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Got your number - Drivers select their preferred branding

Published by Christine

Bottas sporting the number 17 on his Williams
Credit: Malcolm Griffiths/LAT

One of the slightly more popular regulation changes for the 2014 F1 season is the introduction of permanent driver numbers. Each racer gets to choose their number (between 2 and 99) that will stick with them for the entirety of their F1 career. The number one moniker is reserved for the current champion, who has his own permanent number but may choose to use #1 if he so desires.

There has been some confusion over how the roll-out process will work, with the actual regulations suggesting there would be a ballot, whilst FIA representatives insist that each driver would be allowed to choose his own number - with priority defined by 2013 championship finishing order. Drivers have been asked to submit their primary preference as well as an additional two alternatives should their favourite already be taken.

Not every driver will be announcing there selections, but those that have are listed here.

Requested driver numbers
Driver1st choice2nd choice3rd choice
Fernando Alonso14
Kimi Räikkönen7
Nico Rosberg659
Romain Grosjean82911
Felipe Massa19
Jenson Button22
Sergio Pérez11
Adrian Sutil---
Jean-Éric Vergne252127
Valtteri Bottas771711
Jules Bianchi72777
Kevin Magnussen20
Daniil Kvyat726

Adrian Sutil says he has picked his number already, but it will remain a secret until made official.

The figures revealed so far show that no one has gone for the fabled 13, previously an unavailable number due to superstition and tradition. There also seems to be a distinct move away from any numbers in the top ten, which I wasn't expecting. However, don't be surprised to find most drivers avoid the uncomfortable number two branding.

Sources listing known numbers as follows.