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Official F1 video reveals more team radio from Turkey - A glimpse behind the scenes with McLaren's radio traffic

Published by Mr. C

Formula 1 Administration have come up with a cracking highlights package from the Turkish Grand Prix, featuring plenty of team radio conversation missing from the live feed. Of particular interest is the exchange between Hamilton and his engineer as they look to consolidate first position.

Lewis Hamilton questions team tactics over the radio during the Turkish Grand Prix 2010.
Credit: Formula 1 Administration

Whilst much of the debate following Sunday's race, has concentrated on the incident between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, the official F1 highlights video released today, reveals things were not going so smoothly in the McLaren camp either.

In the video, the subtitled radio exchange between Lewis and his engineer plays as follows.

Team - "Lewis we need you to save fuel. Both cars doing the same."

Lewis - "Jenson is closing in on me you guys."

Team - "Understood Lewis."

Lewis - "If I back off is Jenson going to pass me or not?"

Team - "No Lewis, No."

Jenson swiftly followed up with a pass for the lead, before Lewis managed to grab it back a few corners later.

Clearly the video has been heavily edited and likely the producer deliberately chose to only show one side of the radio conversation. Presumably in order to stir up controversy amongst fans.

We don't know what radio messages were being relayed to the second placed car. We don't know if Button's engineers were passing information to him, or if he received them. You can hear in Lewis' voice he isn't confident Jenson will hold position, but is that concern born out of a deeper mistrust of his team's racing strategy?

What is clear is that while Red Bull Racing certainly have some internal issues to sort out before the next race in Canada, things may not be much better for McLaren. Thankfully neither driver managed to collide on track, but expect the inter-team rivalry to move up a notch next time out.

Fans really do need access to more radio chatter during the race, we're missing out on a lot of key information. In the meantime, this is one highlights video you don't want to miss!

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