, you name it, it’s a step into the unknown. But it’s great, all the talking stops now and we step into the real thing."

  • 05:48

    Credit: @WilliamsRacing

    Brazilian friends, catching up.

  • 05:53

    Daniil Kvyat says simply: "Qualifying is history now, it's time to focus on the race."

  • 05:55

    TweetTweet from @MauriceHamilton: Kvyat: amazing quiet confidence as he walks to the grid!

  • 05:57

    Two DRS zones available this weekend, and the tyre compounds in action are the softs and mediums. Drivers have free choice on their starting tyre, after having qualified on intermediates.

  • 05:57

    Weather icon

    Wind speed23.4mps
  • 05:59

    The mechanics are starting to clear the grid of clutter, excess tyres being wheeled away, and only the tyre blankets remaining.

  • 06:00

    Tyre blankets come off, the cars are lowered to the ground, and the mechanics clear to the side of the tarmac.

  • 06:00

    It looks like everyone is opting to start on the soft compounds, except for Vettel in 12th and Gutiérrez in 20th.

  • 06:01

    Max Chilton didn't get away from the grid, yellow flags being waved as the Marussia is recovered to the pit lane.

  • 06:02

    Race controlDrive through penalty for Grosjean - leaving pit garage prior to the 15 minute signal.

  • 06:03

    Ted News: It's going to take a while to patch up Max Chilton's car. They've recovered him to the pit lane and are working feverishly to get him going.

  • 06:03

    Hamilton leads the formation lap back round to the grid, and pulls to a halt in that first grid slot. The pack file in behind him.

  • 06:04

    Race controlAborted start - extra formation lap.

  • 06:05

    Chilton's Marussia has rolled down the pit lane to join Grosjean at the pit exit. Whatever drama Ted was talking about must be fixed already.

  • 06:05

    It's the other Marussia stopped on the grid. The marshals running to Jules Bianchi's aid.

  • 06:06

    Mechanics are pushing Bianchi's Marussia down to the end of the pit lane to join his teammate.

  • 06:07

    David Croft: "It's a long pit lane, I think there's room for all 22 cars to line up."

  • 06:08

    The cars crawl to a stop on the grid once again.

  • 06:08

    Green flagRace started.

  • 06:08 Lap 1

    Rosberg had a fantastic start, zips past Ricciardo and his teammate.

  • 06:08 Lap 1

    Hamilton dropped back behind Ricciardo as well.

  • 06:09 Lap 1

    Yellow flagYellow flags as Felipe Massa is off track.

  • 06:09 Lap 1

    A second incident occurs round the first few corners as well, including Esteban Gutiérrez.

  • 06:09 Lap 1

    Both Kamui Kobayashi and Felipe Massa have stopped, they were involved in the first corner incident, spinning off into the gravel.

  • 06:10 Lap 2

    Fernando Alonso is slow, losing positions on this first lap. He also locks up but is just managing to defend from Vergne.

  • 06:10 Lap 2

    Meanwhile, Vettel is complaining about a lack of power over the radio.

  • 06:10 Lap 2

    Pérez and Gutiérrez have dived into the pit lane, suggesting they were involved in the second accident. It was a right rear puncture on the Force India.

  • 06:11 Lap 2

    Hamilton has also dropped back behind Magnussen, the McLaren rookie up to third.

  • 06:12 Lap 3

    Team radioTeam radio to Hamilton: "Okay Lewis, we need to retire. Save the engine."

  • 06:12 Lap 3

    Team radioTeam radio to Hamilton: "Okay Lewis, stay out, stay out. Just keep rolling."

  • 06:12 Lap 3

    Mixed messages!

  • 06:13 Lap 4

    Hamilton comes into the pit lane. Is he retiring or not, it's a mystery!

  • 06:14 Lap 4

    No power and a problem with the gearbox, Hamilton has officially retired. Steering wheel off the car and he's climbing out, dejected.

  • 06:15 Lap 4

    Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg sets the fastest lap of the race so far, currently leading. Ricciardo and Magnussen are firmly in second and third.

  • 06:15 Lap 5

    Yellow flagBrief yellow flags and DRS disabled, but re-enabled again swiftly. That was likely for the final clearing of the turn one cars.

  • 06:15 Lap 5

    Valtteri Bottas charges past Jean-Éric Vergne for seventh place.

  • 06:16 Lap 5

    Vettel comes into the pit lane, the mechanics are having a good look at the car and they're backing him into the garage.

