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On tour with Virgin, or how to terrify Jérôme D'Ambrosio - A rollercoaster ride scares the new Belgian driver

Published by Christine

To celebrate his five races in Formula One, Virgin Racing treated and/or subjected Jérôme D'Ambrosio to a rollercoaster ride - in the full knowledge that he's terrified of heights. It's always great to see drivers letting loose and showing us a more sensitive side, and poor D'Ambrosio reveals just how great his fear is as he takes to the steps towards the ride.

My favourite moment comes when told to take his mind off his impending doom, Jérôme says: "Yes, I'm having a great time... oh my god!"

It's exceedingly cute and just has to be shared. If Jérôme ever scores a point in F1, I wonder how Virgin Racing will torment him then!