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Onboard with Luiz Razia around the Moscow city F1 track - A view from the top of a helmet, as F1 gears up to take over Russia

Published by Mr. C

The great and good of Formula 1 descended on Russia this weekend, running promotional events ahead of the 2014 Grand Prix. Six teams in total took part, running demonstrations in both the country's capital city of Moscow and the location of the inaugural Russian Grand Prix, Sochi.

Teams and drivers involved in events have been busily keeping fans up-to-date by posting a vast array of text, images and video on Twitter and Facebook. One exceptional piece to come out of the weekend came courtesy of a GoPro camera taped to the top of Luiz Razia's helmet.

Stuck on you!
Stuck on you!Credit: @karunchandhok/yfrog

Here's the stunning result captured beautifully, despite a rather improvised setup.

All credit to the teams and personnel who have embraced this opportunity with open arms. If you managed to follow any of their coverage over the course of the past few days, you, like us, would no doubt have felt like you were along for the ride.

The exceptional coverage is a credit to F1 and serves as a unique demonstration of what the sport can achieve when freed from the broadcast constraints frequently applied during a race weekend.