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Pictures speak louder than words - A Sidepodcast presence at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Published by Lou

This weekend has been something of a memorable one, we’ve had some great Tennis, Football and lovely weather. However I don’t want to talk about any of that – although it would be easy to talk about Lukeh’s sunburn! Instead I’m choosing to concentrate on something much more special. This weekend we were among many thousands of people lucky enough to descend on the glorious 3 day motorsport ‘garden party’ in the heart of Chichester. There is always plenty to keep you occupied and we certainly didn’t see it all, but it was a brilliant weekend.

Sadly Mr C wasn’t able to attend on Friday, and we sensed from the comments that he wasn’t having the best day. I think he even described it as ‘Black Friday’. With this in mind, and the fact we’d not had the opportunity to give him the present I’d made, we set ourselves a challenge.

The Sidepodcast banner
The Sidepodcast bannerCredit: F1 Lou

Here at Sidepodcast we’re big fans of the 5livef1 commentary and it just so happens that their commentators and pitlane reporter David Croft, Anthony Davidson and Holly Samos were also present at the Festival. We were desperate to meet them so we set ourselves the task of seeing what they’d think of the banner.

After a quick look around we figured the only one of the team we would definitely be able to see would be David Croft, or Crofty as he has become known. We waited for him to finish presenting interviews with Heikki, Sir Stirling Moss and Clive Chapman before we tried to grab his attention. This was much easier than we’d anticipated because everyone seemed to want autographs with the interviewees. We may have been the only major Crofty fans there. We met him by the door as he was rushing off to start the Sky Sports coverage, but being familiar with our two Sidpodcast creators Crofty seemed happy to stop for a chat and some photos.

Lukeh handing Crofty the banner
Lukeh handing Crofty the bannerCredit: F1 Lou
Crofty poses for the camera
Crofty poses for the cameraCredit: F1 Lou

I think it’s safe to say it made him smile and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. After some photos he thanked us for enjoying the coverage and I even got a hug!

This itself was enough to make our day so imagine our delight when just a few hours later we noticed another familiar face - Holly Samos was walking towards the media centre.  I’d already met and got a photograph with her the day before, but not with the banner. I called out to her and she recognised us, not being in such a rush she spent a few moments with us chatting and was more than happy to pose too.

Lou, Holly and Chris with the Sidepodcast banner
Lou, Holly and Chris with the Sidepodcast bannerCredit: F1 Lou

Holly really is a lovely lady, and she too liked it and knew of our amazing internet community. Still buzzing from meeting her yet again we set our sights on meeting the final member of the online team, Ant Davidson. We waited, and waited but sadly never got the chance to see him. The clouds had gathered and it was starting to get cold.

However, I’m not sure it’s possible to leave Goodwood disappointed, and we didn’t. Not long before we gave up we spotted another member of the Formula 1 circus who is very popular around these parts sitting on the back of a buggy beside us. Although reluctant at first, his kind nature meant that he couldn’t say no.

Even Heikki liked the banner
Even Heikki liked the bannerCredit: F1 Lou

The perfect end to a perfect weekend. Thank you Mr and Mrs C for all the hard work you do for us.