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Peak Antifreeze and Motor Oil Indy 300 - Race highlights - Lap by lap highlights of the Chicagoland Speedway racing

Published by Christine

Three-wide at the Chicagoland Speedway
Credit: IZOD IndyCar

IndyCar returned to oval racing this weekend on Saturday at the Chicagoland Speedway. Dario Franchitti needed a win to keep his championship hopes alive and he got that and so much more, as a late fuel only stop saw him take the lead of the race and the win.

Excitement was to be found throughout the field with Sarah Fisher's alternate strategy seeing her lead the race and hold her own against more traditional front running teams. Then there was the chaos in the pits as Takuma Sato was taken out by his team mate leaving him pointing in the wrong direction.

Take a look below to see how the 200 lap raced played out.

As it happened: 2010 Peak Antifreeze and Motor Oil Indy 300

  • 00:30

    Hello my IndyCar friends!

  • 00:30

    This IZOD stuff is a bit addictive, isn't it? I covered a road course at Sonoma, so it seemed only fair to give an oval a bit of FBFB love as well.

  • 00:32

    The green flag is scheduled for 6:50pm local time, which is in about twenty minutes.

  • 00:32

    It is 200 laps of the Chicagoland Speedway.

  • 00:33

    We are live commenting the race here: You must join us.

  • 00:33

    Briscoe lines up on pole position, followed by Franchitti and Power.

  • 00:34

    Danica Patrick is back on her preferred turf of oval circuits, and she qualified up in 12th.

  • 00:34

    Simona de Silvestro ended up behind Milka Duno - the pair 27th and 26th respectively.

  • 00:34

    Other people I've heard of: Sato qualified 10th, Baguette in 20th, and Justin Wilson down in 23rd.

  • 00:36

    Earlier I asked for predictions, here are some of them.

  • 00:37

    QuoteComment from Leigh: I'm predicting a win for Franchitti. Power is OK on the ovals, but he hasn't fully adapted to them yet - it could be where his lead in the championship begins to diminish

  • 00:37

    QuoteComment from RG: Hunter-Reay for the win.

  • 00:38

    QuoteComment from Joe in Fla: Fingers crossed for Simona, but the ovals have abused her this year. But she's strong and smart...there's a chance for a top 10

  • 00:43

    The dedicated fans are there, but there's concern about the number of empty seats in the grandstands.

  • 00:44

    QuoteComment from Jeremy (he might be Australian): I predict a win in the nationwide series in Montreal for Aussie Macros Ambrose, and a win for Aussie Ryan Briscoe in Chicagoland. Aussie Mark Webber will win in Spa to complete the trifecta

  • 00:46

    Drivers have started their engines. I didn't hear the call, but they clearly did.

  • 00:47

    A two-seater with ensconced competition winner leads off the pack as they head off on their initial laps.

  • 00:50 Lap 1

    Green flagAnd they're off!

  • 00:51 Lap 1

    Hard to tell when the race actually begins. Silly rolling starts.

  • 00:52 Lap 3

    Briscoe made a great start and leads them through the first few laps.

  • 00:53 Lap 5

    CrashAccident between Scheckter and maybe Matos?

  • 00:53 Lap 5

    Yellow flagThere's a tyre in the middle of the racing line.

  • 00:54 Lap 6

    Alex Lloyd looks like he is also involved - but will be able to continue with new tyres.

  • 00:56 Lap 7

    I just noticed that Will Power fell back to 9th position - a bad start for him.

  • 00:58 Lap 8

    One of the cars (Matos?) is recovered.

  • 00:58 Lap 9

    This car (not Matos) was right in the way.

  • 01:00 Lap 10
    Driver Positions
  • 01:01 Lap 11

    Live from the car, Davey Hamilton reports that the low sun is blinding them into turn 3.

  • 01:02 Lap 12

    Interview with Tomas Scheckter: "For someone to hit you from behind on one of these big tracks that early on, is uncalled for, but that's what you get with some of these guys."

  • 01:04 Lap 13

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 01:04 Lap 13

    Actually, I might have been a bit previous with that green flag because some people were overtaking under yellows.

  • 01:04 Lap 13

    Their bad.

  • 01:06 Lap 18

    TweetTweet from @IndyCarNation: de Silvestro, Lloyd, Tagliani, Wilson, Meira, Hamilton, Fisher, and Duno all pitted during the caution

  • 01:07 Lap 21

    Scott Dixon apparently had his worst start since 2005 but he is on the move now, determined to make his way through the field. Currently in 7th.

  • 01:09 Lap 26

    Castroneves has lost a place, down to 4th.

