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Online launch for Toyota TF109 - Revealing the 2009 F1 car to the world via digital channels

Published by Mr. C

Toyota Launch 2009

In a couple of hours time Toyota's 2009 F1 challenger will be given its world premiere, but unlike the Ferrari launch earlier this week, this one will happen exclusively online.

It's not the first time a team have tried this, in fact last year's Toyota launch was streamed via the web too, but it does provided a compelling alternative to the closed press launches we often witness in Formula 1.

There's been speculation leading up to the event as regards to the nature of teaser shots distributed last week. Scott covered this in a recent post on his blog. Will we see a radical livery change today, and why are the boys from Cologne pushing the Hollywood connections so hard?

All will become clear soon, and you can follow live on If you're watching, please do let us know. We've commented on a bizarre selection of events in the past on but I believe this is the first time we've covered the unveiling of a car before. As with the Ferrari launch, please let us know all your thoughts on the new styling and how it stacks up to the Italians. We'll keep this thread up to date with the latest video and photographs as they become available.

Update: Predictably the web site fell over during the first few minutes of the launch. Once it became accessible we were treated to the sight of a remarkably similar livery from previous years.

Toyota Launch Livery 2009

I'm a big fan of the new matt-black effect, but it's still not enough to mask the mismatched front and rear wings. More images and videos from the launch can be found in the comments along with initial reactions as the car and drivers were rolled out. By far the best shot is this photoshop disaster. The mind boggles.