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Please wait... - Qualifying at the Hungaroring provides actions of all sorts

Published by Christine

I know I'm not the only one who is finding it difficult to be a Formula 1 fan at the moment. When qualifying is the one and only highlight of your race weekend, something isn't working quite right. The politics has become overbearing, and I was worried the boring Hungaroring wouldn't help. How wrong could I be?

Please Wait...

When this format of qualifying was introduced, I would quite often get to the end, the chequered flag would drop, and I'd look up in confusion. I was never sure who was where and without live timing I'd be lost. How awesome was it to see the drivers doing that exact same thing today?

Alonso climbed out of his car, and looked around him, unsure of where he should go or what he should do. Button joined him and the pair must have been saying: "What time did you get? Where are you?" Even the nearby FIA officials were scratching their heads and looking at each other. The entire paddock was shouting: "Who's on pole?"

I never thought an epic FOM fail could make Formula 1 so much fun. We got to see the drivers standing around, chatting, laughing, interacting with each other. Alonso pretty much cracked up in the press conference recalling how they didn't know what was going on. They had to wait for Webber to join them for the top three photo call, because he was elsewhere chatting to the media. It was absolute chaos and I loved it.

What made it special was not that one single broadcaster had failed. We were all following along in the live comments, having enjoyed a brilliant session with some great insights from across the globe, and then suddenly, it was all gone. We were left floundering. It was annoying, but for me, it was also brilliant. As long as it doesn't happen too often. F1 needs something like this to break the strain every now and again though. We don't want to take ourselves too seriously.

It's also worth noting that for UK viewers, the BBC TV coverage seemed much more limited than the 5live/world feed combination. David Croft was joined by Johnny Herbert, who did a good job under the circumstances, and the pair of them saw us through the highs and lows of qualifying. During Massa's accident, they had a lot of time to fill and weren't afraid to report on the speculation, but they were spot on the entire time, so I know they weren't just waffling for the sake of it. The radio coverage didn't cut away to other sports as they so often do, either. It was non-stop Formula 1. Full marks for the 5live team today.

Massa was MedEvaced away to hospital. We're still waiting for further information, but keep checking the comments as we try and stay up to date. We hope he is okay, and has a smooth recovery. We love you Felipe Baby!