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Planes, trains, automobiles and everything else - Getting to and from race meets is just part of the journey

Published by Leigh O'Gorman

My airport waiting pose.
My airport waiting pose.Credit: Leigh O'Gorman

This year, for the first time, I will be doing actual trackside reporting and stuff for the British Formula 3 series. Proper stuff... as in drivers, mechanics, media centres and ambulances.

It will be a ten round season taking in six British venues and four European sites - and will be gruelling stuff... but I'm sure the drivers will get used to it. Especially as they are transported from circuit to circuit; initially from test sessions and then to races themselves.

And in tow will be me; however, I have one slight problem. I can't drive...

{silence and tumbleweed abound with a lack of clarity or significance}

{"Hmmm... how does someone who never learned how to drive end up doing this..? Answer: That's a good question!"}

Anyhoo, there can only be one possible remedy to this shocking and disturbing revelation and I'm not completely sure my body and mind will take to kindly to it - public transport.

Yes folks - whether it be by bus, train, plane, oddly shaped pedestrian walkways, trams, triple-saddle bicycles or by the quaint means of horse and cart, I shall be rounding up the 2011 British Formula 3 season via the means of public transport and public transport only.

To be top it off, I will be keeping a diary of - not just my travels to race tracks in the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Belgium, but also of the odd folks I meet and convene with, while struggling with languages I don't know, rude Ryanair staff, incomprehensible Belgian bus drivers and sheep that insist on being called "Stanley".

This may be hellish. This may be tiring. This may even be very expensive (albeit not Alex Snell expensive), but it shall be done and fun shall be had while it's done!!

It has been a while since my stamina has been stretched much and seeing as how physical laziness is somewhat ingrained into me, this will be a test of my senses and my slightly rotund belly.

As all this is going on, I will remain full time in my 8.30 to 5 job, while also travelling back and forth between the UK and Ireland.

Flights and accommodation for Monza in two weeks is all sorted, with a trip to Oulton Park the week after, followed by another flight the day after that.

By the close of the season in October, I may be in dire need of a car...