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Ping when you're winning - Follow the Sidepodcast commentors with a new blogging endeavour

Published by Bassano

Some of the regular Sidepodcast commenters have decided to use their creative energies and have created a 'home of random'. We thought we'd try to nurture a place where we could continue the off-topic conversation and share the odd link, funny discoveries and assorted gems of the digital era. That's as much of an agenda that there is at the moment, it's definitely a work in progress and it is expected to change according to the needs, feedback and ideas of the people that read and use it. We can't promise there'll be über coding similar to the mystical Doohickey and Dashboard, in fact, your F5 key may become your new found friend

It is intended to be a collaborative project so if you fancy contributing to the conversation or maybe a little more*, you can find us at

We'll still be around in the comments of Sidepodcast for the F1 pieces, live events and discussing the merits of the Tweets Of The Week. We love Sidepodcast and we look forward to the 2012 season, whatever those two things look like after the off-season skips into the distance again

*Lurkers also welcome