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P45 Sir? - Ralf Schumacher's struggles put his career in jeopardy

Published by Mr. C

Ralf Schumacher in Canada

During a weekend in which he was asked to raise his game, following a poor start to the season and a lackluster turn out at the Monaco Grand Prix, Ralf Schumacher today qualified in a lowly 18th place. While his teammate in the sister car managed an excellent 10th.

Yes, there were problems during Friday practice with the front suspension of the Toyota cars. Yes, Ralf was put on his back foot, and yes Jarno is a fantastic qualifier. But c'mon, this kid is on his way to the door marked 'Exit', surely?

Do not pass 'Go'. Do not collect $18 million dollars.

In his defense Mr. Schumacher blamed traffic for his poor showing and had this to say about tomorrow's race:

It will be a hard race but anything can happen at this circuit so we’ll do what we can to gain some positions tomorrow.

Well, at least he's honest I suppose.

The team will be looking to Trulli to try and pull something positive out of the weekend. While I'll be keeping an eye out for Ralf in the dole queue. Forget two races to lift his game, I think I'd quietly shove him out the door this evening.