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Podcasting rights and wrongs - Broadcasting from an F1 track is sincerely frowned upon

Published by Mr. C

Hey, wanna know something weird? I thought you would...

In a blog post today, designated Renault blogger 'RF1 Paddock Pass' alluded to a problem the team are currently having with regards to the broadcasting rights of their own podcast.

RF1PP writes:

You may have seen that we haven't produced a pre-race podcast this weekend. That's because rights issues now prevent us from recording them at the track.

And if you listen to today's show, presenter Holly Samos backs up that information with a similar quote. And there was I thinking a slow race car was the only issue vexing the boys from Enstone.

I cannot imagine how a team can fall foul of such rights issues, or why recording at the track could be a problem, but I'd bet the farm on it having something to do with Bernie!

The Renault podcast will supposedly return next Tuesday, which is a blessed relief because I liked its unique take on F1 life. Hopefully the move to a new slot won't dent its appeal too much.

In the meantime, if you're looking to fill that pod-shaped-hole, Sidepodcast will be covering the whole weekend as usual. Additionally, as we're in Spain this week, it's worth checking out the Mundo F1 podcast, and why not say "Hi" to the guys over the Atlantic at while you're at it?

Don't let the Bernie grind you down.