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Outside the bubble - Max Mosley hits headlines after the FIA vote

Published by Mr. C

I tend to judge how important a Formula 1 story is in the context of the wider world, by whether or not Fast Lane Daily make mention of it.

The show goes out five days a week and features lots of motoring related news, but it's based in the States so F1 rarely gets a look in... unless of course it's big news. Today's FIA vote predictably was the lead story.

The FLD guys win points for the best title of the day, with: "F1 Boss Mosley Scores Again."

However we might have deduct some of those again because I swear I've seen this picture before.

Our piccy of Jackie used in Fast Lane Daily

Damnit, I wish people would credit photographs when they use them (even if we are secretly chuffed that they used it). Here's the original on Flickr.

As for Max, he's been making headlines for all the wrong reasons for too long now. He's unlikely to be breaking good news any time soon, so can we hope he goes about his business quietly from this point onwards?