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On This Day: 24th May 2008 - What Chandhok was up to - Participating in the GP2 series, and getting an x-ray to boot

Published by Christine

Our next visit into the motorsport history books actually takes a bit of a step away from F1 to see what current HRT golden boy Karun Chandhok was up to. I uncovered an article on Autosport from 2008, in which it was reported the then GP2 driver was given the all clear after an accident in Monaco.

Chandhok was in his second year of GP2 racing, running for iSport International, and riding high on a third place podium finish in the feature race around the street circuit. The sprint race was a completely different story though, as Chandhok was involved in a first corner collision with Pastor Maldonado which knocked them both out of the race and brought out a safety car.

As I was walking back to the pits, my hand just swelled up massively. I called in at the medical centre, and they did the whole works: tests and x-rays, the lot. I've got a nice picture of the bones in my hand now, but there's nothing broken.

- Karun Chandhok

I would like a nice picture of the bones in my hand too.

The article adds that aside from a swollen hand, Chandhok also suffered some championship harm as teammate Bruno Senna closed up the gap to the title. They sat on equal points after the Monaco round, and Senna went on to finish 2nd that year, whilst Chandhok was way down in 10th.

It's nice to know that everyone's favourite pair of drivers have such a history. We've commented plenty of times on how well they get on, how much fun they appear to be, how good they are at putting out fires. It's not a surprise that Chandhok is leading Christine's Rankings at the moment, and assuming the pair of them continue the season the way they have started, it's going to be easy for him to retain that title.