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Pick a header, any header - Influence the site design by voting for your favourite title image

Published by Mr. C

I'm pretty sure we've never held a poll on before, but now seems like as good a time as any to start one.

For the past six or seven weeks Dirty Scarab has very kindly been supplying a variety of headers for this site. The original plan was to run the images until the début of Sidepodcast 3.0, but we're still working on the redesign, so what we'd like to do in the meantime is find out which of the featured images is everybody's favourite and then stick with that one in until we're ready.

To jog your memory, they appeared in the following order:

Big, bad, logo

The one that started it all and my personal favourite (but don't let that sway you). Criticised initially for a lack of Formula imagery.

Sidepodcast header #1

Blue and green Heidfeld

The colours blended nicely with the background, and have you seen those lovely flip-ups and winglets?

Sidepodcast header #2

Facing Mark

Mark Webber coming at ya. Displayed in appreciation of the man who took on an X-Trail but lost.

Sidepodcast header #3

Last year's Number 1

The red in this image contrasted wonderfully with the green background, but this divisive header split opinion.

Sidepodcast header #4

Mello yello

The fat nose of this year's Renault - striking and radiant as ever.

Sidepodcast header #5

Electric Nick

We can't get enough BMW around these parts, and Nick brought the collection home it style.

Sidepodcast header #6

Hopefully they all look familiar to you, now all you need do is cast your vote below:

We have to thank Scarab for injecting some much needed colour into the homepage these past few weeks. The old black and white picture feels very retro now, but interestingly images within posts seem stronger when they don't have to complete with header. Something to take into consideration for the future.