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All patched up and ready for the weekend - Christine's Rankings, Week 29 - Bumper round up of points ahead of Japanese race

Published by Christine

All patched up and ready for the weekend
Credit: Sauber AG

It seems like the drivers have been particularly busy over the past seven days, getting up to all sorts of mischief as they start to wind up or down depending on their position in the championship. This week, there are points for doing battle with poultry, for explaining your track lap in miniature, and of course, getting some speed up in a fire engine.

With just five races left to go, the driver's championship looks ever more interesting, and the Rankings is also set to go right down to the wire. Fernando Alonso currently leads, but there are plenty of drivers chasing his tail. If you've spotted anything I need to be handing out points for, do yell!

Movements for Week 29

  • +5 Sebastian Vettel: Points for this brilliant fan interaction, not only for giving away the hat that was on his head, but also because it was an excellent throw.
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: I'd take more points away for the shoe situation, but can't because of the double jeopardy rule, so instead he can have a point for celebrating on the wall.
  • +3 Marcus Ericsson: Surviving a fight with what appears to have been a mutant chicken!
  • +1 Jolyon Palmer: Having a go at the very messy business of making Teh Tarik.
  • +1 Kevin Magnussen: Having a go at the very messy business of making Teh Tarik.
  • +1 Max Verstappen: Cake!
  • +1 Pascal Wehrlein: Channelling his inner Kimi with an excellent ice cream moment in Malaysia.
  • +2 Carlos Sainz Jr: Loving the Spanish take on vroom, vroom!
  • +1 Sebastian Vettel: It just feels like we don't hear him apologise all that often.
  • +4 Kimi Räikkönen: Love this Shell Video, not sure I'd feel totally better if Fireman Kimi rocked up in his truck though.
  • +2 Fernando Alonso: All the points for posting a genuine Friends reference.
  • +1 Daniil Kvyat: Little bit of nostalgia with his friend and teammate.
  • +1 Carlos Sainz Jr: Little bit of nostalgia with his friend and teammate.
  • +2 Max Verstappen: This Japanese track guide video is kinda crazy, but I like mini-Max.

Standings for Week 29

This week's standings
10Fernando Alonso244
21Daniel Ricciardo141
3-1Felipe Massa41
40Nico Rosberg38
50Jenson Button33
61Carlos Sainz Jr330
7-1Romain Grosjean28
80Sebastian Vettel628
90Lewis Hamilton22
102Max Verstappen318
11-1Nico Hülkenberg17
12-1Valtteri Bottas15
130Esteban Gutiérrez12
142Kimi Räikkönen411
15-1Jolyon Palmer18
16-1Daniil Kvyat18
170Kevin Magnussen18
183Marcus Ericsson37
19-1Felipe Nasr5
20-1Sergio Pérez5
21-1Rio Haryanto5
220Stoffel Vandoorne4
230Pascal Wehrlein13
240Alfonso Celis Jr0
250Charles Leclerc0
260Esteban Ocon0
270Sergey Sirotkin0
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