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Post-F1 Paths - Series 1 roundup - Collecting seven options for drivers once they are done in the paddock

Published by Christine

Following the conclusion of the 2017 Formula One season, I started looking at what options are available for those drivers that may need to start looking outside the paddock for their next career move. From embarking on a music career, to casting judgement on your former colleagues, the Post-F1 Paths mini series dipped and dived around the motorsport world to see what life is like after a driver hangs up their F1 helmet.

These seven short shows were broadcast across consecutive days but I've gathered them together here for easy reference. Below are the links to the individual show notes:

This first series is over, but there are still several post-racing avenues we didn't visit yet, so if you've got any thoughts about topics I missed, do let me know. Another series could be just around the corner!

Post-F1 Paths - Series 1 roundup

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