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Put yourself slightly above the driving seat - Onboard laps of the 2009 F1 races are now available

Published by Mr. C

We frequently accuse Bernie Ecclestone of being somewhat backwards when it comes to looking forwards, but despite appearing completely disinterested in furthering Formula 1's online footprint, small changes have been slowly appearing on the official F1 site and today the homepage is promoting new onboard video footage from every race this year and a few bonus races from last year. Screenshot

There are a total of 17 laps to stream and as with previous race summaries they're available at various qualities covering most types of bandwidth. There's no commentary or musical accompaniment, just pure, unadulterated and uninterrupted engine noise. Jenson's lap from Monaco additionally offers FOM technical overlay information detailing engine revs, speed, track position and more.

It's not clear why certain laps were chosen over others. Vettel's lap from Monza last year was filmed during a practice session for example, while Webber's second place qualifying effort from Silverstone gets the nod over Heikki's pole-sitting flyer.

Regardless, we're not complaining. Some may argue other sports have been doing this and more for many a year, and that Bernie's doing the least he possibly can whilst simultaneously digging his 5" heels in to resist any possible hint of progress or change. However, it's rare the man offers up something for nothing, so we'll gladly accept any official online F1 video we can lay our hands on with open arms.

If you haven't check them out yet, we highly recommend you do so, as soon as possible.