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Podcast pie charts - Some geeky statistics about Sidepodcast listeners

Published by Mr. C

If you read Christine's Jaiku message on Saturday, you'd know that we popped out to the local Apple store for the day. The reason for the expedition was a slew of product releases from Apple that just couldn't be ignored.

One of our purchases was Cupertino's answer to Excel, a product simply called Numbers. It's new, it's cool and it creates great looking 3D charts - and because you can't beat a good pie, we figured we'd bring you some Sidepodcast stats (even though there's no real justification for doing so).

F1 podcast popularity by type

Pretty ain't it? Anyhow, what this pie tells you is that downloads of our video podcasts currently outstrip downloads of our audio shows by a factor of almost just over 2:1. What it doesn't tell you however, is that video podcasts take up to three times longer to make, and only average about 5 minutes in length. While the audio show can (in the case of the Silverstone special) stretch to almost an hour.

The second pie is slightly more useful, as it shows comparative downloads of the two types of audio formats we use - MP3 versus M4A.

Audio podcast popularity by format

From this, we can conclude that the enhanced M4A format (the one that has images and chapters, etc) is more popular. Except that actually that isn't a fair comparison either, because, by default we push M4A as the format of choice, whilst the MP3 format almost never gets a mention.

Last but not least, for a bit of variety, let's try something a bit purple.

Audio podcast popularity by format

Here you're looking at how viewers choose to watch our video podcasts - either directly within a Web Browser or by download via a Podcast Client. As you can see there's a pretty even split between the two.

There you go, you've learnt very little about podcast statistics, but you have seen some pretty graphics. We could go on, of course, but we won't.