  • 06:17 Lap 5

    Replays of the start show Kobayashi failing to brake and collecting Massa into the first corner. He was out of control off the line, bobbing, weaving, locking up, tagging a Ferrari and then a Felipe.

  • 06:19 Lap 7

    Gutiérrez has been told that fuel consumption is okay.

  • 06:19 Lap 8

    Race controlIncident between Kobayashi and Massa to be investigated after the race - causing a collision.

  • 06:20 Lap 8

    Kobayashi, talking to Sky, admitting that it was his fault, though. Not much for the stewards to investigate.

  • 06:24 Lap 10

    So many things have changed this year, but for Alonso, it is same old, same old. He's currently following the rear wing of... Nico Hulkenberg!

  • 06:24 Lap 11

    Bottas has hit the wall, given himself a right rear situation. The wheel actually falls off. He's still running to try and get back to the pit lane.

  • 06:26 Lap 11

    Huge disappointment for Williams - Massa out and Bottas in the wall. The mechanics have patched him up and sent him on his way, but all thoughts of points and podium gone.

  • 06:26 Lap 12

    Yellow flagYellow flags are showing for the tyre debris and wheel rim, still sitting in the middle of the road.

  • 06:26 Lap 12

    Race controlSafety car deployed.

  • 06:28 Lap 12

    All the drivers are diving into the pit lane now. Chaos!

  • 06:28 Lap 13
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverN Rosberg
    Pit lane24.331s
  • 06:29 Lap 13

    Compare a four second pit stop from Mercedes to the super-speedy 3.1 seconds for Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo.

  • 06:30 Lap 13

    The marshals have recovered the debris, so it's just a matter of sorting out the safety car order before it disappears.

  • 06:30 Lap 13

    The pit lane goes quiet after what was controlled chaos for the first round of stops. Not sure anyone gained anything from it though.

  • 06:32 Lap 14

    Credit: @McLarenF1

    Quick stop for McLaren, Jenson Button currently running sixth. Magnussen still up in third.

  • 06:34 Lap 15

    Ricciardo is informed via the radio there could be some light rain. Official weather info on their screens says it shouldn't affect the track.

  • 06:34 Lap 15

    Race controlSafety car in this lap.

  • 06:35 Lap 16

    QuoteSebastian Vettel: "Did I make five laps? Second formation lap we already lost power, we didn't understand why. I had no power from the start, the cars kept passing me. I was down, we tried to recover as much as we could. Alt some stage I thought there was a slight improvement but we realised there was a problem with the engine."

  • 06:35 Lap 16

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 06:36 Lap 16

    Bottas is back at the rear of the field, but working his way forward once again.

  • 06:36 Lap 16

    TweetTweet from @kamui_kobayashi: Sorry for messed up it's just my mistake sorry to Felipe and @CaterhamF1 all member!

  • 06:38 Lap 17

    QuoteLewis Hamilton: "I think I was driving on five cylinders. It was a bit unfortunate but that's racing. We have great pace, Nico's doing a great job out there. I hope that at least one of our cars makes it. We'll recover from this, it's a small hiccup."

  • 06:38 Lap 18

    No major drama on the restart, Rosberg continues to lead. Alonso is still stuck behind Hülkenberg, with Jenson Button chasing him for sixth place.

  • 06:42 Lap 20

    Team radioTeam radio to Ricciardo: "You do not need to save fuel, hit the beeps."

  • 06:42 Lap 20

    Safety car period has given the drivers a bit of breathing space on the fuel front.

  • 06:42 Lap 20

    TweetTweet from @OzJez: There's a black mark on Ricciardo rear wing upright behind left rear tyre. Is it oil or has the tyre rubbed? Go Dan :)

  • 06:46 Lap 23
    Driver Positions
    12N Rosberg1
    20D Ricciardo1
    31K Magnussen1
    43N Hülkenberg1
    50F Alonso1
    64J Button1
    7-1JE Vergne1
    83K Räikkönen1
    9-1D Kvyat1
    105V Bottas1
  • 06:47 Lap 23

    Bottas has done a great job to get back up into the top ten already.

  • 06:47 Lap 23

    So far, Sergio Pérez has stopped twice, the only man to visit the pit lane more than once.

  • 06:47 Lap 23

    Hülkenberg isn't happy with the condition of his front tyres, and he's causing a bit of a queue behind him.

