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Practice makes perfect, or at least acceptable - Outtakes galore as we struggle to say all the Fantasy Racer team names

Published by Christine

Practice makes perfect, or at least acceptable audio waveform

We’ve had a few comments saying how much you liked the Fantasy Racers Sidepodcast League roll call on last week’s show. This makes me very happy because it wasn’t easy to do.

I’m sure you’re all aware we’re not afraid of a spot of editing, to keep the show running smoothly. We wanted to do the roll call in one take, no editing, because it would have felt wrong otherwise.

We can be a bit touchy feely like that.

Getting straight to the point, it took a lot of practice, and still we made mistakes. And because we’re not scared of making a fool of ourselves, I have put together a compilation of the outtakes from our numerous attempts at getting it right.