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Poetry in Grosjean - Christine teams up with Romain Grosjean to preview his return to F1

Published by Christine

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We last saw Romain Grosjean towards the end of 2009
He’d been brought into Renault and was doing just fine
Seven races were his after Piquet Jr left
But at the end of the year Grosjean was feeling bereft
There was no space left in the Formula One beat
"It has been a very tough time at the end of 2009 when I couldn’t get a seat"

Instead he returned to the feeder series GP2
Where he channelled his energy with much work to do
"Improve my driving, improve my feedback for the team"
To get back to Formula One, that was the dream

It’s a bit like that prosaic Joni Mitchell song
You Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone
"Sometime when you lose something that you really like"
And more so if you have been told to take a hike
"It’s even more than you really like it." You love it, you might say
And be determined to get back to the paddock one day

Thus after GP2 wins and testing tyres for Pirelli
Grosjean will find himself back on the telly
He’s signed to Renault in a big, triumphant return
But he knows he still has plenty to learn
"After Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen, I’m getting used to having a world champion alongside me
"I was jumping in F1 car which is the place I enjoy the most to be."

Romain is sure that his feedback skills will be a big hit
"I do like it, I think I’m not quite bad at it"
And over Kimi he also thinks he’ll have an edge
When it comes to particulars, this is his pledge
"He’s a great champion, he’s a very good driver as everybody knows,
"But maybe I can teach him something about the Pirelli tyres that he never drove."

To be back in F1, he says, “It’s a big emotion for me”
The pinnacle of motorsport is the place he wants to be
To know that he has not been left on the shelf
"A little bit of fire goes stronger inside of yourself"

It’s too early to say how well he may get on
But so far the signs are good, and he’s feeling pretty strong
"I feel fantastically good, I’m really looking forward to next season"
But best to keep expectations within reason

There’s plenty of work to be done to turn the team around
And best to keep everyone’s feet on the ground
But for now, Grosjean can be the cat that got the cream
"Enjoy Formula One, you know, we are living a dream"

There’s a long season ahead, much to endure
But "I want to give my best, that’s for sure."