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Positive points galore in Team Rankings this week - In which Eddie Jordan gets thrown into the Red Bull pool

Published by Christine

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Renault have taken the lead of the Team Rankings once again, although the battle between the two so-called Lotus teams still rages. I would have taken points off both of them for their "we both won the court case" business, but they were equally to blame so it would make little difference.

Instead, there are points for dunking TV presenters, and keeping us informed about injured drivers.

Movements for Week 17

  • +4 Lotus Renault GP: +3 for also providing amusing tweets during the road trip to Monaco, as pointed out by Pat. +1 for great updates on Petrov throughout his visit to hospital.
  • +3 Sauber F1 Team: +3 for the appearance of the fabulous Monisha, talking about Pérez.
  • +4 Red Bull Racing: +4 for throwing Eddie Jordan in the pool.
  • +1 Team Lotus: +1 for putting for advertising their Twitter account on the car now too.

Standings for Week 17

This week's standings
11Lotus Renault GP441
2-1Team Lotus140
30Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team29
40Marussia F1 Team24
50Vodafone McLaren Mercedes20
61Red Bull Racing417
7-1Sauber F1 Team317
80AT&T Williams7
90Force India Formula One Team3
100Scuderia Toro Rosso2
110Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro2
120HRT Formula 1 Team-7
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