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Podpanel talky business - Introducing a new podcast concept, the Sidepodcast panel show

Published by Mr. C

It was suggested in the comments during last weekends live streaming that it was about time we started a new podcast. The plan mooted was to host some form of panel show that pitted callers against each other in a battle of wills over topical F1 subjects of the day.

At first we may have been a touch reticent about the idea, however Christine bought a new domain name [link removed] (which is always a good sign), and the technical bits weren't too difficult to resolve, so against our better judgement the plan is to have a go this evening.

As ever, with so little planning, it's anyone's guess as what may happen, but thus far this is what we're thinking it'll take the following form:

  • A guest host who will select subjects and chair the panel
  • Two teams of callers, battling against each other
  • Points will be awarded for winning an argument
  • Extra points will be awarded for humour
  • Christine to keep score

Bonuses will be awarded for sucking up to the scorer, and then doubled if anyone genuinely manages to compliment Franck Montagny in a subtle way. If no-one has any objections, I'll probably chair today's panel.

As yet we've no idea how many people we can manage to host on a Skype call but we're hoping it'll be either two or three people to a team. Anyone not involved with calling-in can still take part in the comments by associating themselves with a team, digging out facts to help bolster arguments while berating the opposition.

Either it'll be a riot, a disaster, or more likely both. We have a list of people already interested in being part of the panel, but there may be room for more if anyone can't make it. The plan is to record the show after this evening's regular live podcast wraps up, so we're guessing around 8:00pm this evening.

To take part you'll either need Skype installed or a have a phone nearby. Skype users should add sidepodcast as a friend while phone users need to email Christine and let her know your phone number.

Any more thoughts and suggestions are always welcome. We have to thank everyone who's contributed ideas this past seven days, and if anyone looks through the list of suggestions and concludes that this concept seems remarkably similar to Fighting Talk, you are way off the mark. Just because we're thinking about some cool jingles. Perhaps a ding for good answers, and maybe even a "Hallelujah". Nothing like it.