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Post race debate - Excessive weaving? - Hamilton divides opinion with a defensive driving move

Published by Mr. C

On lap 10 of the Malaysian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was shown the black and white flag for "Excessive Weaving" after throwing his car back and forth across the main straight trying to shake Vitaly Petrov from his tail on lap 8.

Although the start of the move wasn't in the braking zone, Lewis continued to weave down the whole of the main straight. At the time the Factbyte Factbox reported the event as:

09:16 - Hamilton gets back past Petrov but weaves around like crazy on the home straight.

When told of the warning over the radio, Hamilton defended his actions thus:

I wasn't weaving for him. I was weaving to break the tow.

- Lewis Hamilton

In the comments opinion was divided. The question is, now the race is done and we've had chance to check the replays, do you think the black and white flag was the correct call from the stewards? Should Hamilton have received a penalty, or should weaving outside of the braking zone be encouraged?