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Old man and me - It's a bad start to Michael Schumacher's big comeback

Published by Mr. C

Hypothetically speaking, imagine there were a seven times Formula 1 World Champion, who despite a career marred by controversy, opted to bow out at the top of his game. Imagine also, that in doing so he earned the respect of even his strongest critics, and that during his last appearance managed pull off the move of the race, putting a number on his replacement in the process.

A bad day at the office for the comeback kid.
A bad day at the office for the comeback kid.Credit: Mercedes GP Petronas

Stretching reality to its limit, imagine that such a person would decide after almost three years away from the sport, to replace a sidelined ex-teammate in an awful car. Feigning injury would likely be the only way out of that situation, reputation still intact.

Imagine still, that such a person would then choose to make a season long comeback for the reigning World Champions, and in the first qualifying session of the year, manage only 7th position. Two whole places behind a teammate who nobody in the paddock rates highly and who's yet to achieve anything of note in his four year career. That kind of result could be painful to swallow for someone used to achieving so much.

Mind you, if such a situation had occurred, words could not describe how happy a certain person would be feeling right now.

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