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October 2013 recap - Back to back, race after race - The racing takes over as the championships get decided

Published by Christine

October was the month that the 2013 championship was decided, but the season continued at a hectic pace regardless. Tensions at the paddock and talk of the driver market for next year also made headlines, and with such a busy thirty or so days, there wasn't much time for website administration. Formula One was what we were all about.

Formula One in October

We expected the second half of the season to be busy, and so it was. Back to back races here, there and everywhere with the Asian leg coming to a close and a championship or two being decided.

Shows in October

Amongst the preview Digest shows this month, we also had time to sit down and chat with Joe Saward to get all the gossip direct from the paddock.

Features in October

The month was packed with races, which meant the post-event features came flooding in as well. Adam continues his brilliant driver of the day series, with a look at Nico Hülkenberg in Korea, Romain Grosjean in Japan, and the four times world champion Sebastian Vettel in India.

Stuart was on top form with his Postcards from F1, looking at what Webber was up to after the night race, how wide the widest car can be, and some pretty impressive championship wordplay.

The driver market for 2014 is the topic everyone is talking about, and Chris returned to the Features fold to discuss more options for the Lotus.

Posts in October

The rankings has been holding up the blog, alongside all the usual race results and reports. There are just a few weeks left on the rankings now, so although the championships may be wrapped up - the real F1 battle is still to play out.

Hidden gems in October

As you might imagine, there hasn't been a lot of time for extra-curricular activity, and most of the hidden gems this month have been bonus sightings of Franck. Keep 'em coming, teams, keep 'em coming.

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