  • 01:12 Lap 32

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: Danica is only 4 places behind Sato. Tighten your belts and put your helmet on

  • 01:13 Lap 36

    Scott Dixon's hard work has all been undone as he has fallen back to 11th.

  • 01:14 Lap 37

    Sato comes into the pits.

  • 01:15 Lap 40

    TweetTweet from @AllenWedge: Marco officially took the lead for a lap, then Briscoe takes it back, now Andretti being pushed by Helio great battle

  • 01:16 Lap 43

    Hideki Mutoh is up to 14th. Still thinking that's a great name.

  • 01:17 Lap 44

    The IndyCar ticker tells me Jay Howard made a stop for throttle repair. I don't know who Jay Howard is, but he's now running last.

  • 01:20 Lap 52

    Briscoe and Andretti are passing each other for the lead. Briscoe right now, but blink and it might have changed.

  • 01:21 Lap 54

    Dan Wheldon has just passed Andretti - as Marco pits.

  • 01:22 Lap 55

    I recognise Wheldon's car because he has RED WING MIRRORS. Grr.

  • 01:22 Lap 57

    Seven cars have pitted. I can't keep up with that kind of madness. Wait a tick.

  • 01:23 Lap 59

    Carpenter has pitted. He has a gold car. At least four others have pitted as well.

  • 01:23 Lap 59

    Will Power takes his stop and is off cleanly.

  • 01:24 Lap 61

    Helio had a slow stop because they had an issue fuelling the car - much longer than they had anticipated.

  • 01:25 Lap 61

    Briscoe and Andretti are still going at it - normal service resumed, albeit slightly down the order for now.

  • 01:26 Lap 64

    With pit stop shake-outs, their fight is back for first place.

  • 01:26 Lap 65
    Driver Positions
  • 01:29 Lap 70

    Alex Lloyd was sixth, slowed right down and looks to be last now. Oops.

  • 01:30 Lap 74

    The front battle has closed up, and whilst Andretti is still nose to tail of Briscoe, Franchitti has also narrowed the gap.

  • 01:31 Lap 75

    They have reached a back marker.

  • 01:32 Lap 77

    Yellow flagYellow flags.

  • 01:33 Lap 78

    Ana Beatriz hit the wall, hence the yellow flags. She's making her way to the pitlane.

  • 01:33 Lap 78

    In IndyCar, it has had a bit of a promotion and is known as pit road.

  • 01:34 Lap 80

    Every single car pits bar three.

  • 01:35 Lap 81

    Hideki Mutoh left his pit box with a tyre missing, and Sato also appears to have issues in the pit lane.

  • 01:37 Lap 82

    I'd just like it noted that Sarah Fisher is leading. Just cos she didn't pit, whatever.

  • 01:38 Lap 83

    QuoteComment from Steven Roy: Dario got past Andretti on that stop. How does he gain places every single time?

  • 01:38 Lap 83

    Takuma Sato is out of the race.

  • 01:39 Lap 84

    More from Davey Hamilton out on track: "We're just plugging away. The guys gave me a really good car. We're having fun."

  • 01:40 Lap 85

    We were just about to get green flags again and bam, Tagliani hits the wall.

  • 01:41 Lap 86

    Tagliani stopped in turn 3, Meira has front wing damage, whilst Mutoh has returned to the pit lane.

  • 01:41 Lap 86

    Mutoh has exited the car.

  • 01:41 Lap 86

    Meira has a new wing, and looks set to go out again.

  • 01:42 Lap 86

    Tagliani is also out of the car.

  • 01:45 Lap 89

    Interview with Sato: "After the pitstop, I exit the box, unfortunately my teammate came in and hit me. The start was good, but after the restart I had a flat tyre. After the pitstop, it's just unnecessary."

  • 01:45 Lap 89

    Interview with Tagliani: "I'm proud of the team, they worked hard, then we got hit from behind"

  • 01:45 Lap 90

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 01:46 Lap 90

    QuoteComment from Kai: Funny how 1 guy says "I got hit from behind! What's up with that?" Then cut to the guy behind and he's like "I dunno what happened".

  • 01:46 Lap 91

    Sarah Fisher has lost the lead. Boo.

  • 01:47 Lap 94

    Dario Franchitti appears to be holding everyone up as he struggles to pass Fisher. Briscoe is pulling away.

  • 01:48 Lap 95

    Around and behind Sarah, they are three wide. She's doing great, I must say, but I fear it will end in tears.

  • 01:49 Lap 97

    Dario is now down in 5th, he's lost out bigtime on this restart.

  • 01:50 Lap 100

    Carpenter and Andretti run three wide with Fisher trying to pass her, and as yet, no one has managed it.

  • 01:50 Lap 100

    Briscoe is streaking ahead.

