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Italy 2011 - Qualifying press conference - Quotes from the top three drivers after the Saturday action

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Questions to the top three drivers following qualifying on Saturday in Italy.

Pole position: Sebastian Vettel - Red Bull

Q: Pole number 10 this year but by half a second in the end after it had looked like it might be a little closer than that.

"We thought it would be much closer than that. I had a bit of an improvement in the first run for my second lap. We weren't sure whether the tyres worked best in the first or second lap. I made a bit of a mistake but we stayed out and focused on the last run only. We would not think of going on pole by that big margin today on a track that the last two years didn't suit us. This year the car is very good here, the balance is perfect. On low downforce it's slippery but we're quite quick in all three sectors and managed to get it together. I'm very pleased with today."

Q: Where are you getting all this downforce?

"We know we have a good car. The last two years here we weren’t that competitive even though we had very little wing on the car. But this year I think the most important thing apart from the wing level which always helps you go around corners is to have the balance and we are very good on that this year. I felt very comfortable gong into qualifying and then throughout I could feel the track getting quicker and just simply went with the track so that is the secret if there is any."

2nd place: Lewis Hamilton - McLaren

Q: The final run didn't work out for you after it had seemed very close up until then. Was this the one that got away today?

"I didn't have another half a second in the bag. We could have got another couple of tenths out of the car. The guys did a fantastic job bringing new components to the circuit. We're competitive, but Sebastian did a fantastic job, That last lap was untouchable for me."

3rd place: Jenson Button - McLaren

Q: A strong result here last year. How do you see tomorrow’s race shaping up from the position you are starting in?

"Third is normally a pretty good place to start but here you just can't get past the front two. Looking at today, I agree with Lewis. Even if we got more out of the car, we'd never challenge Seb. These guys don't look like they're carrying a lot of wing but they're half a second quicker than us. Difficult to understand but that's something we're going to have to look at. We've just got to concentrate on tomorrow now, we can both score some good points. It's not so important to be on pole position here because of DRS."

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