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Post Silverstone poetry - F1 gossip following the British Grand Prix, in rhyme

Published by Ernie Black

Formula 1 news never sleeps and the endless stream of stories that followed the British GP provide perfect foil for Ernie to put into poetic prose.

Felipe Massa at Silverstone
Credit: Pirelli S.p.A.

This week in F1
Is already humming
With new stories breaking
And plenty more coming

There's the British GP
And Webber's win
Leaving Alonso to think
Of what might have been

Pastor's crash
And his slap on the wrist
That left poor Pérez
Waving his fist

Massa's good form
That might save his seat
He might stay at Ferrari
If he can find his feet

Now that Red Bull
Has signed their Aussie
There is no speculation
To where he might be

McLaren is struggling
To keep up the pace
That's keeping them
From winning a race

Rumors float round
Of new sponsorship deals
But Coca-cola won't give
These rumor wheels

Another rumor
Making some rounds
Has Lewis to Lotus
As odd as that sounds

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