  • 01:52 Lap 105

    Ticker tells me Alex Lloyd is re-entering the race. I bet he couldn't get past Sarah either.

  • 01:54 Lap 110

    Awww, the dream is over. Sarah is down in 4th, and no doubt gonna fall back more.

  • 01:55 Lap 113

    Fisher pits, finally.

  • 01:58 Lap 119

    Fisher's race engineer or, erm, crew chief, or whatever, says they had this strategy planned and they are hoping for another yellow to get them back in the top ten.

  • 01:59 Lap 121

    Briscoe's lead has completely evaporated and he's now being hunted by both Power and Andretti.

  • 02:02 Lap 129
    Driver Positions
  • 02:04 Lap 133

    TweetTweet from @IndyCarNation: Power #12 stalking teammate Briscoe #6 by .0829 sec, but seems comfortable following for now

  • 02:05 Lap 137

    Briscoe pits, followed by several other cars.

  • 02:06 Lap 137

    There is always so much smoke in the pitlane. I find it concerning.

  • 02:07 Lap 141

    Moraes has been "tagged" for speeding in the pit lane. Tag, you're it.

  • 02:08 Lap 141

    Power's pit stop.

  • 02:09 Lap 143

    TweetTweet from @IndyCarNation (as pointed out by Leigh): We have had 9 different leaders in the race so far as a record for the season

  • 02:09 Lap 143

    Ed Carpenter stalled his car in the pits.

  • 02:09 Lap 145

    Hunter-Reay is currently running second, chasing Wheldon for the lead. Presumably they did not pit.

  • 02:11 Lap 148

    Carpenter is taking a drive through, apparently for entering the pit from Turn 4. There's more than one entrance?

  • 02:12 Lap 150

    QuoteComment from Leigh: you need to join the slow lane in turn 3

  • 02:13 Lap 153

    Hunter-Reay led for a millisecond, but has now fallen back to 5th. Wheldon leads.

  • 02:13 Lap 153

    Silvestro has pitted, slow into the pit road, perhaps she has issues?

  • 02:14 Lap 154

    Three wide for the lead right now.

  • 02:16 Lap 160

    The ticker tells me: "19 lead changes it he record for the season."

  • 02:16 Lap 161

    Fisher has just pitted again - this may be her final stop.

  • 02:20 Lap 169

    Yellow flag Another caution.

  • 02:21 Lap 170

    Alex Lloyd spun off into the grass.

  • 02:21 Lap 171

    Ana Beatriz has apparently rejoined the race. I haven't seen her yet though.

  • 02:22 Lap 171

    Not that I know what her car looks like.

  • 02:23 Lap 172

    Lots and lots of pit stops. Everyone bar Hamilton, Moraes and Fisher.

  • 02:25 Lap 173

    People pitting. How is anyone supposed to follow that?

  • 02:25 Lap 173

    Dario Franchitti made up 8 places in the stop, he is now leading.

  • 02:26 Lap 175

    Danica is up to 6th at the moment.

  • 02:27 Lap 175

    Beatriz returned to the pits. I never saw her.

  • 02:28 Lap 177

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 02:29 Lap 178

    Commentators just told Davey Hamilton there are 33 laps to go, when in actual fact there are just 23. 22 now. If Hamilton keeps on going after the end, we'll know why.

  • 02:30 Lap 181

    That, my friends, is FOUR WIDE.

  • 02:32 Lap 187

    Franchitti is holding his own in the lead.

  • 02:34 Lap 189

    He did not take on new tyres in his flying pit stop, which allowed him to take the lead, but will he be able to hold it to the end?

  • 02:35 Lap 193

    Davey Hamilton is stopping. Hopefully he'll get a correct lap update from his crew.

  • 02:36 Lap 194

    Briscoe ran way up towards the wall, but whatever he was trying to do didn't work, and he's fallen way down the order.

  • 02:36 Lap 195

    5 laps remaining.

  • 02:36 Lap 195

    Power has to stop again.

  • 02:38 Lap 198

    Franchitti is pulling a bit of a lead now, with two laps to go.

  • 02:38 Lap 199

    Last lap.

  • 02:38 Lap 200

    Dario Franchitti wins the Peak thing Indy at Chicagoland!

  • 02:39 Lap 200

    Wheldon closed it right up on that final lap but was pipped across the line by Dario.

  • 02:39 Lap 200

    Chequered flagOh, I forgot my chequered flag! 200 laps complete.

  • 02:41

    The final top ten.

    Driver Positions
  • 02:43

    Thanks to everyone for joining me this evening/morning. We'll be back later today with F1 - you know, that thing we're supposed to be covering.