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Please phone and voice your McLaren opinions - We want your McLaren thoughts in this week's show

Published by Mr. C

We've had all sorts of wonderful thoughts posted on this site during the past 24 hours, but now we want to hear them. We have a Skype answer phone service ready and waiting to record all of your voices. Call us from the UK on:

  0121 28 TRACK

Or internationally on:

  +44 121 28 87225

And let us know your innermost thoughts. We'll play them all on this evening's post-race show. Which Macca driver are you siding with? Were the team correct to do what they did? What do you think of the stewards and their conclusions?

Basically we want to hear everything you'd normally comment here, except delivered with the passion, anger and excitement that sometimes gets lost in the world of web comments.

Try not to swear like Lewis does though, please!