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Official Formula 1 videos online - Honda Racing launch a new F1 TV channel

Published by Mr. C

Honda Racing F1

F1 videos? Available online? Now we're talking!

There must be some thing in the water this week, first Bernie updates his official site, then Honda Racing F1 go and rethink their place on the web, just a few days later.

Honda's newly revamped site features Honda Racing TV, which Honda are calling:

Formula 1's first online TV channel.

I guess they've not heard of Sidepodcast TV then?

Anyhow, that said, the channel features shows presented by host Alistair Weaver, and this week we get a preview of the French Grand Prix (a novel idea). Jenson and Rubens have words to say, but Honda appear to suffer from a case of The Bernie's (which is an actual disease, recognised by the WHO, don't you know) whereby no on-track action can be shown and all interviews are done away from the track. I guess Honda have picked up on the issues that Renault faced earlier in the year.

Incidentally, while we were stalking Jenson wandering around Goodwood last weekend, we spotted a film crew preparing the interviews with Button and Klien that feature in this weeks Mangy Cours Preview. It's a small world eh?

In addition to the TV content, Honda's new site also contains an archive of more than 2,000 images and a new 'fans' area where people get to upload user generated content.

It's about bloomin' time that the world of F1 woke up to the need for television content online. Hopefully Honda Racing TV is the kick up the backside that Mr. Ecclestone and other Grand Prix teams need. To start offering fans what we so desperately desire - more F1, when we want it and wherever we want it.

I do have one criticism though. Why isn't this new Honda content available as a podcast? So near, yet so far, eh?