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Quit playing games with my heart - Keeping track of the conversation on Sidepodcast

Published by Mr. C

It is said that the beating heart of Sidepodcast is best represented by the comments, discussion, conversation, feedback and interaction the F1 community brings to the site. By a combination of luck, good fortune and the particular alignment of several planets on any given day, the chatter and gossip on this very site represents some of the best the online Formula 1 world has to give (in my humble and totally unbiased professional opinion). Therefore today we're launching the first in a long line of conversation enhancements for 2011, Sidepodcast Heartbeat.

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With every heartbeat

Keeping up with the never ending stream of thoughts, ideas and opinion on has never been an easy process. So we're working on bringing in new tools and interface enhancements to make jumping in and taking part, a whole lot more straightforward. Heartbeat tracks the realtime conversation and provides an overview as to how active the site is at any given moment.

Assuming you have a relatively modern web browser, take a look at our shiny new graph in the playground, to see what times of the day comments have been most active. The initial release is currently limited to hourly updates, while future implementations will update on a minute-by-minute basis. Additionally, in future you will be able to dig deeper into the data to discover where the threads are occurring and which topics are under discussion.

Heart shaped box

As if this weren't enough, in the coming weeks and months we plan to add additional tools to make tracking conversation even more interactive. The Sidepodcast Dashboard is the logical final destination for such things, but whilst they're still under development, do keep a close eye on the playground for plenty of new and interesting things.

The last feature of note, hopefully due for release soon, is further integration with social media. Our F1 Twitter Directory has already proven to be a useful and popular addition to the site and we'll be working to find more ways to integrate such services as the 2011 F1 season gets underway.

As ever, if you have any questions, thoughts or complaints do let us know. Every comment counts.