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Published by Mr. C

Something we've been planning for a very long time, but that seems to have taken forever to come to fruition is Partner TV.

Essentially, the original idea we had was to provide a low maintenance option for any site wanting to play our videos, along the same lines as the F1 Minute sharing model. However, in this case we wanted to go further and make an explicit link between Sidepodcast TV and the site doing the embedding. To do this we're pushing the video player to the max, and creating custom graphics that play before and during episodes, in order to show that there's a relationship between one and the other.

It's likely that you've already seen a working version of this on BlogF1, as Ollie did a fine job of integrating our videos into his homepage a while ago, but we've just finished working with Ian from Racing Bulls and the result looks pretty good, so we wanted to include it here:

We have to thank both Ollie and Ian for their time, help and patience while we worked through all of this, but now we're ready to do more. As you can imagine, this takes quite a while, so we're planning to roll out to other sites quite slowly. However, if you're interested in partnering and don't mind collaborating a little bit with us, then leave a comment below or email Christine and we'll see what we can do.

More information and demos are on the Sidepodcast TV Partners page, detailing the why, what and how's should you be interested.

Finally, while there's even more we can do in this area (and rest assured we have plans), if anyone has any thoughts, ideas or criticisms we're all ears.