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October 2012 recap - Sports, science and space - Rating back to back races as well as a jump from the outer limits

Published by Christine

This month has been a spectacular one - where Formula One hasn't always been delivering the most action packed races, we've been getting our entertainment wherever we can. Red Bull provided more excitement than just Sebastian Vettel dominating everything he turned his hand to, by sending a man to jump out of space and land on his feet. Good times!

Formula One in October

A little more in the way of back to back the racing kicked off the month with the events in Japan and Korea nestling nicely together. Then the paddock moved on to the relatively new Indian GP, held at the Buddh International Circuit.

Sidepodcast in October

Some of the small tweaks that we make to the site often have lots and lots of work behind them, and the latest edition is something of that nature. We've revamped the Rate the race feature, rebooting it with much nicer graphics and hopefully a better interface to actually make your decisions. Rather than just Mr C and I picking a number out of thin air, we want this to be more interactive, with everyone adding to the rate-o-meter. There's also more to come on that front, so stay tuned.

As mentioned, as well as a month packed with racing, there was also time to watch Felix Baumgartner jump from a baffling height, falling to earth with a terrifying spin, and then landing on terra firma on his feet. Amazing. We live commented the whole thing and the aftermath as well. Following that, Steven gave us another of his irregular but brilliant roundups of all the latest happenings in the field of science and space .

Shows in October

We've had plenty of requests for new Joe shows, but those attending each and every race are starting to feel the effects of the extra long season. Meanwhile, we managed to complete a single Feet Up Friday episode, as well as a brand new radio experiment in which I took the helm... sort of.

Posts in October

This month has been dedicated to finding the best videos that the teams have been providing - particularly Ferrari and their fun and games with Lego. Stuart kept us entertained with his confessional cartoons, whilst our Feature writers kept on delivering throughout the month.

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