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Post race debate - Did the circuit changes at Silverstone improve the racing? - Cast your vote on the track tweaks for the British Grand Prix

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Silverstone is still very much under construction.
Credit: Force India F1

The big question during the build up to this weekend was would circuit changes made to the Silverstone track layout improve the racing? After watching an hour and a half of F1 action we want to know what you think.

Changes were made this year to accommodate a new MotoGP race, and significantly for a track on the F1 calendar, they were not overseen by incumbent Herman Tilke. The track was lengthened, while Bridge was chopped from the layout. Silverstone will change again before F1 visits next year, but have the alterations made so far worked? Did it encourage more overtaking or is there more that needs to be done?

After first practice on Friday, drivers were mostly positive about the revised layout, with Mark Webber saying designers "got it right", and Sebastian Vettel adding that thankfully "it didn't kill the rhythm".

I think the new layout works. I put this circuit up there with the best in the world like Spa and Suzuka, and getting a good balance around here is such a good feeling.

- Jenson Button

It appears to be a fun track to drive, but what about to watch from your armchair at home? Or if you managed to make it to the event during the weekend, how did you rate the experience in terms of viewing positions, and would you go again? Please have your say in the comment and vote below.

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