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Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2012 Grand Prix Season for your Kindle - All your need-to-know information for the coming year

Published by Mr. C

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You know what's been missing from your life all this time? A handy, concise, portable electronic guide to the upcoming Formula One season, that's what. The kind of guide you could carry with you anywhere and everywhere. A guide that synchronises across all the devices you happen to own, that takes up almost no space at all and that you can call upon at a moment's notice. Something that works just as well offline, is easily searchable and that costs very little.

Coincidentally, Christine has conjured up just such a solution in the shape of the Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2012 Grand Prix Season.

Whenever, wherever

Available right now for the Kindle, and also all devices that support the Kindle reader (smartphones, laptops, you name it), the contents provide an overview of everything you need to know about this year's F1 season and bundles it up in a portable format you can take with you wherever you go.

Perfect for new and seasoned fans alike, the book serves as a complete introduction to who's who, who's where and where's where in the world of Formula One. It's crammed full of facts and figures, covers all the drivers, all the teams and all the venues on the calendar, plus, being digital, it won't weigh you down when you're out and about. The perfect companion when you are attending a race and the local network is overloaded, or you don't fancy paying roaming charges, the Pocket F1 Handbook will be right there with you.

I may be biased, but I'm super excited by what Christine's achieved with this book. Now a four times published author, it builds upon all her experience to date. If you're a fan of 365 F1 Stories, I'm betting you'll enjoy this one too. Grab yourself a free sample from Amazon, right away.

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Arcade fire

As a bonus, if you happen to own one of the new Kindle Fire tablets, this book takes advantage of new formatting features (and colour) that greatly enhance the reading experience.

Enhanced formatting on the Kindle Fire (simulated screenshot)
Enhanced formatting on the Kindle Fire (simulated screenshot)Credit: Christine Blachford

Right here, right now

Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2012 Grand Prix Season is available internationally from six Amazon Kindle stores, while readers situated in other countries will be redirected accordingly. If you have any problems purchasing, make sure you leave a comment below.

Don't forget, you can read Kindle books on many devices, and that almost certainly includes whatever you are reading this post on right now.

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