  • 06:50 Lap 25

    The gap between Nico and Magnussen in front is about 7 seconds, but then behind Nico, Alonso is 0.4, Button a further 0.9, Vergne 0.7 and Kimi 0.5. That's quite the train.

  • 06:50 Lap 25

    Bottas has passed another car, moving ahead of Daniil Kvyat. In the DRS zone, down the main straight, passed him like he wasn't there.

  • 06:51 Lap 26

    Ericsson pitted and dropped back behind Chilton, but then Chilton has dived into the pit lane as well.

  • 06:52 Lap 26
    Gap Analysis
  • 06:53 Lap 26

    QuoteFelipe Massa: "I think what [Kobayashi] did in this race is not so different to what Grosjean did in Spa and he took a race ban. It's dangerous and you cannot do that."

  • 06:54 Lap 28

    Team radioTeam radio to Rosberg: "You're in your safety car window, we will go prime for the next stint."

  • 06:56 Lap 29

    TweetTweet from @CaterhamF1: That's the end of our Australian Grand Prix as @Ericsson_Marcus is told to stop the car with an oil pressure issue

  • 06:57 Lap 29

    Yellow flagYellow flags as Marcus Ericsson does indeed pull off track, the marshals looking on ready to clear the Caterham.

  • 06:57 Lap 29

    That makes both Caterham cars out of the race.

  • 06:58 Lap 30

    Gutiérrez is told that rear degradation on the Sauber isn't as bad as they were expecting. He can push a bit harder from 13th place.

  • 06:59 Lap 31

    Grosjean has pitted and put on soft tyres again. Pastor Maldonado pops into the pits just a lap or two later. Both Lotus cars still running, if not particularly strongly.

  • 07:00 Lap 32

    Oops. Totally jinxed Pastor Maldonado. He's pulled off track, race over for the Venezuelan driver.

  • 07:01 Lap 32

    Six retirements so far, only two of which are accident-based. The last four were all mechanical problems.

  • 07:02 Lap 33
    One to Watch
  • 07:03 Lap 33

    Jenson Button dives into the pit lane, soft tyres off, medium tyres on, a bit of wheel spin away from the box.

  • 07:04 Lap 33
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverS Pérez
    TeamForce India
    Pit lane18.8s
  • 07:04 Lap 34

    Sergio Pérez also stops briefly, more squealing wheels on the way out. Replays of Button's stop show some carbon fibre from the nose falling off the car.

  • 07:04 Lap 34

    It's a busy few minutes for the Force India crew as Hülkenberg is next in for a stop. That should free up Alonso out on track.

  • 07:06 Lap 35

    Jules Bianchi is still working his way back to the rear of the field. He got off to a slow start from the pit lane, and was seven laps behind during the safety car period. He's not yet classified but still running.

  • 07:07 Lap 35

    Kimi Räikkönen locks up and Valtteri Bottas sweeps past into fifth place. Claire Williams is back in the garage, looking on through her fingers.

  • 07:07 Lap 36

    Fernando Alonso comes into the pitlane, has he done enough to make any difference on track?

  • 07:08 Lap 37

    Alonso comes out behind Button but just ahead of Hülkenberg. It takes him a while to get up to speed and Nico hustles round the outside to try and regain the position. They're side by side through the corner but Alonso keeps the place.

  • 07:09 Lap 37

    Ricciardo, Bottas, Räïkkönen and Kvyat all head into the pit lane for their second stops of the day. ALL the wheel spin.

  • 07:10 Lap 37
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverK Räikkönen
    Pit lane21.825s
  • 07:10 Lap 38

    Replays show Bottas wobbling out of his pit box, narrowly avoiding the mechanics in the next box. Not a lot of room for error in the pit lane.

  • 07:11 Lap 38

    Magnussen comes in for a sub-3 second stop but returns to the track behind Ricciardo, keeping his overall third place.

  • 07:12 Lap 38

    Credit: @WilliamsRacing

    The Williams crew watch on, as Bottas attempts to climb back through the field, currently 8th.

  • 07:13 Lap 39

    Nico Rosberg pits from the lead, some carbon fibre pinged off the car as the front left tyre went on. He returned to the track in the lead for now, though.

  • 07:14 Lap 40

    Team radioTeam radio to Button: "The car in front is Kevin, you are racing Kevin for third place. Fuel is good."

  • 07:16 Lap 41
    One to Watch
    K Räikkönenvs.D Kvyat
  • 07:17 Lap 42

    Sutil and the two Marussia drivers are the only ones to have made just the one stop so far.

