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One for the future - A brand new Wacom tablet and pen arrives at Sidepodcast HQ

Published by Mr. C

If you've been following the comments on this past week, you'll know that after recording Episode 61, I did an Alonso - and threw my toys out of the podcasting pram, threatening never to speak again unless Microsoft Vista was banished from the room. I stopped short of smashing the door down with a crash helmet, but it almost came to that.

The problem has been brewing for a while, manifesting itself as annoying audio pops and glitches throughout our recordings. Sometimes Christine could clean them up, but often they ruined a decent show. Originally the plan was to wait until Microsoft got its house in order and fixed its cruddy software, but even now, over a year after release, Vista still isn't fit for purpose and my patience ran out.

Yesterday we purchased Christine a Mac Mini, and within a pretty short amount of time we were happily recording glitch-free audio again. Life is peaceful once more, although I'm still yet to fully convince a certain someone that the Apple way is the right way.

Whilst out and about, we also accidentally bought this:

Wacom Tablet and Pen

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but the sales assistant was damn good and there was a demo unit available to try. Yes, it's a pen and tablet, yes that's the perfect tool for creating a 'chalk and talk' F1 video show, and yes we do listen to everything you say!

Before anyone gets too excited though, the pen is damn tricky to use, so much practice is required and then there's that race coming up next week. So it'll still be some time before we have anything worth watching.

You guys are a bad influence on us.