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Pocket F1 Handbook on the Kindle - Your digital guide to the 2013 Grand Prix season

Published by Mr. C

Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2013 Grand Prix Season (Kindle Edition)

Today is an exciting day at Sidepodcast HQ as Christine launches her latest book, the Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2013 Grand Prix Season.

Following on from the success of last season's guide, the 2013 edition is packed with new features and up-to-date information on who's who, who's where and where's where in the world of Formula One.

You'll find it crammed with just as many facts and figures as its predecessor, covering all the drivers, all the teams and all the venues on the calendar this season plus so much more.

The Pocket F1 Handbook is available right now for the Kindle.

The perfect companion

Despite weighing in at over 50,000 words, this digital companion won't hold you back when you're out and about. All of the text is searchable, you can highlight key sections and save them for future reference or share them via social media. Take it with you to F1 races and when local networks are overloaded, or roaming charges preclude connectivity, the Pocket F1 Handbook will be right there with you.

This book has been designed digital-first to ensure the best on-screen reading experience, free from compromises associated with performing legacy print conversions. You will not find a copy of the Pocket F1 Handbook in your local bookshop, nor is it available in any physical paperback format at all.

Download a free sample of the Pocket F1 Handbook now

Kindle books can be read on all manner of devices, likely including whatever it is you happen to be using to read this post. For more information about reading books on your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android device and more, please see our short guide to reading ebooks.

The Pocket F1 Handbook supports the latest advances in page layout available to new Kindle devices and older hardware that have been upgraded, plus a variety of desktop and mobile readers. Improved layout makes for a nicer reading experience, especially when viewing tabular data.

Fernando Alonso F1 stats on the new Kindle Fire
Driver stats on the Kindle Fire

Be sure to check out Amazon's software update page if you aren't getting the full picture.

Available now

Pocket F1 Handbook is available internationally from the following Amazon Kindle stores. Readers located in other countries will be redirected accordingly. If you have problems purchasing, please leave a comment below or get in touch via the contact page.

The missing man

It is worth noting that at the time of release, one team are still to announce their second driver for 2013. Christine will be updating the information contained within as the final lineup becomes known. A revised edition should appear within the 'Manage Your Kindle' section of Amazon's site for anyone purchasing this book before then. Another reason to love digital books.

I am in awe of the work Christine has put into this book, it is bigger and better than last year's in every way. Not only that, she managed to produce it at the same time as keeping Sidepodcast bubbling along over the winter and holding down a full-time day job. I can only dream of achieving that kind of productivity, but even by her crazy high standards this is a magnificent accomplishment.

When you buy the book be sure to let the girl know in the comments below.

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