  • 07:18 Lap 42

    Kevin Magnussen is closing the gap to Ricciardo for second place, a pretty impressive showing for the rookie Dane!

  • 07:18 Lap 43

    Dark clouds are rolling in over the circuit, and there's still talk of spits of rain happening, but we've got just 14 laps left now.

  • 07:19 Lap 43

    Ted News: The Ferrari pair are managing an electrical problem, hence the lack of pace.

  • 07:19 Lap 43

    Kvyat is having a look at Räikkönen, and just in front of them, Bottas is reeling in Vergne.

  • 07:20 Lap 44

    Rosberg has something of a Vettel-esque lead, pulling out 18 seconds over Ricciardo, who is still fending off the McLaren behind him.

  • 07:20 Lap 44

    Team radioTeam radio to Alonso: "It's a battle of reliability as well. Look after everything and we'll see what happens."

  • 07:22 Lap 45

    Vergne holds the position round another lap, Bottas is too far back down the home straight to make use of DRS.

  • 07:22 Lap 45

    Romain Grosjean has pulled off track, stopping just like his teammate did. Double DNF for Lotus.

  • 07:23 Lap 46

    Team radioTeam radio from Button: "Does Ricciardo have to save fuel, do we think?"

    "We don't think so, Jenson."

  • 07:24 Lap 46

    A reported KERS failure for Grosjean. Disappointing for the Lotus crew, but then again, given their previous sessions this weekend, they've actually done pretty well.

  • 07:25 Lap 47

    Vergne got the last corner very wrong, with Bottas finally managing to get the advantage. The Finn moves up to seventh place, with Hülkenberg just a second up the road.

  • 07:27 Lap 48

    Team radioTeam radio to Nico Hülkenberg: "Okay Nico, so Bottas is through on the Toro Rosso behind so I expect you'll be coming under attack from Bottas soon."

  • 07:30 Lap 50

    Ricciardo appears to be falling back rapidly. The gap to leader Rosberg is now up to 22 seconds, whilst Alonso back in fourth is advised that the Red Bull driver might be struggling.

  • 07:30 Lap 51

    Sergio Pérez is being told to push, the team hope he can get close to Kvyat, who is taking up the final points position in tenth. The gap is 11 seconds at the moment though.

  • 07:32 Lap 52

    Magnussen has the gap to Ricciardo down to 0.7 seconds. Five laps left. Tense looks on the Red Bull pit wall.

  • 07:34 Lap 53

    Replays show Valtteri Bottas streaking past Nico Hülkenberg for sixth place. Next in line is Alonso, but he's 12 seconds ahead.

  • 07:35 Lap 54

    Max Chilton is the final classified runner at the moment, in 14th. Jules Bianchi is still running, but six laps down.

  • 07:37 Lap 55

    Vergne is told not to hold up Kvyat, as his teammate is faster. We've heard messages like that before. Both Toro Rosso drivers are in the points at the moment, Vergne 9th, Kvyat 10th.

  • 07:39 Lap 56

    Two laps to go, Magnussen was told to hold off the pace until the last few minutes - he's now instructed to put the hammer down.

  • 07:40 Lap 57

    Rosberg crosses the line to start his final lap, with a 24 second gap to Ricciardo.

  • 07:41 Lap 57

    It doesn't look like Magnussen can make the difference on this final lap, but still, a podium on your first race is not to be sniffed at!

  • 07:41

    Chequered flagNico Rosberg wins the Australian Grand Prix!

  • 07:42

    Ricciardo and Magnussen cross the line in the same order, trophies for both. Button strong in fourth.

  • 07:43
    Race Winner
    DriverN Rosberg
    Race time1:32:58.710
    Race distance302.271km
    Average speed195.058km/h
  • 07:43

    Team radioTeam radio to Ricciardo: "That's brilliant mate, I think we can see your smile from here."

  • 07:45
    Driver Positions
    12N Rosberg2
    20D Ricciardo2
    31K Magnussen2
    46J Button2
    50F Alonso2
    69V Bottas2
    70N Hülkenberg2
    83K Räikkönen2
    9-3JE Vergne2
    10-2D Kvyat2
  • 07:45

    Adrian Sutil is the only driver to have stopped once, he finished in 12th place, just ahead of Sauber teammate Esteban Gutierréz.

