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Promo: 365 F1 Stories on the iBookstore - Sidepodcast's first foray into video advertising

Published by Mr. C

Trawling more than sixty years of motorsport history, That’ll be the Day: 365 F1 Stories presents a unique look at a diverse collection of moments that epitomise racing today. From the notable to the obscure, enjoy the events that shaped more than six decades of racing with this two-part ebook series available on the iBookstore.

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About this promo video

Just when you thought we couldn't produce a shorter podcast than F1 news in 60 seconds, we've dropped the bar yet further.

This video will hopefully be the first in a long line of promotional and/or informational clips for people with very short attention spans. We have fresh ideas, a new set of tools and a whole bunch of fantastic content in the pipeline.

Watch this space, where short is sweet.