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Officially the best off-season ever - A painful, but fascinating F1 winter

Published by Christine

According to the Sidepodcommunity, anyway. A few days ago, we put up a poll to question whether this was the best off season, based on how our total comment count was rocketing upwards. The results are in and a whopping 98 of 119 people believe that this was, indeed, a great off season.

The majority of opinion actually seems to be along the lines of - it was a good winter with plenty to discuss, but actually it was quite painful. What with the Honda saga dragging on endlessly, and the FIA's propensity to screw around with the regulations, it certainly hasn't been the easiest few months.

Also, as an update to the original post, Mr C informs me that we did, in fact, go on a Sidepodtour. It wasn't the one we had in mind, but we visited Autosport, checked out a KERS talk (or two, in his case), visited the odd F1 factory, and managed to catch up with Mark Webber at Silverstone. I suppose that makes the winter an unmitigated success.

Perhaps we should start counting down to the next off-season now?