  • 07:47
    Gap Analysis
  • 07:48

    Rosberg jumps into the arms of his crew, and they wildly bounce around cheering. Happy scenes for the Mercedes guys.

  • 07:48

    Ricciardo does have a huge smile, as he heads to the podium for the first time in his F1 career. Magnussen pumps his fist as he takes to the third place step.

  • 07:49

    The German national anthem rings out over Albert Park. We're used to this tune by now, but it's usually a different driver on the top step!

  • 07:52

    They've updated the podium again, now the country colours behind the drivers are on screens, with digital ripples fluttering the flags.

  • 07:52

    All three drivers on the podium looking very happy, great scenes.

  • 07:55

    QuotePodium quotes - Nico Rosberg: "Already it’s been an amazing time here in Melbourne. Thanks to all of you, you made it special. I think Daniel got a little bit more support than us but that’s normal. It’s been an amazing day, I’m over the moon. Everybody’s worked so hard over the winter, to have such an amazing Silver Arrow to drive, it’s unreal. This thing was unbelievably quick today and reliable also… I’m so grateful to Mercedes for all the hard work over the winter."

  • 07:56

    QuotePodium quotes - Daniel Ricciardo: "Two, three weeks ago, I would have bet everything I have that we would not be standing up here. I mean, just full credit to the team for an unbelievable turnaround. I don’t understand how they did it but they did, so thank you guys. And of course, the Aussie fans, wow. Completely overwhelming, no words."

  • 07:56

    QuotePodium quotes - Kevin Magnussen: "It’s hard to believe really, it seems so surreal. What can I say? The car was so much better than it’s been at any point. We just keep improving the car. I just had exactly what I needed the whole race. The preparation we’ve had this winter has been fantastic. I’ve never done an F1 race, testing is so limited these days, big congratulations to the team for doing a fantastic job."

  • 07:58

    TweetTweet from @ToroRossoSpy: A big hug for both our drivers, but a special BRAVO to @Dany_Kvyat for his first point on his debut! Great driving #DK26!

  • 08:00
    F MassaAccident1
    K KobayashiAccident1
    L HamiltonPower unit4
    S VettelPower unit5
    M EricssonOil pressure29
    P MaldonadoPower unit31
    R GrosjeanPower unit45
  • 08:19

    QuoteJenson Button: "An enjoyable race, the team did a great job in the pit stops. I just got in when the safety boards flashed up, I saw it and dived into the pits. Great job by Kevin. Third and fourth is better than what we expected, it really is."

  • 08:23

    QuoteFernando Alonso: "We all had problems probably, at the end of the day both Ferraris crossed the line which is a good effort from the team. On the other hand, we finished 35 second behind Nico Rosberg which is too much and we need to improve for Malaysia. We are Ferrari, we are a strong team, these guys know what they're doing. After the first race, you have a little bit of a better picture which areas you need to improve the car."

  • 08:25

    QuoteNico Hülkenberg: "First of all, I'm quite happy to finish the race. First time ever for me. Good news straight away in the points, which is fairly positive and a good job for the team today. We lost two positions after the first stop, it looked like we didn't have quite the pace as many others... I had some issues with front left graining on the soft compounds, that compromised my first two stints a bit."

  • 08:34

    So that's the first race done and dusted. Overall, it was a fascinating weekend, although it may not have been fantastic racing all the way through. Most drivers were in test and conservation mode, and who can blame them?

  • 08:35

    The talk of what would happen if all the cars retired seemed overblown to me, but seven retirements and one non-classified is a pretty high attrition rate. Lots of work to be done on the cars, but I'm loving seeing this high-tech stuff in action.

  • 08:36

    In terms of results, an impressive start from both the rookie racers in the points. Disappointing result for Marussia and Caterham, and who knows what the feeling will be at Lotus? A double DNF but more laps than they've managed at any other stage this weekend.

  • 08:38

    McLaren's leads in the championship is a surprise, Williams pulled as much as they could from a difficult weekend, Claire herself said they had high hopes and are reasonably satisfied with the outcome.

  • 08:41

    In the Thursday press conference, the drivers were asked to predict how many finishers there would be. Felipe Massa quite accurately predicted 14, although I bet he didn't think he'd be the first one out.

  • 08:42

    Thanks for following along today and this weekend, it's been a brilliant start to what could be an unusual season. Rosberg's early dominance was worrying but there's still a long way to go!

  • 08:42

    Join me again in two week's time for all the action from the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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