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Outside broadcast - A trip to Mark Webber's pub near Milton Keynes

Published by Mr. C

On Friday our broadband died... again! F1Minute was subsequently uploaded via a dialup connection, but figuring we couldn't go another weekend without fast net access, on Saturday morning we headed straight out to pick up a 3G modem.

It turns out that these things are pretty indispensable and it's fast becoming my favourite gadget of the year. We went for a pay-as-you-go package and £15 worth of credit, which gives us 3GB of bandwidth before we have to top up again.

In order to stretch the modem's legs we figured a road trip was necessary, so this morning we set off in search of some F1 excitement and ended up at a traditional English pub.

To find out what's so important about this particular pub and how we ended up there, you'll have to listen to this week's show. I'm writing this post from the backseat of the car, on the journey home, and so long as the modem's up to the task, the show will be available shortly.

The way in which we're able to report on live events in the future has just taken a huge leap forward, both in terms of audio and especially video. Feel free to comment if you can guess where we've been all day, or in fact if you can guess from the typos how much I've had to drink!

Update: For the curious, the pub in question was The Stag nr. Milton Keynes which plays host to Mark Webber's restaurant Il Maschio.

Il Maschio sign

The audio recording from the pub garden can be heard here.