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Pleased as punch - Sidepodcast TV, as featured on the homepage of Dailymotion

Published by Mr. C

4 podcasts in 5 days is a bit of a crazy schedule, but due to a later-than-planned GPLive podcast, that's what we've ended up doing. Show number 3 has just gone live and a 4th will be availble after the race tomorrow.

In amongst all of this chaos I think we've turned a corner on the video podcast front. If you look back to our first audio show, it still sounds pretty good today. We hit the ground running on the non-visual front, and apart from a couple of early technical issues, everything's gone as planned. When you look back on our first video show however, it's pretty clear we had a lot to learn.

Apart from the lack of a tripod, we were using a borrowed camera with zero battery life, and the results weren't earth say the least. However, with this weeks video, we've maybe taken a bit of a step forward and produced the kind of show we always thought we could.

Still, it has to be said that in our wildest dreams, we never expected to see this:

Dailymotion homepage screenshot

That screen shot was taken from the homepage of Dailymotion, who appear to have selected Sidepodcast's Monaco Preview as their Extreme Sports video of choice. Yay!

A big, big thank you to Dailymotion, and also to everyone who's given us feedback over the last couple of days. We love you all!