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Predictions revisited - Analysis of where we guessed correctly, and where we did not

Published by Christine

Towards the end of last year, we asked you for your predictions about the season ahead, posing a few probing questions and welcoming any other Nostradamus-like thoughts about the upcoming year.

Now we have lived through the 2009 season, and would all most likely admit it was a bit of a surprise, it's time to look back at how very, very wrong we were.

Don't worry, I'll start with my own very poor predictions. I gave the Australian win to Vettel, clearly discounting any form of resurgence from the team formerly known as Honda. Then I figured, in my infinite wisdom, that Robert Kubica would be a shoe-in for the driver's title.

Hmm. Moving on.

Driver changes

We asked the question - will any contracts be torn up and ripped apart before the end of the year? Bassano instantly said:

Yes - Piquet Jr

- Bassano

He could not have been more right, although perhaps the circumstances could not have been predicted. Or could they? Alianora added some thoughts:

Piquet Jr will crack under the pressure of looking for a new employer and we won't see him in F1 in 2010 as a result.

- Alianora

Quickly followed up with:

A driver will get sacked for doing something really, really dumb.

- Alianora

Alenyaa had thoughts about Fisichella's future:

Most likely to lose seat during the season: Fisichella

- Alenyaa

Technically true, I suppose, but only because he was given the "promotion" of moving up to Ferrari. He's happy with a test driver role for 2010, but there were erroneous rumours he could return to Force India, so it seems the relationship is still good, at least.

Dom didn't think there would be much in the way of driver movement at all:

No, I think this is the last season before a big driver market shake up in 2010.

- Dom

Both right and not. We saw many, many team movements this year, both due to hirings and firings, plus injuries and reserve drivers. Next year we're seeing a big mix up though, so Dom was at least half right.

Winners and losers

We asked whether KERS would have the desired impact and increase the racing spectacle. Dank didn't think so:

No. Racing will still be very close and overtaking won't be vastly improved.

- Dank

Spot on! Despite no massive improvement in overtaking, there were some predictions about potential good drives. RG said:

Surprises of the year, Force India grabbing points at a wet GP and Abu Dhabi being a good race.

- RG

Let's ignore the Abu Dhabi bit for now! Steven wasn't expecting great things from the team though:

The other disappointment will be Force India who will not improve much despite the McLaren involvement. Expect big changes in that team this time next year.

- Steven

With the benefit of hindsight, we can see that Force India made vast improvements towards the end of the year and have signed on their drivers for 2010 as a sign of consistency.

Changing the subject to new winners, Lou predicted there would be at least 2 rookies taking the top step of the podium, whilst Le Wombat du BOL (who is now known as the FOFA Chairman) said:

Heidfeld simply MUST win, he’ll do “irvine” and break his duck because Melbourne is the right place for it.

- Le Wombat du BOL

Nick didn't quite manage the win, but did pick up plenty of points in his pursuit. Trulli also put his all into the season but Dank wasn't so sure it would be enough:

Toyota will announce they will be leaving F1 at the end of the season. Also marking the end of Jarno's career.

- Dank

Sadly, he was right about the end of Toyota, and maybe even Trulli, although nothing has been made official yet. Aitch also added:

I think we could lose 1 maybe even 2 teams by years end.

- Aitch

Again, sadly true.

Circuits and races

Aitch didn't stop at spelling out the end of several team futures, but the calendar was about to take a hit as well:

We will lose more races this year. Last year for the British GP and German GP maybe even the Chinese GP.

- Aitch

The British GP saga is still ongoing, so it seems very few people did have faith in Donington. Meanwhile, the brand new track on the 2009 calendar Abu Dhabi, came in for some varying predictions - not least RG's as mentioned above. Lou said:

Valencia will be slightly more colourful, but no more exciting. Fans will not like the Abu Dhabi GP as the finale to the season.

- Lou

And finally, Felipe Leite had the season all planned out before it had even begun:

The championship will be decided at Brazil (Abu Dhabi will hold the last race of the year).

- Felipe Leite

I think this is what we all hoped, and it came to pass.

These are just a selected few of the fantastic predictions we had last year, I highly recommend taking a look through what was said last year. Hindsight is fabulous, isn't it?

Towards the end of the year, we'll be asking you for your 2010 seasons, and we can repeat this cringeworthy process at the end of next year as well!